Fix tests, add test for TW-56415
[teamcity/git-plugin.git] / .idea /
2017-12-11 Dmitry NeverovFix idea project name
2017-12-04 Dmitry NeverovUpdate idea project name
2017-05-20 pavel.sherimplementation of external change viewers extension...
2017-05-02 Dmitry NeverovUpdate project name
2017-02-23 Dmitry NeverovTW-48812 update httpClient to 4.5.3
2017-02-23 Dmitry NeverovDon't include version into library name to simplify...
2016-12-18 jetbrainsremove dependency on commons-codec bundled with TeamCit...
2016-09-08 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-09-08 Dmitry NeverovDrop unused Kotlin code & dependencies
2016-09-08 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-09-08 Dmitry NeverovTW-46851 update jsch to 0.1.53
2016-08-08 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Indore-10.0.x'
2016-08-08 Dmitry NeverovUpdate project name
2016-07-18 Dmitry NeverovDon't compile kotlin
2016-07-18 Dmitry NeverovGenerate git dsl from description
2016-06-06 Dmitry NeverovDescribe git root parameters
2016-06-03 Dmitry NeverovBuild git-dsl using jps dsl
2016-06-03 Dmitry NeverovDrop maven module to fix compilation on server
2016-06-03 Dmitry NeverovDon't build dsl using jps, it's not supported on server
2016-06-03 Dmitry NeverovAdd kotlin dsl for git VCS roots
2016-05-17 Dmitry NeverovTW-42939 suport git-lfs for agent-side checkout
2016-03-16 Dmitry NeverovTW_34711 update libraries
2015-12-28 Dmitry.Treskunovgit plugin - use jdk8 on server, jdk6 on agent
2015-08-13 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Hajipur-9.1.x'
2015-08-13 Dmitry NeverovTW-14734 add an option to run jgit gc
2015-08-11 Dmitry NeverovMore descriptive Idea project name
2015-03-09 Dmitry NeverovDisable jgit logging in separate process
2015-03-09 Dmitry Neverovremove old libs
2015-03-03 Dmitry NeverovTW-39986 update jgit to 3.7.0
2015-01-26 Dmitry NeverovGet rid of jsch-0.1.50
2015-01-26 Dmitry NeverovTW-39608 upgrade jsch to 0.1.51 with additional kex alg
2015-01-26 Dmitry NeverovGet rid of jsch-0.1.50
2015-01-16 Dmitry NeverovTW-39608 upgrade jsch to 0.1.51 with additional kex alg
2014-08-21 Dmitry NeverovAbility to create patch in separate process
2014-07-04 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Gaya-8.1.x'
2014-07-04 Dmitry NeverovTW-37044 ssl handshake was executed before SO_TIMEOUT...
2014-06-21 Pavel Sheradd jdom to classpath
2014-05-21 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch Gaya-8.1.x
2014-05-11 Dmitry NeverovUpgrade jgit to 3.3.1
2014-03-29 Pavel Sherfixing tests
2014-02-20 Eugene Petrenkocodestyle
2014-02-18 Dmitry Neverovchange project name
2014-02-14 Dmitry NeverovUpdate jgit to 3.2.0
2014-01-28 Eugene PetrenkoIDEA updated
2014-01-14 Dmitry NeverovUpdate copyright
2013-12-19 Dmitry Neverovgithub list-files support
2013-11-21 Dmitry NeverovPack plugin for worker
2013-08-02 Dmitry NeverovTW-31175 use jsch 0.1.50
2013-06-25 Dmitry NeverovTW-15508, TW-26924, TW-14598 speedup ssh on agent build-27421
2013-05-28 Dmitry Neverovfix jar names build-27296 build-27306 build-27313
2013-05-10 Pavel Sherbyte code version = 1.5
2013-04-08 Dmitry NeverovBundle quartz build-27088 build-27092 build-27096 build-27099
2013-03-28 Dmitry NeverovSchedule cleanup by cron build-27057
2012-12-24 Dmitry NeverovTW-25049 fix plugin layout build-26672 build-26678 build-26680
2012-11-26 Dmitry NeverovCleanup artifacts build-26581 build-26584
2012-11-26 Dmitry NeverovMove TeamCity related functionality to a separate module
2012-11-12 Dmitry NeverovShare run configurations for tests
2012-10-16 Dmitry NeverovCreate zip with an old name, as it was in Faradi-7.1 build-26486 build-26489 build-26493
2012-10-16 Dmitry NeverovPack jgit library into
2012-10-09 Dmitry NeverovMerge branch 'Faradi-7.1.x' build-26473 build-26474 build-26475 build-26476 build-26478
2012-10-05 Dmitry NeverovReplace @version@ with build number build-26468 build-26469 build-26470
2012-10-03 Dmitry Neverovtune artifacts
2012-10-03 Dmitry NeverovSetup artifacts
2012-10-03 Dmitry NeverovMove BranchSupport to separate module
2012-10-01 Eugene Petrenkouse PathVariable build-26448 build-26449
2012-10-01 Eugene Petrenkospecify project name (used in generated ant build)
2012-10-01 Eugene Petrenkomore project files
2012-10-01 Eugene Petrenkomostly compiles
2012-10-01 Eugene Petrenkoconvert to .IDEA