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last changeThu, 25 Aug 2011 12:27:23 +0000 (14:27 +0200)
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkore-implement hide of nuget api key in build logs, add... master
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkowrap nuget call with cmd.exe calls, do not show api key
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkoadd environment arguments to commandline process factory
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenko@NotNull
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkorants
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkosome renames
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkodo not list root files if possible in matcher
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkorevert testng to fix IDEA compatibility issue
2011-08-25 Eugene Petrenkooptimize directory pattern searcher to avoid list files...
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkopolish code
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoinclude more tests
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkouse new directory scanner
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd new ant paths matcher
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkopublish package runner should support windows-style...
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd default value to make nuget pack runner use 'Releas...
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd an option to clean output directory before packing...
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