2017-09-26 Vitaliy.BibaevMerge branch 'master' of ../../merge/stream-debugger...
2017-09-26 Denis FokinDEXP-165126, DEXP-165127
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevProjectBytecodeAnalysis: isInsideDummyAndroidJar reused...
2017-09-26 Nicolay Mitropolsky`ULiteralExpression.psiLanguageInjectionHost` extension...
2017-09-26 Nicolay MitropolskyUAST-java: fix for methods parameters converting
2017-09-26 Denis FokinEA-108027
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevDataFlowRunner: remove TOO_EXPENSIVE_HASH
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevRevert "DFA: track unresolved variable"
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevBytecodeAnalysisIndex: exclude android.jar from index
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevFuseStreamOperationsInspection: strings externalized pycharm/173.2705 pycharm/173.2706
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevFuseStreamOperationsInspection
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevIDEA-179490 "Can be replaced with single expression... dbe/173.2702 webstorm/173.2704
2017-09-26 Tagir ValeevCollectMigration: prepare to IncorporateStreamOperation...
2017-09-25 Konstantin... move experimental feature EP to platform-api appcode/173.2698 clion/173.2701 idea/173.2696 phpstorm/173.2697 pycharm/173.2695 pycharm/173.2699 rubymine/173.2700
2017-09-25 Alexey GopachenkoRevert "Do not scan file for changed range if we alread...
2017-09-25 Svetlana.ZemlyanskayaFix paragraph separators for context help labels
2017-09-25 Dennis Ushakovfix category
2017-09-25 Dennis Ushakovfix diagnostics
2017-09-25 Sergey Karashevich[gui-test] fix PluginTestCase#installPluginFromDisk
2017-09-25 Sergey Karashevich[gui-test] add a way to pass custom VM options to a...
2017-09-25 Kirill LikhodedovRevert "Use try-with-resources (IDEA-CR-24263)"
2017-09-25 Dmitry TrofimovMerge branch 'traff/helpers'
2017-09-25 Daniil Ovchinnikov[groovy] check isDefinitelyKeyOfMap() after trying...
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaFixes after review (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix a test for the new behaviour (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix garbage output after Jumping to Cursor (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix focus requesting for error stepping (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaUpdate windows binaries (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix "set next statement" for frame evaluation debugger...
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaAdd an action to appropriate menus and add mnemonics...
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaCompatibility with PyDev debugger (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaAdd a test for Set next statement action (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaRewrite errors showing with callbacks (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix error message for jumping to another frame (PY...
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaAvoid soe in case of errors (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaAlways send resume command to UI in order to avoid...
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaHandle errors during jump and show them in UI (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix exception with removing temp breakpoint (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Elizaveta ShashkovaInitial UI for "Set next statement" action (PY-9537)
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevTemporary disable kotlin language support
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevFix typo
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevAvoid usages of TraceExpressionBuilderImpl.LINE_SEPARATOR
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevUse kotlin expression builder
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevMute kotlin tests
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevFix bug when toCollection operations do not work correctly
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevFixes after merge operation
2017-09-25 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting; warnings) clion/173.2694
2017-09-25 Anna.Kozlovacosmetics in naming conventions (IDEA-179245)
2017-09-25 Anna.Kozlovajunit: ensure classes are read in UTF-8 (IDEA-179384)
2017-09-25 Roman Shevchenko[java] makes IDEA independent of "
2017-09-25 Roman Shevchenko[java] fixes "scroll from source" for Java modules...
2017-09-25 Semyon ProshevDon't highlight imported dirs in `from source import...
2017-09-25 Rustam VishnyakovTreat two NULL_COLOR_MARKERs as equal
2017-09-25 Maxim.Mossienkoperformance: check file parent file existence on slow...
2017-09-25 Anton TarasovDon't use cache on load in SVG viewer
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into kotlin
2017-09-25 Yaroslav PankratyevIDEA-139173 Inspection for @Presentation#icon, refactor...
2017-09-25 Ilya.KazakevichPY-22710: Django 2.0 support initial commit
2017-09-25 Rustam VishnyakovAlways returning null breaks the logic
2017-09-25 Rustam VishnyakovGreg's patch for broken colors handling (IDEA-179502)
2017-09-25 nikKotlin plugin downgraded to 1.1.4
2017-09-25 Sergey Malenkovuse log.debug instead of log.warn appcode/173.2684 clion/173.2685
2017-09-25 Anna.KozlovaisEntryPoint in unused declaration from default profile...
2017-09-25 Anna.Kozlovaread action (IDEA-CR-24742)
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate version of intellij gradle plugin
2017-09-25 Ekaterina TuzovaIDEA-CR-24258 check that parentheses belong to an argum...
2017-09-25 Ekaterina TuzovaIDEA-CR-24257 comment
2017-09-25 Ekaterina Tuzova EA-106951 - NPE: PySciViewAction.showConsoleToolwindow
2017-09-25 Ekaterina Tuzovacleanup
2017-09-25 Dmitry Batkovichrelevant method chain completion: chains ended with... phpstorm/173.2679
2017-09-25 Sergey Malenkovcalculate a modality state for component on EDT
2017-09-25 Denis FokinIDEA-179514 Non-docked toolwindow are not closed automa...
2017-09-25 Semyon ProshevSync with typeshed @ b8f7ba8e8a92677400f878889582abe39c...
2017-09-25 Maxim.Mossienkointroduce / use fixed set of options used for creating...
2017-09-25 Alexey GopachenkoDo not scan file for changed range if we already know...
2017-09-25 Vladimir KrivosheevBuilt-in server: CORS — add X-Requested-With to allowed...
2017-09-25 Dennis Ushakovupdate angular broken versions
2017-09-25 Aleksey Pivovarovvcs: remove unnecessary `setDragEnabled`
2017-09-25 stsypanovvcs: fix TODO in
2017-09-25 Kirill KirichenkoDisable shadow in HelpTooltips
2017-09-25 Daniil Ovchinnikov[jvm-lang] port createVoidMethodIfFixPossible
2017-09-25 Dmitry TrofimovUse try-with-resources (IDEA-CR-24263)
2017-09-25 Alexander LobasIDEA-179300 Use another notification UI for the HiDPI...
2017-09-25 Anna KozlovaLVTI: explicit variable type is redundant (IDEA-179177)
2017-09-25 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #49 from bibaev/ui-improvements
2017-09-25 Denis FokinNPE fix
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd tooltip to show full call with arguments in the...
2017-09-25 Sergey Malenkovdo not ignore a result of the runInReadActionWithWriteA...
2017-09-25 Mikhail GolubevPY-25288 Implement "Expression Type" action for Python
2017-09-25 Mikhail GolubevPY-21823 Align bound and stride expressions inside...
2017-09-25 Kirill KirichenkoFix MacOs borders for fractional scale
2017-09-25 Vitaliy.BibaevAlign the stream debugger icon by center vertically
2017-09-25 Roman Shevchenko[java] remapping 'var' token for expressions appcode/173.2659 clion/173.2658
2017-09-25 Vladimir KrivosheevRunManagerImpl — introduce reloadSchemes method for MPS
2017-09-25 Pavel DolgovJava: Refactoring - improve readability of ExtractMetho...
2017-09-25 nikgradle: restored API of BuildScriptDataBuilder
2017-09-25 Dmitry BatkovichMerge branch 'db/method-chains-with-casts'
2017-09-25 Dmitry Batkovichtype casts in relevant method chain completion: various...
2017-09-25 Dmitry Batkovichadd tests for completion with casts
2017-09-25 Dmitry Batkovichcasts in relevant method chain search: fix cast type...