Add timeout to ssh client
[teamcity/git-plugin.git] / git-agent / src /
2018-01-23 Dmitry NeverovAdd timeout to ssh client
2018-01-23 Dmitry NeverovFix jsch client hanging
2018-01-22 pavel.sherUpdate copyright
2018-01-10 Dmitry NeverovFix env var name
2018-01-10 Dmitry NeverovTW-53210 disable gssapi-with-mic ssh authentication
2018-01-10 Dmitry NeverovBetter ssh logging
2017-12-19 Dmitry NeverovEnsure we delete keys in case of errors
2017-12-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-50281 support PuTTY keys when native ssh is used
2017-12-16 Dmitry NeverovAbility to disable use of GIT_SSH_COMMAND
2017-12-16 Dmitry NeverovLog into VCS log
2017-12-16 Dmitry NeverovLog ssh related messages only once per checkout
2017-12-15 Dmitry NeverovGit native ssh related logging
2017-12-15 Dmitry NeverovTW-45001 Ability to disable clean-up of git mirror
2017-12-12 Dmitry NeverovConfigure known hosts for ssh during agent-side checkout
2017-12-11 Dmitry NeverovAdd logger to ssh client
2017-12-11 Dmitry NeverovTW-47704, TW-52052 Use jsch-based ssh client by default
2017-12-06 Dmitry NeverovTW-47704, TW-52052 jsch-based ssh implementation
2017-12-05 Dmitry NeverovSupport uploaded keys with native ssh
2017-12-04 Dmitry NeverovTW-52308 add TeamCity version to ssh client version...
2017-10-25 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-10-25 Dmitry NeverovTW-51968 fix single quote escaping in passwords
2017-10-24 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-10-24 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-10-24 Dmitry NeverovTW-51567 do not clean checkout dir when .git is not...
2017-10-23 Dmitry NeverovAbility to fetch all heads only if build's commit is...
2017-10-18 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-10-18 Dmitry NeverovAdd missing repository close
2017-10-18 Dmitry NeverovTW-39586 set username in submodules with relative urls
2017-10-06 Dmitry NeverovTW-45151 report dedicated error if build revision is...
2017-10-04 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-09-28 Dmitry NeverovTW-51672 store large files in a mirror repository
2017-07-27 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-07-27 Dmitry NeverovAbility to disable credential helper provided by TeamCity
2017-07-17 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-07-17 Dmitry NeverovTW-50714 fetch non-head ref when fetchAllHeads option...
2017-07-12 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-07-12 Dmitry NeverovTW-50733 specify full path to java in credential helper
2017-06-13 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-06-13 Dmitry NeverovTW-50332 use system's line-endings in credential helper...
2017-05-08 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-05 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-05 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-04 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x' into Indore-2017.1.x
2017-05-03 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-2017.1.x'
2017-05-03 Dmitry NeverovWrite used git version into agent logs
2017-04-25 Dmitry NeverovTW-49786 respect root settings when checking constraint...
2017-04-24 Dmitry NeverovUnify code used in updateSources() and canCheckout...
2017-04-24 Dmitry NeverovTW-49786 disable agent-side checkout when 2 roots are...
2017-04-21 Dmitry NeverovTW-48103 exclude username from http urls in git configs
2017-04-20 Dmitry NeverovTW-45124 do not list remote refs twice
2017-04-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-49746 log git commands working dir only once
2017-04-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-49740 log git output as progress messages to show...
2017-04-19 Dmitry NeverovTW-49740 ability to disable progress from git commands
2017-04-18 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-31 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-31 Dmitry NeverovTW-49376 enable all urls matching by default
2017-03-30 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-30 Dmitry NeverovTW-49376 ability to provide credentials for all git...
2017-03-29 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-29 Dmitry NeverovConfigure credential helper for submodule udpate command
2017-03-27 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-27 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovInterrupt idle git gc when build starts
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovAbility to run 'git gc' when agent is idle
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovOption to not fetch tags during agent-side checkout
2017-03-23 Dmitry NeverovTW-40313 always remove orhan index files, they can...
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovPath to cred helper should not contain backslashes
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovAccording to spec, path should be preserved in lfs url
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovCredential helper should use \n on all platforms
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovFix all args variable on windows
2017-02-28 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-02-28 Dmitry NeverovTW-48887 always disable default credential helpers
2016-11-24 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-24 Dmitry NeverovTW-24878 option to fetch all heads during agent-side...
2016-11-23 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-23 Dmitry NeverovTW-47805 fix redundant 'git fetch' commands for pull...
2016-11-18 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-18 Dmitry NeverovTW-47279 don't use agent-side checkout for unsupported...
2016-11-16 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-16 Dmitry NeverovTW-44844 handle outdated git index during agent-side...
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovTW-47102 update ssh lib with more MAC algs supported
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Hajipur-9.1.x' into Indore-10.0.x
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovMore logging for ssh Hajipur-9.1.x
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Hajipur-9.1.x' into Indore-10.0.x
2016-11-11 Dmitry NeverovMore logging to debug ssh problems
2016-11-10 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-10 Dmitry NeverovTW-42648 stop checkout if build was interrupted
2016-11-10 Dmitry NeverovBetter exception logging
2016-11-07 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-07 Dmitry NeverovTW-47640 disable system credential manager during LFS...
2016-11-02 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-11-02 Dmitry NeverovTW-47118 handle missing password during agent-side...
2016-09-21 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-09-21 Dmitry NeverovTW-46266 ignore server custom clone dir during agent...
2016-09-15 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-09-15 Dmitry NeverovMinor logging