2017-10-24 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-10-24 Dmitry NeverovTW-51567 do not clean checkout dir when .git is not...
2017-10-18 Dmitry NeverovAdd missing repository close
2017-10-18 Dmitry NeverovTW-39586 set username in submodules with relative urls
2017-10-04 Dmitry NeverovTW-51763 better error when project is created for empty...
2017-09-28 Dmitry NeverovTW-51571 better error message in case of empty git...
2017-08-24 Dmitry NeverovReset error about non-found git executable when no...
2017-08-04 Dmitry NeverovShow 'git not found' health report in INFO to not scare...
2017-08-01 Dmitry NeverovAdd link to health report
2017-07-27 Dmitry NeverovAbility to disable credential helper provided by TeamCity
2017-07-17 Dmitry NeverovTW-50714 fetch non-head ref when fetchAllHeads option...
2017-07-12 Dmitry NeverovTW-50733 specify full path to java in credential helper
2017-06-20 Dmitry NeverovLog repository url during git gc
2017-06-20 Dmitry NeverovRun gc in a dedicated dir by default
2017-06-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-14734 enable native git gc by default
2017-06-19 Dmitry Neverovbetter logging
2017-06-19 Dmitry NeverovBetter property name
2017-06-19 Dmitry NeverovShow url of the repository where 'git gc' failed
2017-06-19 Dmitry Neverovwording
2017-06-19 Dmitry Neverovwording
2017-06-19 Dmitry NeverovRun git gc only when there is enough disk space
2017-06-19 Dmitry NeverovClose creted repository
2017-06-19 Dmitry NeverovPick-up changed gc cron without server restart
2017-06-13 Dmitry NeverovTW-50332 use system's line-endings in credential helper...
2017-05-24 Dmitry NeverovGc logging
2017-05-22 Dmitry NeverovLock gc commands duration
2017-05-21 Dmitry NeverovReturn early in order to not clean just added error
2017-05-21 Dmitry NeverovTune git repack options
2017-05-21 Dmitry NeverovLogging for git gc
2017-05-20 pavel.sheradd .git to Gitlab fetch URL, otherwise VCS operations...
2017-05-19 Dmitry NeverovDon't log stacktrace in non-debug mode
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovTW-50097 handle case when checkout rules are inside...
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovTW-50097 fix patch with checkout rules for repository...
2017-05-18 Dmitry Neverovfix compilation
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovHealth report wording
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovReport missing git only when there are some clones...
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovHealth report showing git gc errors
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovReset error when git is found
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovHealth report for the case when git is not found on...
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovTurn cleanup into bean
2017-05-18 Dmitry NeverovAbility to run 'git gc' without blocking other vcs...
2017-05-17 Dmitry NeverovRun vcs operations with rm lock
2017-05-16 Dmitry NeverovTW-50043 prohibit newlines in urls
2017-05-12 Dmitry NeverovFaster checkSuitable()
2017-05-08 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-08 Dmitry NeverovMore stable test
2017-05-05 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-05 Dmitry NeverovMore stable test
2017-05-05 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-05 Dmitry NeverovTW-48463 fix concurrent merge/commit
2017-05-04 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-04 Dmitry NeverovIgnore prune removed branches error
2017-05-03 Dmitry NeverovImplement bulk checkSuitable() check
2017-05-03 Dmitry NeverovWrite used git version into agent logs
2017-05-02 Dmitry NeverovIterate through entries, it doesn't affect LRU order
2017-05-02 Dmitry NeverovEnsure cache entries order
2017-05-02 Dmitry NeverovDon't write file back during loading on server start
2017-05-02 Dmitry NeverovFix tests on agents without git in $PATH
2017-05-02 Dmitry NeverovUpdate project name
2017-04-25 Dmitry NeverovTW-49782 ignore submodules excluded by rules during...
2017-04-25 Dmitry NeverovTW-49786 respect root settings when checking constraint...
2017-04-24 Dmitry NeverovUnify code used in updateSources() and canCheckout...
2017-04-24 Dmitry NeverovRegister test
2017-04-24 Dmitry NeverovTW-49786 disable agent-side checkout when 2 roots are...
2017-04-21 Dmitry NeverovTW-48103 exclude username from http urls in git configs
2017-04-20 Dmitry NeverovTW-45124 do not list remote refs twice
2017-04-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-49746 log git commands working dir only once
2017-04-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-49740 log git output as progress messages to show...
2017-04-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-49740 ability to disable progress from git commands
2017-04-18 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-04-18 Dmitry NeverovDetect one more recoverable error
2017-04-06 Dmitry NeverovFix compilation
2017-04-05 Dmitry Neverovdocumenting dsl
2017-03-31 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-31 Dmitry NeverovTW-49376 enable all urls matching by default
2017-03-30 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-30 Dmitry NeverovTW-49376 ability to provide credentials for all git...
2017-03-29 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-29 Dmitry NeverovConfigure credential helper for submodule udpate command
2017-03-27 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-27 Dmitry NeverovBetter assertion
2017-03-27 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-27 Dmitry NeverovWorkaround flacky test
2017-03-23 Dmitry Neverovfix compilation
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovInterrupt idle git gc when build starts
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovAbility to run 'git gc' when agent is idle
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovOption to not fetch tags during agent-side checkout
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovTW-40313 always remove orhan index files, they can...
2017-03-21 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-21 Dmitry NeverovMore diagnostics for flaky test
2017-03-17 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-17 Dmitry NeverovTW-38899 add option to ignore missing remote ref
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovDocumentation for dsl
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovAdd missing property for uploaded key auth method
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovMore docs
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-15 Dmitry Neverovwording
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-15 Dmitry Neverovwording