descriptionGit version control integration for JetBrains TeamCity.
last changeMon, 28 Jan 2019 17:10:33 +0000 (18:10 +0100)
2019-01-28 Pavel Sherattempt to reduce amount of fetches: if we did not... master
2019-01-28 Pavel Sherswitch to ReentrantLock: this will provide ability...
2019-01-28 Pavel Sheradd wait time to progress if it took more than 20 seconds
2019-01-21 Pavel Sherfix "Could not update local clone for ... command line...
2019-01-17 Oleg.RybakThis repository is no longer in use. See NOT_USED.txt...
2019-01-17 Vladislav RassokhinTW-58811 Support 'update-ref --stdin'
2019-01-14 Pavel Sherattempt to workaround Git GC rename dir error messages...
2019-01-14 Pavel Shermake sure Git GC errors are visible on the secondary...
2019-01-14 Pavel Sherdo not try to run git gc in <>.git.gc or <>.git.old...
2019-01-14 Mikhail KhorkovUpdate JSch library for fix GitLab ssh connection issue
2019-01-09 Pavel Sherfix TW-58428: make health report sound as recommendatio...
2019-01-04 Pavel SherTW-57690: now when we load mirrors mapping file we...
2018-12-29 Mikhail KhorkovTW-58559 Update JGit library with fix patch
2018-12-29 Mikhail KhorkovAdd using Memory-mapped index reader
2018-12-05 pavel.sherenable update of cloned git repositories by default...
2018-11-21 Pavel Sherfix memory leak: apparently we must close contexts...
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