moving native binaries to community
[idea/community.git] / openapi /
2009-08-29 Dmitry Jemerovopenapi
2009-08-29 Dmitry JemerovAnt PSI and model moved to Ant plugin
2009-08-29 Dmitry Jemerovmove to proper place
2009-08-29 Dmitry Jemerovmove to proper place
2009-08-29 Dmitry Jemerovmove to proper place
2009-08-29 Dmitry Jemerovmove to proper place
2009-08-29 Dmitry Jemerovmove to proper place
2009-08-28 Dmitry Jemerovlvcs-api
2009-08-27 Anna Kozlovamovetypemigration
2009-08-27 Anna Kozlovamove
2009-08-25 Dmitry Jemerovfix memleak: no need to use modifiable model here
2009-08-25 Dmitry Jemerovextract subclass PersistentOrderRootType from OrderRootType
2009-08-24 Maxim ShafirovMove version detector back to core, since there Version...
2009-08-24 Peter Gromovrestore quick statistics-based suggestions after new
2009-08-24 Sergey VasilievIDEADEV-37512
2009-08-21 Kirill Safonovmove static members refactoring for ActionScript 3...
2009-08-19 Alexey Kudravtsevperformance
2009-08-19 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-39721
2009-08-18 Peter Gromovbean-like LookupElementPresentation, fix artifacts...
2009-08-14 Peter Gromovresolve(!incompleteCode) in patterns
2009-08-14 Peter Gromovkill InsertHandler & LookupElementRenderer from LookupE...
2009-08-11 Sergey Vasilievspring security roles support
2009-08-06 Peter Gromovdeadlock fix: don't call getService() from class initia...
2009-08-06 Peter Gromovcreate class action with combo and no live template
2009-08-05 Konstantin BulenkovannotationParam(fqn, "value") -> annotationParam(fqn)
2009-08-04 gregcustomizable value calculation
2009-07-31 Sergey Vasilievspring security: required filters for web.xml
2009-07-30 Dmitry Jemerovdead code; JSP-specific select word handler goes to...
2009-07-30 Sergey Vasilievspring security: required bean type inspection
2009-07-28 Alexey KudravtsevJSR308
2009-07-23 Maxim Mossienkocompiler extension -> platform
2009-07-22 Peter Gromovdumb-aware create java/groovy class
2009-07-18 Peter GromovPsiClassOwner-compatible JavaUpdateAddedFileProcessor
2009-07-14 gregpsiParameter pattern
2009-07-08 Dmitry Jemerovinitial OpenAPI for TemplateBuilder
2009-07-07 gregdownloadable Java EE jars;
2009-07-03 Alexey Kudravtsevslice tests
2009-06-26 Peter Gromovpoor man's dynamic cast (LookupElement#as), remove...
2009-06-25 Peter GromovPsiElementFactory#createDummyHolder
2009-06-17 Dmitry Jemerovdelete deprecated module settings editors
2009-06-17 Dmitry JemerovCommonClassNames.JAVA_LANG_EXCEPTION (IDEADEV-37860)
2009-06-10 Peter GromovPsiTreeUtil optimizations: don't call isAssignable...
2009-06-09 Peter Gromovadd light check for boxable type candidate
2009-06-08 Peter Gromovmore usual template lookup items sorting in Create...
2009-06-03 Alexey Kudravtsevspeed optimizations
2009-06-02 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2009-06-02 Alexey Kudravtsevoptimization
2009-06-01 Peter Gromovgive a project to DumbService, listen to events in...
2009-06-01 Maxim Shafirov@NotNull -> @Nullable for PsiTypeParameter.getOwner...
2009-06-01 Alexey Kudravtsevdiag for IDEADEV-37419
2009-05-27 Peter Gromovnew class actions rework
2009-05-22 Alexey Kudravtsevdo not use the == for PsiType comparasion, in anticipat...
2009-05-21 Eugene Zhuravlevstore RunConfig<->AntTarget associations inside RunManager
2009-05-20 Peter Gromovdon't run code smells detector in dumb mode
2009-05-18 Sergey Vasilievfreshly cooked spring jam
2009-05-16 Peter Gromov@Nullable GlobalSearchScope.getProject()
2009-05-15 Peter Gromovgroovy servicification; PsiShortNamesCache & PsiElement...
2009-05-15 Peter GromovPsiClass & PsiMethod <: PomTarget
2009-05-15 Peter GromovIDEADEV-33434 Ctrl+Shift+Space after 'o instanceof...
2009-05-14 gregreplace Future<T> with T in EJB implementation
2009-05-14 Peter Gromovdon't calculate icon for invisible PsiType lookup elements
2009-05-05 gregSingleton added
2009-04-22 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2009-04-20 Alexey Kudravtsevmade language level final, cleanup
2009-04-07 Kirill Kalishevmerging Tree and SimpleTree - accept and select methods
2009-04-06 gregtests fixed
2009-04-01 Peter Gromovadd string attribute through jam
2009-03-31 gregwithAnnotations pattern
2009-03-31 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-31584
2009-03-29 Dmitry Jemerovmove testFramework classes out of openapi
2009-03-29 Dmitry JemerovTreeFileChooserDialog goes to lang
2009-03-28 Dmitry Jemerovworking testFramework module (without light fixture)
2009-03-28 Dmitry JemerovAbstractVcsTestCase uses EmptyModuleFixtureBuilder
2009-03-28 Dmitry Jemerovinitial extraction of testFramework module
2009-03-27 gregallow "is" getters java.lang.Boolean. Against spec...
2009-03-27 Irina ChernushinaSVN: soft hash maps for svn status and info removed...
2009-03-27 Peter Gromovgenerify
2009-03-26 Peter GromovIDEADEV-35708 JPA-QL: between works only with numbers...
2009-03-22 Dmitry JemerovJavadocTagInfo EP
2009-03-22 Dmitry JemerovPaletteItemProvider -> extension point
2009-03-19 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-34051
2009-03-16 Irina ChernushinaSVN: nested copies detected, updated etc.; externals too
2009-03-11 Peter Gromovjam child member taken from meta
2009-03-06 Peter GromovAnno Elements Seacher
2009-03-04 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-35068
2009-03-03 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2009-02-20 Peter Gromovclean SemElement interface
2009-02-20 Peter GromovJamMemberMeta, an extension point for it
2009-02-20 Peter Gromovstatic JavaPsiFacage#getElementFactory(Project)
2009-02-20 Alexey Kudravtsevmade final; Perforce integration failed to commit all...
2009-02-19 Alexey Kudravtsevmade couple of fields final
2009-02-12 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2009-02-11 Maxim Mossienkosupporting property references (IDEADEV-34519)
2009-02-10 Peter Gromov@NotNull getOriginalFile()
2009-02-09 Peter Gromovjam for nested annotations
2009-02-09 Alexey Kudravtsevextracted common code
2009-02-06 Peter GromovPsiVariable is a PomTarget now
2009-02-05 Anna Kozlovareplace constructor with builder: initial
2009-02-04 Ilya SergeyPsiMethodUtil modified to not run main method from...
2009-02-03 Peter Gromovricher write-psi for annotations