2011-01-11 Eugene KudelevskyMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-11 Eugene KudelevskyIDEA-63983 support for resource types: integer, bool...
2011-01-11 Roman ChernyatchikOpen folder dialog style change to Macish
2011-01-11 Eugene Kudelevskymake constructor public
2011-01-11 Eugene Kudelevskyclean up: inherit GenericDomValue interface
2011-01-11 Dmitry JemerovMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-11 Dmitry Jemerovdiagnostics for PY-2651
2011-01-11 petercheaper array merge
2011-01-11 petercheaper find PSI child
2011-01-11 petercheaper array appending
2011-01-11 petercheaper inside annotation check for gdsl
2011-01-11 Dmitry Jemerovmove create project actions out of PlatformLangPlugin...
2011-01-11 Oleg ShpynovCosmetics
2011-01-11 Dmitry Jemerovsave group name as well as key for selected template...
2011-01-11 Vladimir Krivosheevcontinue skin for editor tabLabel
2011-01-11 peterdon't process local script-level declarations when...
2011-01-11 peterextends/implements references via stubs
2011-01-11 peterin a context, don't process Groovy script declarations...
2011-01-11 petermethod modifiers via stubs
2011-01-11 peterDRY, inline non-meaningful classes
2011-01-11 peteruse the stubs when walking fields & parameters
2011-01-11 peteruse the utility
2011-01-11 peterparameter list & parameter stubs
2011-01-11 petercleanup & movements
2011-01-11 peterless hacky hierarchy
2011-01-11 peterEmptyStub
2011-01-11 peterconstructor stubs
2011-01-11 petervariable declaration stubs
2011-01-11 petertype definition body stubs
2011-01-11 peterstubs for groovy type parameters
2011-01-11 petermuch less code for the same groovy stubs
2011-01-11 annarestore $file.className; file.qualifiedClassName variables
2011-01-11 annashow dialog to ask for undefined variables (IDEA-63628)
2011-01-11 Oleg ShpynovMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-11 Konstantin... git gc action
2011-01-11 Konstantin... git gc action
2011-01-11 Oleg ShpynovDo not update action state using long calls
2011-01-11 unknownexternal tool macros for selected text and selection...
2011-01-11 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull
2011-01-11 Alexey Kudravtsevproject leak on test failure
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovUse in GitRebaseEditorMain.
2011-01-11 Willem Verstraeten[PATCH] The order of the reported parents is important...
2011-01-11 unknowndon't try to get group name via JavaCodeStyleManager...
2011-01-11 unknownAlt-Gr for Slovak keyboard (IDEA-63988)
2011-01-11 irengrigMerge branch 'master' of idea/102.115 pycharm/102.116
2011-01-11 irengrigCVS: do not try to use toolwindows if default project...
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovUse in GitSSHXmlRpcClient. Fixes IDEA-63825... rubymine/102.113
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovGitFetch action: backgroundable and cancellable.
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovGitCheckoutProvider: when cloning notify about failure...
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovGitUIUtil.notifyGitErrors: better handling of empty...
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovGitUIUtil: error notifications.
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovGitTask improvements: introduced GitTaskResultHandler...
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovGitTextHandler: don't create process if is was already...
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovGitIgnoreTracker.scan -> from AWT thread to a Backgroun...
2011-01-11 Kirill LikhodedovBackgroudTaskQueue handles cancelled tasks properly...
2011-01-11 nikxdebugger: correctly handle multiline error messages...
2011-01-10 annaNPE cidr/102.111
2011-01-09 peterthe stub method's return type should be compatible... cidr/102.103
2011-01-09 petergroovy annotation stubs
2011-01-09 peterrename
2011-01-09 peterrename
2011-01-09 peterconsistent stub-tree getParent() in groovy
2011-01-09 peterseparate hierarchies for stubbable and tree-only groovy...
2011-01-09 petercleanup
2011-01-09 peterstore groovy field type text in the stub, fix incorrect...
2011-01-09 petercleanup
2011-01-09 peteruse stub for retrieving modifier lists
2011-01-09 peterGrFileStub should be created for all groovy files
2011-01-09 peterdisplay progress for stub generation
2011-01-09 peterdon't log PCE
2011-01-09 peterdelegated methods should be not abstract; if delegating...
2011-01-09 petercompiler progress should be @NotNull
2011-01-09 peteromit stubs for the overriding methods with wider return...
2011-01-09 petercorrectly generate stubs for @Delegate (IDEA-63687)
2011-01-09 peterthe runtime doesn't need to know about package-infos...
2011-01-09 peterdon't generate stubs for package-info.groovy (IDEA...
2011-01-09 peterdon't suggest to recompile missing classes explicitly
2011-01-09 Sergey EvdokimovIDEA-49047 (Support Grails Criteria DSL)
2011-01-09 Sergey EvdokimovIDEA-49047 (Support Grails Criteria DSL)
2011-01-09 Eugene.Kudelevskyfix test
2011-01-09 Eugene.KudelevskyMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-09 Eugene.KudelevskyIDEA-63745 save latest exported apk file location
2011-01-09 Konstantin... allow open not only Text Editor in tests (diagrams...
2011-01-09 Konstantin... add KEY constant
2011-01-09 Eugene.KudelevskyIDEA-63965 fix checking device compatibility
2011-01-09 Eugene.Kudelevskytests for android 2.3 xml api
2011-01-09 Eugene.KudelevskyIDEA-63744 support for android 2.3 xml api
2011-01-08 Eugene.KudelevskyMerge branch 'master' of
2011-01-08 Eugene.KudelevskyIDEA-63966 compilers should return items for all module...
2011-01-08 Bas Leijdekkersquickfix for "Shift operation by inappropriate constant...
2011-01-08 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-63851 ("Replace << with *" intention breaks the...
2011-01-08 Eugene.KudelevskyIDEA-63804 we have to pass jar dependencies of android... cidr/102.98 rubymine/102.99
2011-01-07 Eugene.KudelevskyIDEA-63824 "add string resource" based on live templates
2011-01-06 Eugene.KudelevskyMerge branch 'master' of cidr/102.89 cidr/102.94 idea/102.86 idea/102.92 pycharm/102.87 pycharm/102.91 rubymine/102.88 rubymine/102.93
2011-01-06 Eugene.Kudelevskyfix IAE: getComponent() should be invoked before getToo...
2011-01-06 Eugene.KudelevskyIDEA-63381 we should find android module when platform...
2011-01-05 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-63811 (Inline variable (via quick fix) with array...
2011-01-05 Bas Leijdekkersinspection naming
2011-01-05 Bas Leijdekkersfix NPE in telemetry on closing project
2011-01-05 Bas LeijdekkersCVS: do not split changes from the same list over multi...