Show url of the repository where 'git gc' failed
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2017-06-19 Dmitry NeverovShow url of the repository where 'git gc' failed
2014-04-23 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Gaya-8.0.x'
2014-02-05 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Gaya-8.0.x'
2014-01-29 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Gaya-8.0.x'
2014-01-18 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Gaya-8.0.x'
2014-01-17 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Gaya-8.0.x'
2014-01-16 Pavel SherMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-01-14 Dmitry NeverovUpdate copyright
2012-10-26 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Faradi-7.1.x' build-26513 build-26516
2012-10-26 Dmitry NeverovTW-24143 add cleaner for git mirrors on agent build-24143
2012-04-13 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Eluru-6.5.x' into Faradi-7.0.x build-21357 build-21358 build-21364 build-21366 build-21368 build-21373 build-21378 build-21380 build-21381 build-21384 build-21388 build-21393 build-21394 build-21395 build-21401 build-21403 build-21405 build-21410 build-21414 build-21421 build-21422 build-21423 build-21424 build-21427 build-21428 build-21429 build-21430 build-21431 build-21433 build-21434 build-21436
2012-04-06 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Eluru-6.5.x' into Faradi-7.0.x build-21351 build-21353
2012-03-02 Pavel SherMerge remote branch 'origin/master'
2012-02-24 Dmitry NeverovUpdate copyright build-21256 build-23047 build-23049
2012-02-10 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Eluru-6.5.x' build-21171 build-21172 build-21187 build-21193 build-21204 build-21209 build-21215 build-21216 build-21217 build-21228 build-21239 build-21240 build-21241 build-21250 build-21252 build-23042 build-23043 teamcity-7.0
2012-02-09 Dmitry NeverovTW-17252 handle git caches correctly
2011-08-17 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Eluru-6.5.x' build-20120
2011-08-17 Dmitry NeverovIntroduce RepositoryManager build-17993
2011-08-17 Dmitry NeverovIntroduce MirrorManager