2015-01-28 Mikhail GolubevIDEA-134372 Do not warn about scalar top-level values...
2015-01-28 Mikhail GolubevIDEA-133425 Remove host escaping from JsonStringLiteral...
2015-01-28 Mikhail GolubevAllow to not specify "summary" selector in Generic...
2015-01-28 Mikhail GolubevPY-14408 PythonIndentingProcessor includes tabs inside...
2015-01-28 Rustam VishnyakovRemove Darcula as bundled scheme
2015-01-28 Rustam VishnyakovMake Darcula one of default schemes, do not write attri...
2015-01-28 Dmitry TrofimovFix path.
2015-01-28 Dmitry TrofimovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-01-28 Dmitry Avdeevmissed DumbAware
2015-01-28 Dmitry TrofimovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-01-28 Dmitry TrofimovFix path.
2015-01-28 Vladislav.Sorokagradle: use only buildscript repositories for module...
2015-01-28 Dmitry AvdeevWeighedFileEditorProvider is dumb aware by default appcode/140.1998 clion/140.1999
2015-01-28 Dmitry Avdeevcleanup
2015-01-28 Dmitry BatkovichIDEA-134772 fixed exception on undo action after rename...
2015-01-28 Vladimir Krivosheevfix race condition — set pending promise only on client... webstorm/10 webstorm/9
2015-01-28 Dmitry TrofimovSet Python plugin version from PyCharm ApplicationInfo.xml
2015-01-27 Andrey Starovoyttypescript compiler fix tests appcode/140.1991 clion/140.1984 idea/140.1993 phpstorm/140.1986 pycharm/140.1990 rubymine/140.1985 webstorm/140.1987 webstorm/8
2015-01-27 Dennis Ushakovsupport template languages
2015-01-27 Dennis Ushakovpull from internal mode
2015-01-27 Dennis Ushakovmatch newlines
2015-01-27 Yann CébronPsiReferenceBase: rename parameter 'range' to 'rangeInE...
2015-01-27 Yann CébronPsiReferenceBase: rename parameter 'range' to 'rangeInE...
2015-01-27 Vladimir Krivosheevpass "quick evaluate Uglified Coffee" spec completely
2015-01-27 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2015-01-27 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2015-01-27 Vladimir Krivosheevget rid of JSDebugProcess
2015-01-27 Vladimir Krivosheevget rid of JSDebugProcess
2015-01-27 Anna Kozlovaapi usage: warn about @Override on 'non-existing' method appcode/140.1982
2015-01-27 Gregory.ShragoContentManager: make mock & production behaviour a...
2015-01-27 Max Medvedevtest for injected code inside application statement appcode/140.1980
2015-01-27 Anna Kozlovaequals/hashCode templates: simplify guava/java 7 corres...
2015-01-27 Anna Kozlovasafe delete: allow to delete parameter in one method...
2015-01-27 Anna Kozlovasafe delete: allow multiple first level nodes (IDEA...
2015-01-27 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-99510 (Move statement up/down behaves unexpectedly...
2015-01-27 Sergey Ignatovmysql native loading. initial
2015-01-27 Eugene Zhuravlevfiltering logging frameworks and SLF4J bindings that...
2015-01-27 Eugene Zhuravlevfaster loggers initialization via property file
2015-01-27 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-101129 (Move Statement Up is broken in emum:s)
2015-01-27 Anton MakeevVersion.toCompactString API
2015-01-27 Ekaterina Tuzovamerge conflict (renamed method createLesson) clion/140.1974
2015-01-27 Sergey Simonchikauto test manager: rerun on process termination if...
2015-01-27 Ekaterina TuzovaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-01-27 Liana BakradzeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-01-27 Liana Bakradzedo not show error highlighting anywhere until file...
2015-01-27 Aleksey PivovarovIDEA-122792: do not schedule toolbar refresh for partia...
2015-01-27 Dennis UshakovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' idea/140.1973
2015-01-27 Dennis Ushakovuse correct ast node for secondary roots when building...
