Fix AIOOBE when completion started on empty file
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2018-04-13 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate startup notification text
2018-04-13 Vitaliy.BibaevRebuild index when the settings are changed
2018-04-10 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd ability to disable NGram indexing when unknown...
2018-02-20 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not add a header if contributors stats are empty
2018-02-20 Vitaliy.BibaevDo not use deprecated API
2017-12-19 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #5 from JetBrains/minor-changes
2017-12-19 Vitaliy.BibaevSimplify state modification check (avoid an allocation...
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinperformance tracker moved
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinrequest service and experiment packages movement
2017-09-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded license headers
2017-08-30 Yaroslav Lepenkinfixed completion timing persistance
2017-08-29 Yaroslav Lepenkinsimple ui added for viewing completion contributors...
2017-05-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor prettify
2017-05-05 Yaroslav Lepenkininternal panel refactoring
2017-05-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinmethods converted into properties
2017-05-05 Yaroslav LepenkinisMlSortingForced reworked - separate flag for manual...
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkincorrected reset and isModified methods
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinproper way of creating internal mode configurable
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinshow settings page only in internal mode, addition...
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkincorrected presentations
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinsort only if ml sorting enabled by registry or if curre...
2017-04-18 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded simple stats about ml sorting times
2017-04-17 Yaroslav Lepenkinsorting returned
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up, dumped settings page
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkincorrected info message
2017-04-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinremove all sorting related stuff
2017-03-15 Yaroslav Lepenkinexperimental sorting
2017-03-08 Yaroslav Lepenkinaction to disable ml sorting
2017-03-06 Yaroslav Lepenkinnotification added
2017-03-06 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor movement