2016-08-24 Anton MakeevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into amake...
2016-08-24 Pavel DolgovJava control flow: Don't allow extracting method if... appcode/163.3195 clion/163.3196
2016-08-24 Anna Kozlovasurround with if: fix for expression lambda (IDEA-160218)
2016-08-24 petereliminate captured wildcards in itli live template...
2016-08-24 peterIDEA-159953 Esc for completion popup also removes the...
2016-08-24 Yaroslav LepenkinDrop document indent options cache if something in...
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevreduce usage of getCssFontDeclaration — prefer util...
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2016-08-24 Dmitry Batrakavoid exceptions at parameter hints painting if colors...
2016-08-24 Dmitry Batrakmore tweaking of parameter hints presentation
2016-08-24 nikAnnotationsChangeTracker: javadoc formatting fixed
2016-08-24 Nadya Zabrodina[patch]: re-add license header missed during rebase
2016-08-24 Daniil Ovchinnikov[groovy] implement "generate accessor" provider instead... dbe/163.3197 phpstorm/163.3194
2016-08-24 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-13232 add link
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2016-08-24 Eugene Zhuravlevrenaming actions "make" -> "build"
2016-08-24 Dmitry Batrakremove bright line at the top of parameter hint
2016-08-24 Tagir ValeevExplicit comparator removed as it's the same as natural...
2016-08-24 Dmitry Batrakadded some inlays-related tests
2016-08-24 Anna Kozlovaunused declaration: entry point patterns: support custo...
2016-08-24 Anna Kozlovaunused declaration: check before deletion if element...
2016-08-24 Alexey Kudravtsevforgot to check length()
2016-08-24 Alexey Kudravtsevmemory: do not store millions of duplicate strings
2016-08-24 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-13232 do not duplicate isMacOsCredentialStoreSu...
2016-08-24 Egor.UshakovIDEA-29246 Debug with alternative JRE - JDK source...
2016-08-24 Yann CébronMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-08-24 Yann CébronMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-08-24 Egor.UshakovIDEA-29246 Debug with alternative JRE - JDK source...
2016-08-24 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-13232 remove additional newline
2016-08-24 Yann CébronJBTextField: fix parameter names
2016-08-24 Anna Kozlovapaired inspection tools: repeat scopes configured for...
2016-08-24 Anna Kozlovaunused parameters: show applicable fix appcode/163.3183
2016-08-24 Dmitry Batrakfix exception on text selection
2016-08-24 nikjavadoc for MergingUpdateQueue dbe/163.3180 dbe/163.3181
2016-08-24 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-160058 Password safe: provide clear explanation...
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevthread safe KdbxEntry
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevthread safe KdbxGroup — entries
2016-08-24 Sergey Simonchikansi colors: extend ConsoleViewContentType instead...
2016-08-24 peterjs: use getContext instead of getParent to avoid loadin...
2016-08-24 peterdeduplicate AST traversal in DefaultStubBuilder and...
2016-08-24 Vladimir Krivosheevbouncy-castle moved to module library — it is android... idea/163.3174
2016-08-24 Vladimir KrivosheevPS: remove unused bouncy-castle dependency
2016-08-24 niktypo fixed
2016-08-23 Gregory.ShragoIDEA-CR-13051: fix empty token at the end of a file... phpstorm/163.3162 pycharm/163.3164 webstorm/163.3169 webstorm/163.3170
2016-08-23 peterreduce the number of module chunk rebuilds caused by...
2016-08-23 Andrey VokinRUBY-17492 content_for and/or /[ if IE ] block appear...
2016-08-23 Daniil OvchinnikovMerge branch 'dany/grails-project-view'
2016-08-23 Dmitry Batkovichsimple npe in tests fixed
2016-08-23 Anna Kozlovainspections: ensure graph annotators are already initia...
2016-08-23 Anna Kozlovaui: align buttons (IDEA-160118)
2016-08-23 Anna Kozlovaunused declaration: take inner class settings into...
2016-08-23 Anna Kozlovaunused parameters: show preview on the right
2016-08-23 Elizaveta ShashkovaAdd test (PY-20526)
2016-08-23 Sergey MalenkovIDEA-159498 add logging for native preferences
2016-08-23 Yaroslav Lepenkin[reformat notification] code -> content
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-160058 notify if cannot use native keychain
2016-08-23 Vladimir Krivosheevmove SingletonNotificationManager to platform-impl
2016-08-23 Dennis Ushakovfaster folding for built-in entities
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevaccountName -> userName
2016-08-23 Vladimir Krivosheevuser -> userName
2016-08-23 Dmitry AvdeevIDEA-159929 # in custom File templates in WebStorm...
2016-08-23 Konstantin... IDEA-160143 Fixed "ContainerUtil.intersection()" signature
2016-08-23 Vladimir Krivosheevthread safe KdbxGroup — group
2016-08-23 Dmitry BatrakInline hints with parameter names for literal method...
2016-08-23 Kirill Likhodedovmove "sign-off" checkbox below "amend"
2016-08-23 Nadya ZabrodinaMerge branch 'nz/finalBinaryPatch'
2016-08-23 Elizaveta ShashkovaShow Referring Objects doesn't work (PY-20526 )
2016-08-23 Dmitry Batkovichnull-literal argument: testdata warnings fixed
2016-08-23 Dmitry Batkovichnull-literal argument: do not check nullable parameters...
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[patch]: implement applying binary files from patchFile
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[patch]: deprecate old names, use new ones, annotations...
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[patch]: binary patch reader implementation
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[patch]: implement IDE binary patch writing (IDEA-90228...
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[patch]: implement binary content encoder/decoder with...
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[vcs]: change base85x library file to accept git style...
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[vcs]: reformat code
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[vcs]: Import from base85xjava library
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[vcs]: create sha1 constructor with tests for future...
2016-08-23 Nadya Zabrodina[patch]: cleanUp
2016-08-23 Denis FokinIDEA-142156 Project leak on SheetController$2
2016-08-23 Gregory.ShragoEA-73094 - assert: LeafPsiElement.delete
2016-08-23 Alexey Kudravtsevreverted
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevMerge branch 'develar/cs2'
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevPS API — customizable service name — macOS keychain
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevPS API — customizable service name — Linux Secret Service
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevPS API — customizable service name, part 3
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevPS API — customizable service name, part 2
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-159787 ICS + PS
2016-08-23 Vladimir KrivosheevPS API — customizable service name
2016-08-23 Dmitry AvdeevIDEA-159262 Incorrect treating of the <link> element... appcode/163.3121
2016-08-23 Elizaveta ShashkovaFix jinja2 template debug test after PY-18734
2016-08-23 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting) dbe/163.3119
2016-08-23 Anna Kozlovaunused parameters: compare parameter's visibility setti...
2016-08-23 Roman ShevchenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-08-23 Roman ShevchenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-08-23 nikexternal build: javadocs added
2016-08-23 Roman Shevchenko[java] highlights duplicate 'requires' statements
2016-08-23 Alexey Kudravtsevhighlight names: do not highlight in huge chunks becaus... appcode/163.3118 clion/163.3126