2014-03-17 Dmitry TrofimovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-03-17 nikJPS: return modules and libraries from dependencies...
2014-03-17 Michael GolubevMerge branch 'master' of
2014-03-17 Michael GolubevMerge branch 'master' of
2014-03-17 Dmitry Avdeevmemory leak in tests
2014-03-17 Michael GolubevCR-IU-595 - introduce createTemporaryConnection
2014-03-17 Max MedvedevIDEA-122235 Detect groovy scripts from the hashbang...
2014-03-17 Anna KozlovaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-03-17 Anna Kozlovamissed optimize imports quick fix (IDEA-122234)
2014-03-17 Gregory.Shragoreturn Advanced configuration tab for java
2014-03-17 Max MedvedevEA-54906 - IAE: ElementManipulators.getManipulator
2014-03-17 Max MedvedevIDEA-119863 Extract variable moves variable above label
2014-03-17 Kirill Likhodedov[log] Preselect the first commit on log initialization
2014-03-17 Kirill Likhodedov[log] invokeAndWait instead of invokeLater
2014-03-17 Kirill Likhodedov[git] fix typo in comment
2014-03-17 Kirill Likhodedov[git log] IDEA-121969 don't request changes on start...
2014-03-17 Kirill Likhodedov[log] IDEA-121969 Don't load Changes on start and refresh
2014-03-17 Kirill Likhodedov[log] cleanup
2014-03-17 Kirill Likhodedov[log] Simplify code & comments: no need to consider...
2014-03-17 Gregory.ShragoEA-54739 - assert: QuickEditHandler.<init>
2014-03-17 Shaverdova... IDEA-122283 Notification.expire() doesn't work if Event...
2014-03-17 Anna Kozlovacoverage: build trove4j to be compatible with 1.5
2014-03-17 Dmitry BatrakEA-54916 exception in PhpStorm commandLineTool plugin
2014-03-17 Egor.Ushakovbetter getPriority description
2014-03-17 Dmitry AvdeevIDEA-119475 Can't remove file reverence
2014-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevoptimisation: lock-free sets
2014-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2014-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull
2014-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevtest fixed
2014-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull
2014-03-17 Sergey Ignatovfeature usage for postfix completion
2014-03-17 Dmitry Batrakchanging mouse shortcut for QuickEvaluateExpression...
2014-03-17 Alexander ZolotovIDEA-121963 AIOOBE at com.intellij.refactoring.introduc...
2014-03-17 Roman ShevchenkoIDEA-54392 (show annotations in type migration dialog)
2014-03-17 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (pointless code; formatting)
2014-03-17 Gregory.ShragoIDEA-114022 false positive inspection error "Cannot... phpstorm/136.1211
2014-03-17 Bas LeijdekkersIDEA-120430 (Format string %c with integer argument...
2014-03-17 Bas Leijdekkersadd javadoc url dumb aware
2014-03-17 Bas Leijdekkersmake copy button dumb aware
2014-03-17 Anna KozlovaIDEA-120563
2014-03-17 Sergey Ignatovpostfix templates rebranding
2014-03-17 Sergey Ignatovpostfix: gray example text (^zolotov)
2014-03-17 Anton MakeevPlatform: OS X scrollbars (table cell animator fixed)
2014-03-17 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-121067, EA-48867 Uncertain editor bug
2014-03-17 nikfixed firing rootsChange event on changes in libraries...
2014-03-16 Konstantin... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' appcode/136.1200 cppide/136.1202 idea/136.1203 idea/136.1204 idea/136.1206 phpstorm/136.1208 pycharm/136.1201 rubymine/136.1207 webstorm/136.1205
2014-03-16 Konstantin... add global message to push dialog
2014-03-16 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup idea/136.1199
2014-03-16 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2014-03-16 Vladimir Krivosheevprepare to fix WEB-7303 — reduce dependency on ExtBacke...
