CloudFormation: initial merge
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2019-03-31 Leonid ShalupovCloudFormation: initial merge
2019-03-31 Leonid Shalupovmake the plugin compatible with 2019.2
2019-03-31 Leonid Shalupovsync metadata
2019-03-31 Leonid Shalupovsync examples
2019-03-31 Leonid ShalupovFix Support for Globals #140
2019-02-26 Leonid ShalupovResourceTypesSaver: fetch resource types from official...
2019-02-26 Leonid Shalupovserverless support updated
2019-02-26 Leonid Shalupovparallel: correctly handle exceptions
2019-02-26 Leonid Shalupovsync doc
2019-02-26 Leonid Shalupovsync examples
2019-02-26 Leonid Shalupovupdate gradle/kotlin/etc
2019-02-25 Leonid Shalupovmark plugin supports 191.*
2019-02-22 Leonid Shalupovcircleci: less gradle calls
2019-02-22 Leonid Shalupovconfig for circleci
2019-02-22 Ed ThorneAdd UpdateReplacePolicy resource attribute
2018-11-03 Florin AsăvoaieRename Fn::GetCidr function to Fn::Cidr (#136)
2018-10-06 Leonid ShalupovValidation fails for AWS SAM templates if file is named...
2018-10-06 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc, use sorted map to store resource types...
2018-10-06 Leonid Shalupovfix test
2018-09-26 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2018-09-26 Leonid Shalupovupdate kotlin/gradle/intellij-plugin
2018-09-26 Leonid Shalupovupdate kotlin/gradle/intellij-plugin
2018-08-12 Leonid Shalupovfix tests
2018-08-12 Leonid Shalupovstarting migration to 2018.2
2018-08-12 Leonid ShalupovUgly support for implicit IAM Function roles
2018-08-12 Leonid Shalupovfix tests
2018-08-12 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2018-08-11 Leonid Shalupovupdate gradle, gradle-intellij
2018-08-11 Leonid Shalupovparallel ResourceTypesSaver.kt
2018-06-26 Leonid Shalupovfix test
2018-06-26 Leonid ShalupovAdd missing return values. Fixes #131 #130
2018-06-26 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2018-06-26 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2018-05-27 Leonid ShalupovRewrite CFN JSON detection logic , mostly in .template.
2018-05-27 Leonid Shalupovbuild.gradle: do not enable intellij-plugin in metadata...
2018-05-25 Leonid ShalupovREADME.txt: release process
2018-05-25 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2018-05-25 Leonid Shalupovsupport .Version and .Alias of AWS::Serverless::Functio...
2018-05-25 Leonid Shalupovfix test data after introduction of globals section
2018-05-25 Leonid Shalupovsupport parsing of Globals section #120
2018-04-29 Leonid Shalupovsync to serverless-application-model doc (mostly proper...
2018-04-29 Leonid Shalupovtest for #121
2018-04-29 Leonid Shalupovrework metadata crawler
2018-04-28 Leonid ShalupovMultiple transforms in cloudformation template, fixes...
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovsupport "Description" resource property, fixes #117
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovobsolete comments
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovfix expected data
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovsupport SSM types, fixes #123
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovrun tests on serverless examples
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovmake official examples tests more reliable
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovtemporary add template version to examples
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovallow serverless yaml to be detected only by transform...
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovserverless examples to repository
2018-04-28 Leonid Shalupovsave serverless examples
2018-04-27 Leonid Shalupovcorrect isCloudFormationFile, check psiFile too
2018-04-27 Leonid Shalupovdo not report empty psi elements
2018-04-27 Leonid ShalupovRevert "fix exception in CloudFormationReportSubmitter...
2018-04-27 Leonid Shalupovupdate kotlin
2018-04-27 Leonid Shalupovfix exception in CloudFormationReportSubmitter by corre...
2018-04-12 Leonid Shalupovadd 182 versions as supported
2018-04-12 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2018-03-09 Leonid Shalupovworkaround for
2018-03-09 Leonid Shalupovless warnings
2018-03-09 Leonid ShalupovStreamEncryption should not be required property
2018-03-09 Leonid Shalupovadd Fn::GetCidr
2018-03-09 Leonid Shalupovless warnings
2018-03-09 Leonid Shalupovsync docs
2018-03-09 Leonid Shalupovsync examples
2018-03-09 Leonid Shalupovupdate gradle/kotlin
2018-01-21 Leonid Shalupovkotlin tweaks
2018-01-21 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2018-01-21 Leonid Shalupovsync examples
2018-01-21 Leonid Shalupovupdate kotlin/gradle
2017-11-05 Leonid Shalupovupdate Kotlin, Gradle
2017-10-12 Leonid Shalupovsupport IDEA 2018.1 in plugin.xml
2017-10-12 Leonid Shalupovfix tests
2017-10-12 Leonid Shalupovget modtime better
2017-10-12 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2017-10-12 Leonid Shalupovspeed-up & cache file types detection #111
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovtests for #103
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovupdate gold data
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovuse tranform from resource type in plugin code, for...
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovadd transform to resource type, for #103
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovadd idea dictionary to git
2017-09-17 Leonid ShalupovMove CloudFormation templates from top in new file...
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovfix stream security warning
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc, fix tests, bundle kotlin-stdlin as it...
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovsync examples
2017-09-17 Leonid Shalupovupdate kotlin, gradle
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovfixes #100 Type completion is displayed inapropriatelly
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovclass-version-checker: switch to 1.8 bytecode, bye...
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovanother fix for "Recognize templates in YAML format...
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovyaml: file template and new file action, fixes #102
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovyaml: file template and new file action, fixes #102
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovbuild.gradle: modern gradle plugins dsl
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovfix compilation
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovless warnings
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovsync to doc
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovsync examples
2017-07-29 Leonid Shalupovrevert unwanted changes