Fix AIOOBE when completion started on empty file
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2018-04-13 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate version, description and change-log
2018-04-10 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd ability to disable NGram indexing when unknown...
2018-04-10 Vitaliy.BibaevExtract module with features from the completion-rankin...
2018-04-10 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #14 from vedun-z/ngram
2018-04-02 Vladimir KoshelevIntroduce a NGram weigher for a completion
2018-03-23 Vitaliy.BibaevAdd example how to add custom weights for each lookup...
2018-02-22 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate description and release notes
2018-02-20 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate since-build, ide version, kotlin version
2017-12-14 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #2 from JetBrains/collect-personaliz...
2017-12-14 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate version: 0.0.538
2017-12-13 Vitaliy BibaevMinor: move feature manager
2017-11-27 Vitaliy.BibaevRegister new components in the plugin.xml
2017-11-24 Vitaliy.BibaevChange version: 0.0.537
2017-11-24 Vitaliy BibaevMerge pull request #6 from JetBrains/fix-affect-complet...
2017-11-24 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate authors email
2017-11-24 Vitaliy.BibaevUpdate version: 0.0.6
2017-11-24 Vitaliy.BibaevTemporary disable InvocationCountEnhancingContributor
2017-11-02 Yaroslav Lepenkincorrected unreadable plugin.xml
2017-11-02 Yaroslav Lepenkintests, fixed, version 0.0.536
2017-11-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-10-30 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-10-25 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion 530, fixed tests
2017-10-25 Yaroslav Lepenkinv 0.0.529
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinrequest service and experiment packages movement
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinmoved to different packages
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded element position history on succesful completion end
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkinmore extractions, refactorings
2017-10-24 Yaroslav Lepenkininitialize element position history tracker with comple...
2017-10-23 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-10-17 Yaroslav Lepenkinchange notes
2017-09-21 Yaroslav Lepenkinwrap elements from other contributors to UnmatchableLoo...
2017-09-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-09-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinmin build 172
2017-08-30 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-08-29 Yaroslav Lepenkinsimple ui added for viewing completion contributors...
2017-08-29 Yaroslav Lepenkinadd plugin descriptor
2017-08-28 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-08-23 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded contributor intended to run all contributors...
2017-08-23 Yaroslav Lepenkinplugin startup fixed, don't extend package private...
2017-08-22 Yaroslav Lepenkinextract installation id provider, to not fail thread...
2017-08-22 Yaroslav Lepenkinmerge with community:master
2017-05-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, rename
2017-05-05 Yaroslav LepenkinisMlSortingForced reworked - separate flag for manual...
2017-05-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-05-04 Yaroslav Lepenkinchange notes, version up
2017-05-04 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinup
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinproper way of creating internal mode configurable
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkincorrected presentations
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinmocks moved into separate package
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded test to ensure status update happens
2017-05-03 Yaroslav Lepenkintest request service refactoring
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded test request service implementation
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinextracted WebServiceStatus
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinextracted ExperimentDecision as a separate service
2017-05-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, added todo, removed deprecated method usage
2017-04-18 Yaroslav Lepenkinadded simple stats about ml sorting times
2017-04-18 Yaroslav Lepenkinup
2017-04-17 Yaroslav Lepenkinsorting returned
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinremoved todo
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinup
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkindepend on lang and platform modules
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up, dumped settings page
2017-04-03 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up, use since 171.0
2017-04-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinremove all sorting related stuff
2017-03-31 Yaroslav Lepenkintodo ###
2017-03-21 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor, exclude while changes not included in idea
2017-03-15 Yaroslav Lepenkinexperimental sorting
2017-03-08 Yaroslav Lepenkinaction to disable ml sorting
2017-03-07 Yaroslav LepenkinUsing default sorter, plugins settings page added,...
2017-03-06 Yaroslav Lepenkinnotification added
2017-03-06 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor movement
2017-02-22 Yaroslav Lepenkintests simplified by providing test ranker
2017-02-14 Yaroslav Lepenkinrerank completion list, initial
2016-12-14 Yaroslav Lepenkinranking module introduced, initial
2016-10-27 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2016-09-19 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor
2016-09-19 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor
2016-09-12 Yaroslav Lepenkinadd gradle properties to prevent from patching plugin.xml
2016-08-15 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2016-08-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2016-08-05 Yaroslav Lepenkinminor refactored compute isPerformExperiment on client
2016-07-08 Yaroslav LepenkinUpdated urls
2016-05-27 Yaroslav LepenkinMake tests pass, do not use getPluginDir function in...
2016-05-04 Yaroslav Lepenkinnotes, version up
2016-04-20 Yaroslav LepenkinChange notes specified
2016-04-19 Yaroslav LepenkinVersion up
2016-04-12 Yaroslav LepenkinVersion up
2016-03-25 Yaroslav LepenkinVersion up
2016-03-25 Yaroslav LepenkinVersion up
2016-03-23 Yaroslav LepenkinIncreased plugin version + minor
2016-03-02 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2016-03-01 Yaroslav Lepenkinversion up
2016-02-17 Yaroslav LepenkinAdded ABTester as a Service