2016-11-17 Dmitry TrofimovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-11-17 Dmitry TrofimovReturn customized directory(if any) as a default one
2016-11-17 Roman Shevchenko[java] groups JDK root collection code for easier modif... dbe/171.1054
2016-11-17 Denis FokinIDEA-47906 alt+i (shortcut to press the commit button...
2016-11-17 Sergey Simonchikadd ProjectFileIndex.getInstance(Project) to simplify...
2016-11-17 Maxim.Mossienkotests to specify when modification count for file is...
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzefixes after IDEA-CR-14348 review pycharm/171.1053
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzefix deserialization of new local courses
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzefix add subtask from test files
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzereorganize answer placeholder actions
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzereplace subtaskInfo map with list for stepik
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzetype here as default placeholder text
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeopen proper test file when switching between subtasks
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzedelete subtask
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzeconvert local courses to new format
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzeadd format version to stepic format
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeremove hack for storing multiple hints
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzesave changes from edit placeholder
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzemigrate to the new version of format
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzerefresh
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeincorrect path
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeupdate version
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeexclude test files for future subtasks
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzechoose correct test file
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzesave indent for task text
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzerename (fix for IDEA-CR-14348)
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeimprove readability
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzerename action in UI
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeuse last subtask index instead of subtask number
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzedo not remove trailing spaces for placeholders with...
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeextracted placeholder actions into seperate package
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeactivate/deactivate placeholders
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzehide and make visible from prev subtasks actions
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzehandle src dir inside task dir
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzesupport src folder in archive
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzesupport for correct presentation of Class Nodes
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzefix to support subtasks in java
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzeproject view refactoring in educational plugins
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeuse correct util method
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeextracted method to use in language plugins
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzefix check utilities
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzecheck if it's student project
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzedo not allow to edit text outside of placeholders in...
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeuse correct visible length
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeuse util method
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzerefresh placeholder for subtasks
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzerefresh task file for subtasks
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzefix serialization problem
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzedo not show errors when switching to the next subtask
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeweaker access
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeuse status from subtask info
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeseparate switch step and student file creation
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzefix preview for placeholders invisible on prev subtask
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeswitch to the next subtask when prev is solved
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzecreate course archive for subtasks
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzeshow preview for subtasks
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzedraw placeholders correctly when switching subtask
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzeupdate task description toolwindow when switching betwe...
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzeselect active subtask as default in popup
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzeshow standard test file name instead of real name for...
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzeshow in project view only active subtask test
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzedo not show task description for subtasks in project...
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzeadd information about active subtask to project view...
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzeui for switching between subtasks and simple subtask...
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzenew subtask action
2016-11-17 Liana Bakradzeadd subtasks to placeholder inner representation
2016-11-17 Alexander KoshevoyPY-21488 Stopping docker debug process unexpectedly...
2016-11-17 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-15780 do not write default context values appcode/171.1051
2016-11-17 Anna.Kozlovarename: simplify error processing
2016-11-17 Anna.Kozlovalive templates inside file templates: ensure caret...
2016-11-17 Anna.Kozlovadon't cancel search on ProcessCanceledExceptions from...
2016-11-17 Kirill LikhodedovDisplay git rename branch command in the VCS Console
2016-11-17 Alexandr EvstigneevIDEA-CR-13744 Fixed comments from review dbe/171.1050
2016-11-17 Alexandr Evstigneevconfiguration ui: implemented possibility to add a...
2016-11-17 peterLightQuickFixTestCase: run intentions in a transaction
2016-11-17 Alexey Kudravtsevcheck that package name is correct
2016-11-17 Alexey Kudravtsevoptimisation: in case of thousands of events do not...
2016-11-17 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2016-11-17 Eldar Abusalimovnotifications: Only propagate ACTIVATE events to Hyperl...
2016-11-17 Eldar Abusalimovrunners: Search for HyperlinkListener through the whole...
2016-11-17 Valentina KiryushkinaFix EDU-780 Null task text for adaptive courses loaded...
2016-11-17 Egor.Ushakovmore access for kotlin debugger
2016-11-17 Daniil Ovchinnikov[junit] add flag to check test class
2016-11-17 Denis FokinIDEA-161281 Find in Path dialog: Mnemonics misbehaviour...
2016-11-17 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-164049 'Export Settings' option exports broken... appcode/171.1049 clion/171.1048
2016-11-17 peteradd MessageBus#hasUndeliveredEvents (needed for IDEA... dbe/171.1045
2016-11-17 Pavel DolgovJava: Don't cause endless recursive calls of the equals... phpstorm/171.1043
2016-11-17 Egor.Ushakovfixed 1px bg color near a selected stripe button on...
2016-11-17 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (javadoc; formatting)
2016-11-17 Alexandr Evstigneevadjusted solution to memory leaks in RubyProjectStructu...
2016-11-17 peterdelete some deprecated stuff
2016-11-17 petermake getClass pure
2016-11-17 peterremove allowStartingDumbModeInside implementation
2016-11-17 Dmitry Batkovichwrap long with Math.intToExact(): check that convertibl... dbe/171.1042
2016-11-17 Rustam VishnyakovFixed WEB-21215 Inconsistent indentation when object...
2016-11-17 peterSelectWordUtil cleanup (IDEA-CR-15854) appcode/171.1041 clion/171.1040
2016-11-17 nikPathMacros: more javadocs
2016-11-16 Maxim.MossienkoNPE fix (IDEA-164074) appcode/171.1033 clion/171.1031 dbe/171.1028 idea/171.1030 phpstorm/171.1035 pycharm/171.1027 pycharm/171.1034 pycharm/171.1038 pycharm/171.1039 rubymine/171.1029 webstorm/171.1037
2016-11-16 Maxim.Mossienkoselect text in replace field (IDEA-152060)
2016-11-16 Daniil Ovchinnikov[grails] fix all GroovyServerPage usages