2014-03-16 Vladimir Krivosheevinit WEB-7303 WebStorm: Add support for debugging with... idea/136.1198
2014-03-16 Vladimir Krivosheevdeprecate unused method idea/136.1197 phpstorm/136.1196
2014-03-16 Vladimir KrivosheevEA-53722
2014-03-15 Konstantin... Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' appcode/136.1188 cppide/136.1190 idea/136.1186 idea/136.1187 idea/136.1191 idea/136.1193 phpstorm/136.1195 pycharm/136.1189 rubymine/136.1194 webstorm/136.1192
2014-03-15 Konstantin... tune mac scrollbars color under darcula
2014-03-15 Kirill Likhodedov[git] log suppressed output by separate logger idea/136.1185
2014-03-15 Kirill Likhodedov[git] suppress stdout by default
2014-03-15 Kirill Likhodedov[git] cleanup
2014-03-15 Kirill Likhodedov[git] reuse parent logger
2014-03-15 Kirill Likhodedov[git] cleanup
2014-03-15 Aleksey Pivovarovdiff: enable/disable 'merge parameters' text field... idea/136.1184 phpstorm/136.1183
2014-03-15 Aleksey PivovarovIDEA-99129 diff: remember 'external merge tool' settings
2014-03-14 Anna Kozlovafix compilation appcode/136.1175 cppide/136.1177 idea/136.1178 idea/136.1180 phpstorm/136.1182 pycharm/136.1176 rubymine/136.1181 webstorm/136.1179
2014-03-14 Anna Kozlovafix compilation
2014-03-14 Anna Kozlovaforbid multi selection for unwrap (IDEA-120869)
2014-03-14 Anna Kozlovadelete from project view: show same safe delete dialog...
2014-03-14 Anna Kozlovajunit: exclude resources from test run (IDEA-121076)
2014-03-14 Anna Kozlovaprefer tests over main on test methods (DEA-121541)
2014-03-14 Anna Kozlovaoverload resolution: compare SAMs erasures idea/136.1172
2014-03-14 Anna KozlovaIDEA-122129 agentmain method is highlighted as unused
2014-03-14 Anna KozlovaIDEA-121234 IDEA can not update method return type
2014-03-14 Artem GovorovCR-IC-4717 name refactoring
2014-03-14 Artem GovorovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2014-03-14 Artem GovorovCR-IC-4717 review result fixing
2014-03-14 Anton MakeevPlatform: OS X scrollbars (do not hide scrollbar while...
2014-03-14 Nadya ZabrodinaIDEA-122142 on new Tag creating dialog focus moved...
2014-03-14 Anton MakeevPlatform: OS X scrollbars (unnecessary resets of scroll...
2014-03-14 Anton MakeevPlatform: OS X scrollbars (incorrectly calculated inden...
2014-03-14 Denis FokinIDEA-122188 IDEA 13.1 deadlock when loading project
2014-03-14 Sergey EvdokimovAdd org.jetbrains.plugins.vagrant plugin
2014-03-14 Sergey Ignatovmore tips and tricks
2014-03-14 Anton MakeevPlatform: OS X scrollbars
2014-03-14 Konstantin... tune commit dialog to show global messages
2014-03-14 Konstantin... git edit global message
2014-03-14 Konstantin... vcs global message initial
2014-03-14 Konstantin... split buildHtml method
2014-03-14 Sergey Ignatovpostfix completion tip
2014-03-14 Vladimir Krivosheevcatch any error from EP impl
2014-03-14 Amarchukadd custom line split action for python console (PY...
2014-03-14 Bas LeijdekkersGroup by Directory dumb aware
2014-03-14 Bas Leijdekkersexpand all can be dumb aware
2014-03-14 Bas Leijdekkersmake browser panel action dumb aware
2014-03-14 Bas Leijdekkersmake cvs tool window dumb aware (to e.g. browse CVS...
2014-03-14 Bas LeijdekkersEA-54889 (NPE: CvsAnnotationProvider.annotateBinary)
2014-03-14 Bas Leijdekkersmake CVS actions dumb aware
2014-03-14 Sergey EvdokimovIDEA-122132 Maven: filtering of deployment descriptors
2014-03-14 Egor.UshakovEA-54696 - assert: FileManagerImpl.findFile
2014-03-14 Dmitry TrofimovReturn NONE connection type for null.
2014-03-14 Pavel FatinGradle: rely on external Scala resolver extension decla...
2014-03-14 Konstantin... save/restore psi elements