2015-02-16 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-135970 (adjusted path included in JDK validation)
2015-02-16 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting)
2015-02-16 Konstantin... Remove outdated instruction about directory-based projects
2015-02-16 Konstantin... update
2015-02-16 Konstantin... add README file
2015-02-16 Gregory.ShragoComments: put unparsable refs calculation back
2015-02-16 Anna Kozlovanew inference: already calculated substitutor should...
2015-02-16 Anna Kozlovablinks
2015-02-16 Sergey MalenkovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-02-16 Egor.UshakovIDEA-136612 Allow to hide package name in frames view
2015-02-16 Egor.Ushakovdo not show default icon in front of stack frames ...
2015-02-16 Egor.Ushakovdo not show view link if no value text is available
2015-02-16 Sergey MalenkovLog TreeUI runnables
2015-02-16 Sergey SavenkoEditorImpl: correct preferred size calculation for...
2015-02-16 Sergey SavenkoScratch: refactor NewScratchFileAction#buildLanguagePopup
2015-02-16 Sergey SavenkoScratch: restore showing recently used languages first...
2015-02-16 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-108119 'Collapse selection' action should be disab...
2015-02-16 Gregory.Shragoupdate some colors
2015-02-16 Gregory.Shragodo not store default effect_type=0
2015-02-16 Aleksey PivovarovIDEA-128038 diff: do not show 'cannot show diff' for...
2015-02-16 Egor.UshakovIDEA-72849 Debugger doesn't display unicode characters...
2015-02-16 Dmitry Batrakavoid using deprecaret methods
2015-02-16 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-111888 Don't remove pair quote/brace on backspace...
2015-02-16 Anna Kozlovamethod reference: force constructor reference to be...
2015-02-16 Anna Kozlovanot pertinent to applicability nested lambda test
2015-02-16 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-136581
2015-02-16 Daniil Ovchinnikovdocs added & warning unsuppressed
2015-02-16 peterfold some java stream internals in stacktraces (IDEA...
2015-02-16 Michael GolubevDocker integration - delete multiple images/containers
2015-02-16 Dmitry Avdeevreplacing deprecated method
2015-02-16 Dmitry Avdeevgetting literal value from parsed AST
2015-02-16 Vladimir KrivosheevQuickListsManager must not write defaults
2015-02-16 Dmitry AvdeevisModified() corrected appcode/140.2509 clion/140.2508
2015-02-16 Dmitry Avdeevsyncing module language level
2015-02-16 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-109618 (show ignored files in Open Project chooser)
2015-02-16 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting)
2015-02-16 Vladislav.Sorokaexternal system: jdk utility code cleanup
2015-02-16 Vladislav.SorokaIDEA-136597 Android-Gradle: new project is created...
2015-02-16 Roman ShevchenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-02-16 Roman Shevchenkoplatform: allow manual refresh for non-local VFSes
2015-02-16 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-108784 Shivering cursor in gutter annotations...
2015-02-16 Dmitry Avdeev@NotNull
2015-02-16 Gregory.Shragocosmetic
2015-02-16 Gregory.Shragojust split ]]> into adjacent CDATA's
2015-02-16 Aleksey PivovarovIDEA-135926 diff: do not collapse dialog on first show
2015-02-16 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (annotations; formatting)
2015-02-16 Vladimir.OrlovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' appcode/140.2505 clion/140.2506 webstorm/140.2504
2015-02-16 nikbuild scripts: function renamed
2015-02-16 nikJPS: do not include JDK classes from module dependencie...
2015-02-16 Vladimir.Orlovupdated mac launcher: The link to the java 1.6 has...
