EDU-605 Tests always pass
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2016-05-10 Liana BakradzeEDU-605 Tests always pass
2016-05-10 Liana Bakradzecheck for project type
2016-05-10 Vasily RomanikhinMerge branch 'vromanik/doxygen'
2016-05-09 Yann CébronMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' appcode/162.65 clion/162.66 phpstorm/162.64
2016-05-09 Maxim.Mossienkouse EnumeratorStringDescriptor.INSTANCE instead of...
2016-05-07 Ilya.KazakevichPyToxTest fix
2016-05-07 Konstantin Bulenkovmodule ipnb: dpi-aware insets
2016-05-07 Dmitry TrofimovAdd OS-specific staging for Env tests
2016-05-07 Dmitry TrofimovEnv sufficiency test should check whether it is staging
2016-05-07 Ilya.KazakevichPY-14572: Fix scenario outline support for lettuce appcode/162.22 clion/162.20 dbe/162.17 idea/162.18 phpstorm/162.19 pycharm/162.21 pycharm/162.25 rubymine/162.24 webstorm/162.26
2016-05-06 Dmitry TrofimovMark some tests as staging
2016-05-06 Dmitry TrofimovMigrate EnvTests to JUnit 4. Add Staging annotation...
2016-05-06 Ilya.KazakevichComment added to prevent questions like PY-19441
2016-05-06 Shaverdova ElenaMerge branch 'leneshka/template-projects'
2016-05-05 Ekaterina Tuzovaidea build number for core plugins
2016-05-05 Ekaterina Tuzovaadded pycharm build version to artifact name
2016-05-05 Dmitry BatkovichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-05-05 Ekaterina Tuzovaadded gradle build scripts for python educational plugins
2016-05-05 Ekaterina Tuzovaupdated build directories and gradle version
2016-05-05 Dmitry BatkovichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-05-05 Mikhail GolubevPY-19375 Disable "Code compatibility" and "Missing... phpstorm/146.1735
2016-05-05 nikMerge branch 'patch-1' of
2016-05-05 Dmitry BatkovichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' appcode/146.1723
2016-05-04 Max MedvedevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into medve...
2016-05-04 Dmitry TrofimovMerge branch 'master' of
2016-05-04 Mikhail GolubevPY-18970 Check that imports in "project" group don...
2016-05-04 Dmitry AvdeevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-05-03 Daniil OvchinnikovMerge branch 'dany/groovy-transformations'
2016-05-03 Konstantin BulenkovSimplify
2016-05-03 Mikhail GolubevPY-19399 Prohibit intention "Convert collection to... appcode/146.1665 clion/146.1664
2016-05-03 Mikhail GolubevPY-16553 Remove comma from one element tuple when conve...
2016-05-03 Mikhail GolubevPY-16553 Simpler solution - add missing comma through PSI
2016-05-03 Mikhail GolubevPY-16553 Add trailing comma when converting single...
2016-05-02 peterPythonSdkDetailsStep: remove seemingly unnecessary...
2016-04-29 Dmitry AvdeevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-29 Mikhail GolubevFix exception on Optimize Imports in Jython sources appcode/146.1601 clion/146.1600
2016-04-29 Vasily PisarMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-29 Vasily PisarMerge branch 'daywalker/cmake_editing'
2016-04-29 Dmitry AvdeevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-29 Dmitry AvdeevMerge branch 'merge_android_2'
2016-04-29 Elizaveta Shashkova Debugger filters: impossible to filter debugger helper... idea/146.1597
2016-04-29 Vladimir.OrlovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-29 Vasily RomanikhinMerge branch 'master' into vromanik/doxygen clion/146.1593
2016-04-29 Alexey Kudravtsevmoved setAssertOnFileLoadingFilter from JavaPsiFacade...
