re-implement hide of nuget api key in build logs, add more tests for it
[teamcity/dotNetPackagesSupport.git] / nuget-server / resources /
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd an option to clean output directory before packing...
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoimplement view runner settings for nuget .exe field
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkomove classes on server side
2011-08-23 Eugene.PetrenkoMerge branch 'pack-runner' into v0.5-bugfix
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoopen new window to fetch nuget versions
2011-08-23 Eugene.Petrenkoimplement view pack parameters,
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkofix typo, improve javascript
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkointroduce pack runner initial UI
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkoreport package installation errors, simplify code
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkosupport custom nuget.exe selection
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkointroduce nuget settings UI, reuse nuget path from it
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkosupport remove and install actions
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkomake nuget install form dialog working,
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkodrop debug alert
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkopolish install tool IU
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomerge feed reader api
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkominor polishing
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkonew version of NuGet tools layout
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkomore UI polishing
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkoadd popup for nuget install nuget.exe dialog
2011-08-10 Eugene Petrenkoui sketch
2011-07-23 Eugene Petrenkomake nuget API key field in NuGet Packages Publishe...
2011-07-21 Eugene Petrenkoupdate description in publish runner
2011-07-21 Eugene PetrenkoMerge branch 'master' into publish-runner
2011-07-21 Eugene Petrenkomerge next minor changes from master
2011-07-21 Eugene Petrenkomerge commands refactoring
2011-07-21 Eugene Petrenkocreate constants and ui for packages upload runner
2011-07-20 Eugene Petrenkowording
2011-07-19 Eugene Petrenkomerge NPE bugfix from v0.2
2011-07-19 Eugene Petrenkoshow used nuget packages on server
2011-07-14 Eugene Petrenkomake source field in nuget trigger optional. Use defaul...
2011-07-14 Eugene Petrenkoadd path to nuget on server
2011-07-14 Eugene Petrenkoresolve merge with master
2011-07-14 Eugene.PetrenkoMerge branch 'nuget-native-plugin' into trigger
2011-07-13 Eugene.Petrenkopolish trigger UI
2011-07-13 Eugene.Petrenkoimplement UI sketch for simple trigger
2011-07-12 Eugene.Petrenkopolish trigger UI
2011-07-12 Eugene.Petrenkoimplement UI sketch for simple trigger
2011-07-10 Eugene.Petrenkocreate UI for update packages feature
2011-07-10 Eugene.Petrenkoadd error elements to editInstallPackage.jsp
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkosupport -ExcludeVersion nuget parameter
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkocreate install packages server-side UI
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkominor html fix
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkoadd nuget screenshots and sources