Fix AIOOBE when completion started on empty file
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2018-04-10 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd ability to disable NGram indexing when unknown...
2018-04-10 Vitaliy.BibaevExtract module with features from the completion-rankin...
2018-04-10 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #14 from vedun-z/ngram
2018-04-02 Vladimir KoshelevIntroduce a NGram weigher for a completion
2018-02-02 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not perform IO operations from EDT to save completio...
2018-01-26 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #11 from JetBrains/validation-on...
2018-01-26 Vitaliy.BibaevFix flickered FileLogger tests
2018-01-25 Vitaliy.BibaevValidate logs on the client too
2018-01-16 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #9 from JetBrains/collect-long-perso...
2018-01-16 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd variance calculation for double features
2018-01-12 Vitaliy.BibaevFix bug when position, query length and result length...
2018-01-12 Vitaliy.BibaevFix wrong month numeration
2017-12-19 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #5 from JetBrains/minor-changes
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate visibility level for some of properties in tests
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevRename properties consistently with the naming convention
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevRename tests consistently with the naming convention
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: remove redundant constructions
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not use deprecated mockito api
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevFix incorrect usages of assertThat call
2017-12-14 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #2 from JetBrains/collect-personaliz...
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: remove redundant code
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd test for factors old values replacement
2017-12-13 Vitaliy BibaevSeparate interfaces and implementation
2017-12-12 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not use LookupElementInfo as separated features...
2017-12-04 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd tests to check that aggregate user factors are...
2017-12-04 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: fix compilation issues after user factors was...
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevTransmit personalization factors to the ranker
2017-10-27 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded javadoc
2017-10-25 Yaroslav Lepenkinmove classes into proper directory
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinmove position tracker to one place
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinperformance tracker moved
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinrequest service and experiment packages movement
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinmoved to different packages
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded element position history on succesful completion end
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinmore extractions, refactorings
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkininitialize element position history tracker with comple...
2017-10-19 Yaroslav Lepenkinstore history in lookup
2017-09-22 Yaroslav Lepenkinfixed tests
2017-09-21 Yaroslav Lepenkinwrap elements from other contributors to UnmatchableLoo...
2017-09-05 Yaroslav Lepenkindo not run contributors second time when only 1 char...
2017-09-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded license headers
2017-08-29 Yaroslav Lepenkinsimple ui added for viewing completion contributors...
2017-08-29 Yaroslav Lepenkintime tracking test
2017-08-28 Yaroslav Lepenkinfixed tests
2017-08-28 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, prettify
2017-08-23 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded contributor intended to run all contributors...
2017-08-22 Yaroslav Lepenkinextract installation id provider, to not fail thread...
2017-08-22 Yaroslav Lepenkinmerge with community:master
2017-05-22 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, fixed tests
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinshow settings page only in internal mode, addition...
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded test on turning on perform experiment
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinmocks moved into separate package
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded test to ensure status update happens
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded test on performExperiment flag update
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkintest request service refactoring
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded test request service implementation
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkintests separated into different files
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinextracted WebServiceStatus
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, refactoring
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkintest refactoring, add behavioural test on ignoring...
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkintest refactoring
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinfeature map processing transferred to MlRanker, feature...
2017-04-28 Yaroslav Lepenkintree updated
2017-04-27 Yaroslav Lepenkinrefactoring
2017-04-27 Yaroslav Lepenkinglobal sorting refactoring
2017-04-18 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, refactoring, reuse constants, etc
2017-04-17 Yaroslav Lepenkinensure correct order
2017-04-17 Yaroslav Lepenkindo not rank if unknown feature encountered
2017-04-17 Yaroslav Lepenkinsorting returned
2017-04-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinattempt to fix test
2017-04-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinremove all sorting related stuff
2017-03-31 Yaroslav Lepenkintodo ###
2017-03-06 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor movement
2017-03-06 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor
2017-03-06 Yaroslav Lepenkinspeed up by removing kt reflection calls
2017-03-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded more tests
2017-03-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinfixed prefix length computation
2017-02-22 Yaroslav Lepenkintests simplified by providing test ranker
2017-02-22 Yaroslav Lepenkinreplace completion contributor with fake one
2017-02-21 Yaroslav LepenkinWIP
2017-02-21 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, added todo
2017-02-21 Yaroslav Lepenkinensure lookup items are reranked at first and also...
2017-02-15 Yaroslav Lepenkinfixed tests, some of them rewritten with kotlin-mockito
2016-09-05 Yaroslav LepenkinProper use of compression
2016-08-22 Yaroslav LepenkinFixed tests
2016-08-12 Yaroslav Lepenkinif isValid is false, do not update it
2016-08-12 Yaroslav LepenkinFixed backspace validation
2016-08-12 Yaroslav LepenkinEnsure new completion list consists only if tracked...
2016-08-12 Yaroslav Lepenkinextracted ErrorSessionDumper
2016-08-12 Yaroslav Lepenkinsome minor extraction
2016-08-12 Yaroslav Lepenkinfixed AIOOBE
2016-08-08 Yaroslav Lepenkinfixed test
2016-08-08 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor
2016-08-05 Yaroslav Lepenkintodo is added
2016-08-05 Yaroslav LepenkinSome issues fixed, but perfomance test is failing next one
2016-08-05 Yaroslav LepenkinMore tests fixed
2016-08-05 Yaroslav LepenkinFixed one more failing test
2016-08-05 Yaroslav LepenkinFixed failing test
2016-08-05 Yaroslav LepenkinPrevent from sending huge amouns of data: send at max...
2016-08-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinsend only if server is ok