Fix AIOOBE when completion started on empty file
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2018-04-13 Vitaliy.BibaevFix AIOOBE when completion started on empty file
2018-04-13 Vitaliy.BibaevReport ngram frequencies only for indexed file types
2018-04-13 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate startup notification text
2018-04-13 Vitaliy.BibaevRebuild index when the settings are changed
2018-04-10 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd ability to disable NGram indexing when unknown...
2018-04-10 Vitaliy.BibaevExtract module with features from the completion-rankin...
2018-04-10 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #14 from vedun-z/ngram
2018-04-04 Vladimir KoshelevOptimize indexing performance and cleanup code
2018-04-02 Vladimir KoshelevIntroduce a NGram weigher for a completion
2018-03-23 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd example how to add custom weights for each lookup...
2018-02-20 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not add a header if contributors stats are empty
2018-02-20 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not use deprecated API
2018-02-02 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: fix typo
2018-02-02 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not perform IO operations from EDT to save completio...
2018-01-26 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #11 from JetBrains/validation-on...
2018-01-26 Vitaliy.BibaevFix flickered FileLogger tests
2018-01-25 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: use const modifier
2018-01-25 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not create new logger per each completion session
2018-01-25 Vitaliy.BibaevFix concurrent issues with logs saving
2018-01-25 Vitaliy.BibaevValidate logs on the client too
2018-01-23 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: use compile-time constant
2018-01-23 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd ':' as a separator for user factors
2018-01-16 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not add commas for double values in the xml
2018-01-16 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #9 from JetBrains/collect-long-perso...
2018-01-16 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: kotlin method body -> expression
2018-01-16 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: use compile-time constants instead of string...
2018-01-16 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd variance calculation for double features
2018-01-15 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: fix typo
2018-01-15 Vitaliy.BibaevStore factors about completion interruption type
2018-01-15 Vitaliy.BibaevStore only 6 first signs after point for double factors
2018-01-12 Vitaliy.BibaevFix bug when position, query length and result length...
2018-01-12 Vitaliy.BibaevFix wrong month numeration
2018-01-12 Vitaliy.BibaevFix issue when proximity features were tracked only...
2017-12-19 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #5 from JetBrains/minor-changes
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevFix compiler's 'unused' warnings
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: remove redundant constructions
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevAvoid unsafe class casts & simplify sequence chain
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevExtract usages of deprecated platform api to a separate...
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevUse companion objects to store constants
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevFixes after rebase
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: do not use !! operator when a smart cast is...
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevSimplify state modification check (avoid an allocation...
2017-12-18 Vitaliy.BibaevSave the project factors storage info workspace file
2017-12-18 Vitaliy.BibaevRemove redundant logs
2017-12-18 Vitaliy.BibaevFix bug when usage statistics could not be read
2017-12-17 Vitaliy.BibaevEA-114090 Fix possible KNPE
2017-12-15 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd copyright header to recently added files
2017-12-14 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #2 from JetBrains/collect-personaliz...
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevSort values alphabetically in the xml
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: fix typo
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevFix bug when factor stores replaces wrong item
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevFix typo
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevStore user factors only for last 10 days
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: remove unused code & fix compilation of tests
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevMinimize xml size & avoid storing date information...
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: remove dead code
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate ids for feature derived factors
2017-12-13 Vitaliy.BibaevSupport feature derived user factors
2017-12-13 Vitaliy BibaevSeparate interfaces and implementation
2017-12-13 Vitaliy BibaevMinor: rename NewFeatureTransformer -> FeatureTransformer
2017-12-13 Vitaliy BibaevUse the new feature transformer in tests
2017-12-13 Vitaliy BibaevMinor: move feature manager
2017-12-13 Vitaliy BibaevInitialize transformer field in the constructor
2017-12-12 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd and use new feature transformer (excl. tests)
2017-12-12 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: fix formatting issues in MLSorter.kt
2017-12-12 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not use LookupElementInfo as separated features...
2017-12-12 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate FeatureManager API
2017-12-05 Vitaliy.BibaevReduce size of xml with user factors
2017-12-05 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: put factors readers/updaters to the same file
2017-12-05 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd factors about usage of mnemonics in completion
2017-12-05 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd factors based on time between updates of the prefix
2017-12-05 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd factors based on selected item position
2017-12-05 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd factors based on prefix length when completion...
2017-12-04 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd tests to check that aggregate user factors are...
2017-12-04 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: fix compilation issues after user factors was...
2017-12-04 Vitaliy.BibaevImplement DailyAggregatedDoubleFactor.aggregateAverage
2017-12-04 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: remove unused parameter
2017-12-04 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd factors of completion usage
2017-12-01 Vitaliy.BibaevTransmit storage as a parameter to compute value of...
2017-12-01 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd completion type tracker
2017-12-01 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: extract aggregation logic to the extension function
2017-12-01 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: rename reader/updated for completion finish...
2017-11-29 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd user factor: ratio of explicit selection in the...
2017-11-29 Vitaliy.BibaevChange signature to compute user factors
2017-11-29 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd aggregate factors
2017-11-29 Vitaliy.BibaevMinor: update indentation in UserFactorStorageBase.kt
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd feature manager entity
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevTransmit personalization factors to the ranker
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevAttach personalization factors to session started event
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate feature factors after completion item selection
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevAssociate snapshot of user features with completion...
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate api in UserFactorsManager
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd component to manage user factors
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd storage for user factors
2017-10-27 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded javadoc
2017-10-25 Yaroslav Lepenkintrack completion type and invokation count
2017-10-25 Yaroslav Lepenkinlog completion type
2017-10-25 Yaroslav Lepenkinlog newly added elements and total list with relevance...
2017-10-25 Yaroslav Lepenkinmove classes into proper directory
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinprettified