re-implement hide of nuget api key in build logs, add more tests for it
[teamcity/dotNetPackagesSupport.git] / .idea / artifacts /
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkomerge feed reader api
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkoadd http client to plugin pack
2011-07-14 Eugene Petrenkoresolve merge with master
2011-07-14 Eugene Petrenkoresolve merge conflicts
2011-07-14 Eugene Petrenkoinclude binaries into server plugin
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkoadd plugin version patching
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkomake plugin->TeamCity deployment
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkocreate agent and shared modules, add artifact
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkofix idea resolve in .jsp, add more project libraries