re-implement hide of nuget api key in build logs, add more tests for it
[teamcity/dotNetPackagesSupport.git] / .idea /
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkowrap nuget call with cmd.exe calls, do not show api key
2011-08-25 Eugene.Petrenkorevert testng to fix IDEA compatibility issue
2011-08-24 Eugene.Petrenkoadd new ant paths matcher
2011-08-22 Eugene.Petrenkoadd code style .xml file v0.5
2011-08-16 Eugene Petrenkominor
2011-08-15 Eugene Petrenkomore idea related changes
2011-08-12 Eugene Petrenkoadd http client to plugin pack
2011-08-11 Eugene Petrenkofeed query initial code
2011-08-10 Eugene Petrenkoidea config updated
2011-08-10 Eugene Petrenkosplit unit and integration tests
2011-07-18 Eugene Petrenkoreport used packages agent-side
2011-07-18 Eugene Petrenkoagent side support of update per solution command.
2011-07-18 Eugene Petrenkoidea update
2011-07-14 Eugene Petrenkoinclude binaries into server plugin
2011-07-11 Eugene.Petrenkoswitch to explicit test names to avoid TestNG crash
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkoadd plugin version patching
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkonew configuration that will work under TeamCity
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkoadd more classes to make TestsNG not failing
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkochange option in TestNG tests to make TeamCity IDEA...
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkofix IDEA runner under TeamCity v2
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkofix IDEA runner under TeamCity
2011-07-09 Eugene.Petrenkomake plugin->TeamCity deployment
2011-07-07 Eugene.Petrenkointegration test 001 added
2011-07-07 Eugene.Petrenkoand idea config
2011-07-07 Eugene.Petrenkomissing libs,
2011-07-07 Eugene.Petrenkoadd reference to common-impl.jar for simple xml parser
2011-07-07 Eugene.Petrenkoadd test libs to project
2011-07-07 Eugene.Petrenkoadd tests module
2011-07-07 Eugene.Petrenkomore infrastructure:
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkocreate agent and shared modules, add artifact
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkomake it compilable
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkofix idea resolve in .jsp, add more project libraries
2011-07-06 Eugene.Petrenkoadd project model