In this template, you can specify a code fragment to be included into file templates (Templates tab) with the help of the #parse directive.
One template can be shared by several file templates.
Along with static text, code and comments, you can also use predefined variables that will then be expanded like macros into the corresponding values.

Predefined variables will take the following values:
${PACKAGE_NAME}   name of the package in which the new file is created
${USER}   current user system login name
${DATE}   current system date
${TIME}   current system time
${YEAR}   current year
${MONTH}   current month
${MONTH_NAME_SHORT}   first 3 letters of the current month name. Example: Jan, Feb, etc.
${MONTH_NAME_FULL}   full name of the current month. Example: January, February, etc.
${DAY}   current day of the month
${HOUR}   current hour
${MINUTE}   current minute
${PROJECT_NAME}   the name of the current project