PY-43388 Add basic type checker support in Cython files
[idea/community.git] / python / python-psi-impl / src / com / jetbrains / python / psi / impl /
2021-01-12 Mikhail KhorkovPY-43388 Add basic type checker support in Cython files
2020-10-27 Andrei KuznetsovMerge Android Studio 4.1 into IntelliJ
2020-10-11 Dmitriy.PanovMerge of intellij-lombok
2020-10-09 Dmitriy.PanovMerge ... lombok-intellij-plugin:.=>community/plugins...
2020-09-30 Semyon ProshevFix inferring type for `cls` in `__new__` (PY-44470)
2020-09-14 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup: notnull and fix Processor type parameter types
2020-08-31 Mikhail GolubevConsistently annotate PyElementVisitor method parameter...
2020-06-17 Semyon ProshevProvide generic type for `self` or `cls`
2020-06-12 Andrei KuznetsovMerge Android Studio 4.0 (aosp/studio-master-dev)
2020-05-18 Peter Gromovmake PyNamedParameterImpl a ContributedReferenceHost...
2020-05-12 Vyacheslav KarpukhinMerge branch 'slava/plugin-incompatible-with'
2020-05-12 Dmitriy.PanovSpace plugin merged
2020-04-29 Semyon ProshevMake PythonDialectsTokenSetProvider a service (PY-41923)
2020-01-16 Nikolaj SchumacherMerge branch 'nschum/interner'
2020-01-16 Tagir ValeevArray annotations changed to type-use style (not compil...
2019-12-15 Artem MukhinMerge amukhin/analyze-stacktrace-action-fix into master
2019-12-03 Ilya.KazakevichResolve context should not support implicits by default.
2019-09-18 Semyon ProshevSimplify determining if some function or resolved eleme...
2019-09-11 Dmitry TrofimovMerge branch 'traff/python-psi-impl'
2019-09-11 Dmitry Trofimovpython-psi-impl extracted