MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
[mps/mps.git] / workbench / resources /
2018-02-19 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 181.3741: PlatformActions.xml
2018-02-15 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 181: update PlatformActions.xml
2018-02-04 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 181.3263: action SwitchBootJdkAction was moved...
2018-02-04 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 181.2784: action DTraceAction class is not...
2017-11-21 VaclavRM-16268 - update tips of the day to 2017.3
2017-09-06 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 173: synchronize PlatformActions.xml
2017-08-31 VaclavMPS-26459 - renamed and changed the text
2017-08-11 Victor.MatchenkoRemove deprecated parameter 'version' from tag 'idea...
2017-07-13 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 172.3317: PlatformActions.xml
2017-07-11 Michael VlassievMPS-26208 Text diff doesn't work
2017-07-05 Michael VlassievMPS-26165 Icon cannot be found in 'AllIcons.Diff.LeftDi...
2017-03-31 Michael VlassievMPS-25753 can't show diff for text merge
2017-03-02 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25226 Action 'Select in' is placed in View menu...
2017-03-01 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 171.3566: DropAnOutOfMetaspaceErrorAction
2017-01-19 Victor.Matchenkoupdate platform to 171: sync xml files
2016-10-17 Victor.Matchenkoupdate xml files to fix startup on platform 163.5644...
2016-08-19 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-23606 Keymap Mac Os X: Alt+9 assigned to VCS tool...
2016-07-19 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-24141 Redundant ampersands in import language/model...
2016-06-30 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-24035 [Regression] Ctrl+D shortcut doesn't duplicat...
2016-06-22 Victor.Matchenkoupdate xml files for platform 162.917
2016-03-23 Victor.Matchenkoupdate xml files
2015-11-18 VaclavRM-12766 - update the list of tips of the day
2015-11-05 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-21886 Keyboard shortcut for Duplicate node (Cmd...
2015-11-05 Victor.MatchenkoReuse PowerSaveMode from platform
2015-11-04 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-22867 Part of actions in Main Menu -> Help are...
2015-10-16 Victor.MatchenkoRevert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin...
2015-10-12 Victor.MatchenkoRevert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master...
2015-09-29 Mihail Muhinigrations group contributed by plugin
2015-09-29 Mihail Muhinfix action groups
2015-09-29 Mihail Muhincreate stubs for migration actions
2015-09-17 Victor.Matchenkoupdate plugin xml files
2015-06-01 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-22097 "show history" does not work
2015-04-30 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-21947 Event log doesn't represent any information
2015-04-24 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-21886 Keyboard shortcut for Duplicate node (Cmd...
2015-04-09 Victor.Matchenkochanges in actions/services/components in xml files
2015-01-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-19993 Action 'Show help for aspect' opens different...
2014-05-20 VaclavUpdated tips of the day
2014-05-19 Victor MatchenkoMPS-19325 wrong darkula color
2014-04-23 Victor MatchenkoMPS-19514 Tips of the day are not found
2014-04-16 Victor Matchenkoupdate to 135.480 IDEA platform: make MPS start
2013-12-04 Victor Matchenkosync PlatformActions.xml
2013-10-15 Victor Matchenkoupdate IDEA platform to 132.425 version (snapshot)
2013-09-19 Victor MatchenkoMPS-18760
2013-04-12 Victor Matchenkoadd directory-based format support
2013-04-12 Victor Matchenkofix renamed classes in xml
2013-03-13 Victor MatchenkoMPS-17505 Keyboard mappings for the model checker don...
2013-02-07 Michael VlassievMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/MPS2.5'
2013-02-06 Michael Vlassievfix copy&paste for plain text in merge/diff dialogs
2012-12-02 Alexander Shatalinadding more actions from fresh platform
2012-11-29 Alexander ShatalinUpdating to platform 123.23
2012-11-21 Alexander ShatalinMoving onto IDEA 122.746 platform
2012-06-08 Vaclav PechAdded resources for the new productivity guide tips
2012-06-06 Vaclav PechHooked the MPS GoToAction action into the IDEA's Find...
2012-06-06 Vaclav PechAdded a few more productivity tip pages
2012-06-06 Vaclav PechAdded a few productivity tip pages
2012-06-04 Ilya Lintsbakhfix MPS-16035
2012-05-29 Ilya Lintsbakhchanges. Lines starting
2012-05-28 Alexander ShatalinMPS-15953 Default Keymap Reference doesn't work
2012-05-28 Alexander ShatalinMPS-15954 The JetBrains TV item in the Help menu should...
2012-03-08 Fedor IsakovFixed the output path for modules
2012-03-08 Fedor IsakovMoved xmls from idea-patch to workbench/resources
2012-03-08 Fedor IsakovNew module "workbench/resources" for various resources...
2012-03-08 Fedor IsakovFixed the output path for modules
2012-03-07 Fedor IsakovMoved xmls from idea-patch to workbench/resources
2012-03-07 Fedor IsakovNew module "workbench/resources" for various resources...