Fix tests, add test for TW-56415
[teamcity/git-plugin.git] / git-dsl /
2018-06-18 Dmitry NeverovTW-55352 fix option value
2017-06-23 Dmitry NeverovUsername is not mandatory for password authentication
2017-06-13 Dmitry NeverovMark mandatory fields
2017-04-05 Dmitry Neverovdocumenting dsl
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovDocumentation for dsl
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovAdd missing property for uploaded key auth method
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovMore docs
2017-03-15 Dmitry Neverovwording
2017-03-15 Dmitry Neverovwording
2017-03-15 Dmitry NeverovDocs for git dsl
2016-09-08 Dmitry NeverovDrop unused Kotlin code & dependencies
2016-07-18 Dmitry NeverovGenerate git dsl from description
2016-07-13 Dmitry NeverovMove to the package with version in it
2016-07-08 Dmitry Neverovfinally fix param
2016-07-08 Dmitry Neverovfix param
2016-07-08 Dmitry Neverovfix param names
2016-06-22 Dmitry Neverovupdate dsl attributes
2016-06-22 Dmitry NeverovUpdate dsl
2016-06-13 Dmitry Neverovupdate tag
2016-06-06 Dmitry NeverovDescribe git root parameters
2016-06-06 Dmitry NeverovMove to vcs package
2016-06-06 Dmitry NeverovFix case
2016-06-03 Dmitry NeverovBuild git-dsl using jps dsl
2016-06-03 Dmitry NeverovDrop maven module to fix compilation on server
2016-06-03 Dmitry NeverovAdd kotlin dsl for git VCS roots