2015-09-04 Kirill Likhodedov[git tests] refresh correctly: with marking dirty
2015-09-04 Kirill Likhodedov[git tests] remove unnecessary try-finally
2015-09-04 Egor.UshakovIDEA-144727 Allow to quickly hide/show object types...
2015-09-04 Anna Kozlovaskip descriptors if no psi could be restored from smart... phpstorm/142.4590
2015-09-04 Anna Kozlovashow progress for cleanup taks; make cancelable (IDEA...
2015-09-04 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix debug with python 2.4 (PY-16787)
2015-09-04 Dmitry Jemerovavoid rehashes in ZipEntryMap by preallocating the...
2015-09-04 Sergey IgnatovIDEA-144699: add a merging update queue for repaint rubymine/142.4589
2015-09-04 Sergey IgnatovIDEA-144699: rename
2015-09-04 Egor.UshakovIDEA-144749 Popup is not sized correctly - incorrect...
2015-09-04 Egor.UshakovIDEA-144749 Popup is not sized correctly
2015-09-04 Egor.Ushakovdisable attach detector in headless and unit test modes
2015-09-04 Vassiliy.KudryashovIDEA-134961 Recent files popup takes 5 seconds to appear
2015-09-04 Vassiliy.KudryashovIDEA-134961 Recent files popup takes 5 seconds to appear
2015-09-04 Aleksey Pivovarovgithub: codereview
2015-09-04 Yaroslav LepenkinRearranger: commit document before processing (IDEA...
2015-09-04 Aleksey PivovarovEA-72528 - IOOBE: LineSet.checkLineIndex appcode/142.4592 clion/142.4591
2015-09-04 Aleksey PivovarovEA-72290 - AIOOBE: LineSet.clearModificationFlags
2015-09-04 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-107713 rubymine/142.4587
2015-09-04 Anna KozlovaisApplicable for raw qualifiers: it's enough to erasure...
2015-09-04 Anna Kozlovaenable 'long literal ending with l -> L' inspection...
2015-09-04 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-93713
2015-09-04 Sergey IgnatovIDEA-144699 "Annotate" action from action popup does...
2015-09-04 Vassiliy.KudryashovIDEA-144733 Compound Run configuration UI issue
2015-09-04 Sergey Simonchikadd @NotNull
2015-09-04 Roman Shevchenko[platform] environment util optimizations: single map...
2015-09-04 Yaroslav LepenkinCorrected class name extraction for inner classes,... idea/142.4582
2015-09-04 Maxim.Mossienkoavoid assertions for contains request (SortedIdSet... phpstorm/142.4581
2015-09-04 Roman Shevchenko[tests] lock test temp. dir handling extracted; precond... appcode/142.4586 clion/142.4584 pycharm/142.4578
2015-09-04 nikdon't try to debug all configurations with PyDebugRunner appcode/142.4585 clion/142.4583 dbe/142.4577 rubymine/142.4579
2015-09-04 Roman Shevchenko[tests] locale-dependend command line test webstorm/142.4576
2015-09-04 Nikolay Mikhaylovadd arq containers
2015-09-04 Alexander ZolotovUse logger instead of assertion
2015-09-04 Alexander ZolotovEA-69887
2015-09-04 Alexander ZolotovAdd diagnostic info
2015-09-03 Konstantin... optimize splash and about screen by size
2015-09-03 Konstantin... optimize images for intellij laf
2015-09-03 Konstantin... optimize graphite images for intellij laf
2015-09-03 Gregory.Shragoenforce all animations are completed
2015-09-03 Rustam VishnyakovShow ExpandableIndent, make alignments visible in Darcula
2015-09-03 Ilya.KazakevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-09-03 Ilya.KazakevichPY-15975 Interface introduced to prevent configurations...
2015-09-03 Gregory.ShragoScratches: make lang-action reusable & employ in sql...
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-81318
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovaintersect thrown types when implementing 2 interfaces...
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-98866
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-106848
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovavarargs formal parameters inaccessible: extend for...
2015-09-03 Egor.Ushakovfixed exception in attach detector with shmem transport
2015-09-03 liana.bakradzeEDU-450 Add tests and task.html to invisible files...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: allow to show/hide annotations with VCS action...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: show notifications in diff window
2015-09-03 Kirill Likhodedov[vcs] Move "Show Affected Revisions" implementation...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: fix annotations if DiffViewerWrapper is used
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs: make action DumbAware
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs: do not create fake Changes to show diff from updat...
2015-09-03 Aleksey PivovarovIDEA-139870 vcs: always return text FileType in "Annota...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: avoid possible issues with disposed RequestProcessor
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: show progress bar while loading annotations
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs: disable "annotate selected/previous revision"...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: show annotate action in gutter popup
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: cleanup
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: fix annotations in modal windows
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: show annotations in diff from history
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: keep vcs annotations on swithing between viewers...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: fix vcs annotations painting in mirrored mode
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: do not paint over annotations in gutter
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: add annotate action to diff viewers
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: allow to build annotation by VcsRevisionN...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: add listeners for DiffViewerBase
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: add general extension point for diff viewers
2015-09-03 Kirill Likhodedov[git] Add possibility to request file history starting...
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: cleanup
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: cleanup
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: pass corrected line numbers to actions
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: cleanup
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: cleanup - remove unnecessary user data key
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: cleanup
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs annotate: fix possible issue with "commit number"
2015-09-03 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-139415 Refresh files when switching to their edito...
2015-09-03 Ekaterina TuzovaEncode-decode only image files
2015-09-03 Ekaterina TuzovaUpdated PyCharm Edu name in UI according to EDU-440...
2015-09-03 Ekaterina TuzovaUpdated PyCharm Edu name in UI according to EDU-440...
2015-09-03 Dmitry BatrakEA-68610 - ISE: IntervalTreeImpl.beforeRemove
2015-09-03 liana.bakradzeEDU-437 Throwable at com.jetbrains.python.debugger...
2015-09-03 Dmitry.Krasilschikov#RUBY-12839 hide rbenv gemsets feature under the flag...
2015-09-03 Sergey Ignatovcleanup
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-132253
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-133920
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-136401
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-144386
2015-09-03 Anna Kozlovanew inference: collect additional constraints from...
2015-09-03 Anna KozlovaEA-72540 - AIOOBE: ExtractMethodSignatureSuggester...
2015-09-03 Ilya.KazakevichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' appcode/142.4580
2015-09-03 Ilya.Kazakevichtest logging improved
2015-09-03 Egor.Ushakovvariables context menu toggle to show/hide types
2015-09-03 Sergey Malenkovremove duplicated option that overrides option with...
2015-09-03 Aleksey PivovarovIDEA-131201 github tasks: allow to specify, whether... appcode/142.4719 appcode/142.4887 phpstorm/142.4543 rubymine/142.4542
2015-09-03 Aleksey Pivovarovgithub: fix test
2015-09-03 Egor.Ushakovfixed testAutoRendererConfigurable - pt.2