2015-01-27 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-135626 (backgroundable plugin update progress) appcode/140.1972 clion/140.1971
2015-01-27 Roman Shevchenkoplatform: handling of file-based index initialization...
2015-01-27 Vladimir Krivosheevuse member filter exciting magic in evaluate (so, we...
2015-01-27 Ekaterina TuzovaCreated test course on stepic
2015-01-27 nikGWT: resolve short references to Java classes from... appcode/140.1967 idea/140.1969 phpstorm/140.1970 webstorm/140.1968
2015-01-27 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-100724 (Issue with Move Statement Up/Down) clion/140.1966 idea/140.1965
2015-01-27 Bas Leijdekkersmove statement down correctly past single line anonymou...
2015-01-27 Bas Leijdekkersmove multiple statements correctly past anonymous class
2015-01-27 Bas Leijdekkersfix comment typo
2015-01-27 Bas Leijdekkerscleanup
2015-01-27 Bas Leijdekkersdon't insert unneeded parentheses on "invert if"
2015-01-26 Andrey Starovoyttypescript compiler: WEB-11491 appcode/140.1957 clion/140.1958 dbe/140.1961 idea/140.1955 phpstorm/140.1959 pycharm/140.1956 rubymine/140.1960 webstorm/140.1962
2015-01-26 Eugene Zhuravlevbuild startup additional logging idea/140.1954
2015-01-26 Gregory.ShragoScratches: 10 minute scratch (with Shift)
2015-01-26 Dennis Ushakovfix SOE on undo
2015-01-26 Gregory.ShragoSelect-in: scratches- & scopes-related fixes
2015-01-26 Gregory.Shragodon't repaint if not visible
2015-01-26 Gregory.Shragodup cleanup
2015-01-26 Gregory.ShragoLangConsole: allow local files as targets
2015-01-26 Egor.Ushakovdecompiler: read sourceFile attribute
2015-01-26 Egor.Ushakovdecompiler: dump classname in warning
2015-01-26 Vladimir Krivosheevdone firefox evaluate idea/140.1953
2015-01-26 Vladimir Krivosheevcontinue firefox evaluate
2015-01-26 Vladimir Krivosheevcontinue firefox evaluate
2015-01-26 Vladimir Krivosheevprepare to implement firefox evaluate
2015-01-26 Anna Kozlovalambda isValueCompatible check: ensure throws is not...
2015-01-26 Anna Kozlovaextract method object: postpone formatting (IDEA-114278)
2015-01-26 Yaroslav LepenkinIDEA-100368 javadoc does not respond...
2015-01-26 Yaroslav LepenkinWhen detecting field dependencies, check method calls...
2015-01-26 Yaroslav LepenkinSetting proper text on progress indicator (IDEA-34049...
2015-01-26 Ekaterina TuzovaStore language as a String in the course
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovafixed StudyExecutor extension point
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovafixed private field usages
2015-01-26 Andrey VlasovskikhUpdated Python plugin version to 4.1 EAP for future...
2015-01-26 Andrey VlasovskikhUse <Branch>.<Build count> as a build number for Python...
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovadeclaration access issues
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovadeclaration access issues, moved names to the StudyNames
2015-01-26 Andrey VlasovskikhUpdated version naming rules for Python plugin appcode/140.1952 clion/140.1951
2015-01-26 Egor.Ushakovfixed incorrect line opened when debugging decompiled...
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovaremoved common course creator generator utils
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovacode cleanup
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovarenamed task windows to answer placeholder (as it appea...
2015-01-26 Dmitry Avdeev"File -> New" menu refactored: NewElement action restored
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovacode cleanup
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovashow course updated notification once
2015-01-26 Ekaterina Tuzovacleanup
2015-01-26 Dmitry Avdeev"File -> New" menu refactored
2015-01-26 Roman ShevchenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-01-26 Roman Shevchenkoplatform: save freshly created project
2015-01-26 Alexander ZolotovHTML: remove CSS dependency
2015-01-26 Alexander ZolotovAdd hashCode and equals for ImageInfo index value
2015-01-26 Alexander Zolotovget rid of yellow code