git4idea: added getMergeBase() method and integrated it into outgoing changes provider
[idea/community.git] / RegExpSupport / testData /
2009-03-13 Sascha Weinreuter- atomic non-capturing groups (IDEADEV-35269)
2008-12-01 Sascha WeinreuterCorrectly handle single backslashes
2008-10-15 Maxim Mossienkoworking completion after slash
2008-10-14 gregRegExp testData
2008-09-29 Maxim Mossienkocompleting character classes
2008-09-15 Sascha WeinreuterIDEADEV-29851
2008-07-29 Maxim MossienkoSmart Enter after function declaration should insert...
2008-04-25 Sascha Weinreuterfixed "Probably a bug: eating token without its type...
2008-04-18 gregIntelliLang and stuff