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last changeThu, 5 Aug 2021 07:26:15 +0000 (07:26 +0000)
55 min ago anna.gromovaRIDER-49001 add ability to use hotkeys to run executors... master
116 min ago Pavel PorvatovIJP-1115 Kotlin UI DSL improvements / new Layout Manager
2 hours ago Alexander KoshevoyPY-25463 Allow multiple selection in Project Interprete...
2 hours ago Alexander KoshevoyDo not activate OK button when no Project interpreter...
6 hours ago Gregory.Shragorethrow the last PCE when the max retries is reached
7 hours ago Gregory.Shragoreuse expand-with-retries logic in popup menus
7 hours ago Gregory.ShragoIDEA-274700 limit the number of menu retries
9 hours ago Sergey MalenkovUpdate validator example for editable combo box
10 hours ago Vasily RomanikhinCPP-25970: review fixes
11 hours ago Dmitry TrofimovMove functional parameter the last position to ease...
13 hours ago Nikita NazarovRefactor coroutine agent searching process
13 hours ago Nikita NazarovRevert "Add classpath check before attaching the corout...
13 hours ago Dmitry TrofimovExtract setDelayInMillis to a separate interface
14 hours ago Peter Gromov[grazie] exclude texts with long sentences (IDEA-275110)
15 hours ago Aleksey PivovarovRevert "IDEA-271423 vcs: fix incorrect title of 'VCS...
15 hours ago Dmitry.Krasilschikovnew project wizard: setup minimum width for the first...
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6 weeks ago idea/211.7628.15 idea/211.7628.15
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