2016-04-29 Alexey KudravtsevPsiManagerEx.getInstanceEx
2016-04-28 Ilya.KazakevichPY-18594: Slow commands may freeze, fixing it appcode/146.1581 clion/146.1582 dbe/146.1577 idea/146.1580 pycharm/146.1578 pycharm/146.1586 rubymine/146.1584 webstorm/146.1587
2016-04-28 Vladimir.OrlovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-28 Elizaveta ShashkovaCreate ArrayList instead (EA-81860)
2016-04-28 Elizaveta ShashkovaPython sdk may be null (EA-82035)
2016-04-28 Vasily RomanikhinMerge branch 'master' into vromanik/doxygen
2016-04-28 Elizaveta ShashkovaAdditional check for selected configuration in Step...
2016-04-28 Dmitry TrofimovNo conda envs.
2016-04-28 Dmitry TrofimovRestore import
2016-04-28 Mikhail GolubevPY-19279 Smart enter on function inserts colon after...
2016-04-28 Vladislav.SorokaMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-27 Rustam VishnyakovDon't invoke PythonEnterHandler.postProcessEnter()...
2016-04-27 Dmitry TrofimovNot on Windows
2016-04-27 Dmitry TrofimovPyQt5 environment
2016-04-27 Vasily PisarMerge branch 'master' into daywalker/cmake_editing
2016-04-27 Alexey KudravtsevnotNull
2016-04-26 Yann CébronMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-26 Andrey VlasovskikhMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-26 Andrey VlasovskikhMerge remote-tracking branch 'fitermay/pysdk-patch'
2016-04-26 Dmitry BatkovichMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-26 fitermay--fix framework listener locking up UI thread
2016-04-26 fitermay--fix NPE in
2016-04-26 Yann CébronMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-26 Mikhail GolubevFix blinking test testImportsFromTypingUnusedInTypeComments idea/146.1513
2016-04-26 Yann CébronMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-26 Elizaveta ShashkovaRemove some unnecessary checks and fix tests: UnicodeTy...
2016-04-26 liana.bakradzeEDU-595 Disable task navigation actions if no task...
2016-04-26 Dmitry TrofimovFix path idea/146.1507
2016-04-26 Dmitry TrofimovAdd cache cleaning if the build script changed
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-596 Remove show hint checkbox in Add/Edit Answer...
2016-04-25 Dmitry TrofimovDrop older envs.
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-597 Group course creator actions to action group...
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-594 Course creator action group in project view...
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-598 Remove Generate Course Archive action's icon
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeRemove "educational-core-python" plugin
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-602 Disable Fill Answer Placeholders action for...
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-603 File Chooser in "add local course" action shoul...
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-600 Disable Refresh Task File/Answer Placeholder...
2016-04-25 liana.bakradzeEDU-599 Remove Delete all answer placeholder action...
2016-04-25 peterremove unnecessary invokeLater from ConfigureTemplateDi...
2016-04-24 Dmitry TrofimovFix env var name appcode/146.1474 clion/146.1476 dbe/146.1473 idea/146.1471 phpstorm/146.1470 pycharm/146.1469 pycharm/146.1472 rubymine/146.1475 webstorm/146.1477
2016-04-23 liana.bakradzeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/liana/course-creat...
2016-04-22 Ilya.KazakevichRefactoring: BaseRefence and PyStringLiteralReference...
2016-04-21 Dmitry TrofimovDon't test jython on windows and test python 3.5
2016-04-21 Dmitry TrofimovSetup django latest over python 3.4
2016-04-21 Dmitry TrofimovTake path to pythons and envs from variables
2016-04-21 Roman ShevchenkoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2016-04-21 Andrey VlasovskikhFixed completion for PySide.QtGui.QPen broken after...
2016-04-21 Andrey VlasovskikhAdded test for compltion of PyQt4.QtGui.QPen
2016-04-21 Andrey VlasovskikhDon't invoke foreign import resolvers if we don't use...
2016-04-21 Andrey VlasovskikhRelative imports check is redundant due to QualifiedNam...
2016-04-21 Andrey VlasovskikhResolve only to the first path entry if non-empty name...
2016-04-21 liana.bakradzemove course to another service for old projects
2016-04-21 liana.bakradzereturn CCProjectService for migration from old versions
2016-04-21 Dmitry TrofimovUse latest plugin
2016-04-21 Elizaveta ShashkovaDebugger filters: changes are lost after editing (PY...