2015-02-16 Dmitry AvdeevUIFormEditorProvider is not dumb aware
2015-02-16 peterIDEA-136580 "Contract violation" warnings are reported... phpstorm/140.2503
2015-02-16 peteravoid leaks from failing HgConfigTest.setUp, attempt 2
2015-02-16 Vladislav.Sorokaexternal system: before_sync/after_sync actions
2015-02-16 Roman ShevchenkoCR-IC-7232 (formatting)
2015-02-16 peteravoid leaks from failing HgConfigTest.setUp
2015-02-16 Vladimir Krivosheevclient should release buffer as soon as possible
2015-02-16 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: hide block separators from folded region popup
2015-02-16 Dmitry Avdeevopening non-dumb-aware editors on excit from dumb mode
2015-02-16 Dmitry Batrakremove code supporting pre-1.6 JDKs appcode/140.2499 clion/140.2500
2015-02-16 Vladimir Krivosheevuse ByteBuf directly — avoid intermediate StringBuilder
2015-02-16 StiverFixed 'IDEA-132625: IDEA hangs when decompiling a class'
2015-02-15 Max MedvedevIDEA-136567 Groovy: fix NPE in compilation unit appcode/140.2495 clion/140.2488 dbe/140.2491 idea/140.2493 idea/140.2493.2 phpstorm/140.2489 pycharm/140.2494 rubymine/140.2490 webstorm/140.2492
2015-02-15 Kirill Likhodedov[git] IDEA-135966 support the case when there are no...
2015-02-15 Vladimir Krivosheevfix compilation appcode/140.2487 clion/140.2486
2015-02-15 Vladimir Krivosheevrpc client — use promises phpstorm/140.2485
2015-02-15 Alexey GopachenkoFix java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for... appcode/140.2483 clion/140.2482
2015-02-14 Gregory.Shragosome @NotNull's dropped appcode/140.2475 clion/140.2478 dbe/140.2479 idea/140.2474 phpstorm/140.2477 pycharm/140.2473 rubymine/140.2476 webstorm/140.2480
2015-02-13 Konstantin... HiDPI fix font size in GotIt messages appcode/140.2461 appcode/140.2470 appcode/140.2472 clion/140.2462 clion/140.2469 clion/140.2471 dbe/140.2465 idea/140.2459 phpstorm/140.2464 phpstorm/140.2468 pycharm/140.2460 rubymine/140.2463 webstorm/140.2466
2015-02-13 Konstantin... fix IDEA-135945 jumping recent projects panel
2015-02-13 Gregory.Shragocleanup
2015-02-13 Gregory.Shragoproper CDATA XML escaping
2015-02-13 Eugene Zhuravlevif is specified, pass it to...
2015-02-13 Eugene Zhuravlevcase-insensitive comparison added
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovarestore external javadoc retrieval (comments in IDEA...
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovaprefer fixes with error severity over other fixes at...
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-123987
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-124961
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-132379
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovatestdata for IDEA-133935
2015-02-13 Eugene Zhuravlevremove excessive logging
2015-02-13 Eugene Zhuravlevavoiding toLowerCase() calls
2015-02-13 Roman Shevchenkoutil: light logger initialization fixed
2015-02-13 Roman Shevchenkotests: disabling symlink cache in tests too
2015-02-13 Sergey MalenkovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2015-02-13 Sergey MalenkovIDEA-136485 Database's toolbox stays on top
2015-02-13 Roman Shevchenkoplatform: Unix startup script refactored
2015-02-13 peterClsGenericsHighlightingTest: fix tearDown
2015-02-13 Eugene ZhuravlevNIO-based file deletion: returning true if file does...
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovanew inference: stop collecting constraints if target...
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovamost specific: infer specific if method is generic...
2015-02-13 Anna Kozlovapertinent to applicability: reject nested lambdas if...
2015-02-13 peterIDEA-136189 "Code completion" proposes to extend the...
2015-02-13 peterIDEA-136463 Reuse Gant script configuration when no...
2015-02-13 peterIDEA-136406 Complete current statement doesn't insert...
2015-02-13 peterCodeSmellDetectorImpl: retrieve file, document and...
2015-02-13 Egor.Ushakovwrap toString based renderers label with double quote
2015-02-13 Eugene Zhuravlevuse NIO when available for recursive file deletion
2015-02-13 Daniil OvchinnikovIDEA-12807 @Deprecated DGM methods ignored
2015-02-13 nikdo not include JDK classes from module dependencies...