2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkore-implement hide of nuget api key in build logs, add... master
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkowrap nuget call with cmd.exe calls, do not show api key
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkoadd environment arguments to commandline process factory
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenko@NotNull
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkorants
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkosome renames
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkodo not list root files if possible in matcher
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkorevert testng to fix IDEA compatibility issue
2011-08-25 Eugene Petrenkooptimize directory pattern searcher to avoid list files...
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkopolish code
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoinclude more tests
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkouse new directory scanner
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd new ant paths matcher
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkopublish package runner should support windows-style...
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd default value to make nuget pack runner use 'Releas...
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd an option to clean output directory before packing...
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkofix test
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkopolish parameters retrival
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkomore rant
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoimplement view runner settings for nuget .exe field
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoupdate readme
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkocode reuse on server side, use one registrar
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkomove classes on server side
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkocode reuse, no need to register runners explicitly...
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkorestructure agent plugin
2011-08-23 Eugene.PetrenkoMerge branch 'pack-runner' into v0.5-bugfix
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkofix nuget pack runner name
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoopen new window to fetch nuget versions
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkointegration tests
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkointegration tests for pack runner
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoimplement basic runner
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoimplement view pack parameters,
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkobase properties processor class
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkofix typo, improve javascript
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkointroduce pack runner initial UI
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkoadd feature to list
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkoadd code style .xml file v0.5
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkoreport package installation errors, simplify code
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkoupdate nuget tab into proper place
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkodrop suspicious tests
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkofilter installed tool versions from install tool list
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkosupport custom nuget.exe selection
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkosupport nuget tools reference in nuget trigger
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkowatch nuget tool changes
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkointroduce nuget settings UI, reuse nuget path from it
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkofix nuget parameters valudator for install package...
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkofix nuget tools filter
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkominor
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkosupport NuGet tools on agent side
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkocheck NuGet tool is valid
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkoextract interfaces, more tests
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkosome tests on the logins of nuget packages
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkocleanup
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkocleanup
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkocleanup
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkocleanup
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkosupport remove and install actions
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkomore on remove installed packages
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkoinitial remove support
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkonuget tool install sketch
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkomake nuget install form dialog working,
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkotest for resources cleanup
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkoensure feed reader does not leak connections
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkoexclude plugin files from idea-resolve-helper
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkoincrease timeout
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkopolish used http client
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkodrop debug alert
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkopolish install tool IU
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkofilter nuget.commandline versions
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkoshow available nuget versions
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkosplit config into several .xml files, polish IDEA resol...
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkomore idea related changes
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkoinclude missing libs
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomerge feed reader api
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkoadd http client to plugin pack
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomake UrlResolver reuse commons Http redirectory strategy
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkopolish code
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomore unit tests
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomove classes
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkohide HttpClient interface
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkoextract interfaces to improve testability
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomove constants interface
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkodownload nuget package test
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomove classes to .impl package, implement packages fetcher
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkoimplement feed xml parser + tests
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkoone more sample xml
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkofeed response test data
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkoextract UrlResolver as standalone service to make it...
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkoprototype feed reader
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkofeed query initial code
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkomore sources
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkoadd commons http
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkominor polishing
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkonew version of NuGet tools layout
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkomore api wishes added
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkomore UI polishing
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkoadd popup for nuget install nuget.exe dialog
2011-08-10 Eugene Petrenkoui sketch
2011-08-10 Eugene Petrenkofix nuget settings tab id
2011-08-10 Eugene Petrenkoserver settings nuget tab + security + mock content