MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
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2018-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-27713 Update splash and about for 2018.1 Release
2018-03-19 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-27655 Update splash&about for 2018.1 release candid...
2018-03-14 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-27603 Update splash for 2018.1 Public Preview
2018-01-16 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-27265 Update version on splash and about to 2018...
2017-11-07 Michael VlassievMPS-26912 Update splash for 2017.3 release
2017-11-01 Michael VlassievMPS-26866 Update splash for Public Preview version
2017-09-06 Victor.Matchenkoupdate splash to EAP version
2017-07-26 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-26158 Update splash for release 2017.2
2017-07-09 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-26158 Update splash for release 2017.2
2017-07-04 Victor.MatchenkoDSGN-4071 Splash and about for MPS 2017.2 Public Preview
2017-05-24 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25905 Update splash screen on 2017.2
2017-03-29 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25724 Wrong behavior color on bottom panel in butto...
2017-03-29 Victor.MatchenkoDSGN-3926 Typesystem and transient model have the same...
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoDSGN-3913 Icon for rootable concept
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Logical view icon
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Language runtime
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Transient model icons
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Usages overlay icon.
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Type icon (to upper case).
2017-03-17 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons
2017-03-17 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons
2017-03-17 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25467 New splash
2017-03-09 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25466 New Public Preview splash
2017-03-08 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-23172 remove outdated and unused dialogImage.png
2017-03-01 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons: nodes & models icons
2017-03-01 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044, MPS-25465
2017-02-27 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons: remove usages of...
2017-02-27 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons: tests icon
2017-02-27 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons: aspect icon
2017-02-27 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons: partly update icons
2017-02-23 Victor.MatchenkoIDEA 2017 iml update
2017-02-23 Victor.MatchenkoReuse IDEA inspection icons instead of outdated ones.
2017-02-09 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 in connection to DSGN-2803
2017-02-09 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25214 deprecate unused icon and icons class
2017-01-27 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons
2017-01-25 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons
2016-12-22 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25044 Update splash and icons
2016-12-08 Artem TikhomirovProvisional icon for deployed language to tell language...
2016-09-14 Mihail Muhinfix MPS-11740 remove not used icons
2016-08-19 Victor.Matchenko MPS-24359 Update splash & about for MPS 3.4
2016-07-04 Sergej KoščejevUse correct-sized icon for Cell Explorer tool
2016-06-21 Mihail Muhinremove deprecated icons
2016-06-21 Mihail MuhinDrop references from aspects to platform, which caused...
2016-06-07 apyshkinIdeaPlugin is added as excluded from compilation module...
2016-02-19 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-23399 MPS splash screen progress bar out of place
2015-12-15 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-23170 update images
2015-12-14 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-23170 Old image for migrations and some step dialogs
2015-12-11 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-22425 update and optimize usages of icons in classe...
2015-12-11 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-22425 add/update icons for rebranding, remove unuse...
2015-11-10 Michael VlassievMPS-21712 Update branding in mps build script
2015-11-04 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-22867 Part of actions in Main Menu -> Help are...
2015-10-16 Victor.MatchenkoRevert "Revert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin...
2015-10-12 Victor.MatchenkoRevert "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master...
2015-09-25 Victor.Matchenkoremove unused icons, fix IdeaApplicationInfo.xml, delet...
2015-06-01 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-22093 Update splash & about for MPS 3.3 EAP
2015-06-01 Victor.Matchenkoupdate IdeaApplicationInfo generator
2015-06-01 Victor.Matchenkoupdate icons for MPS-20991
2015-06-01 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-20991 Flat Welcome Screen in 3.2 like in IDEA 14
2015-04-03 Victor.MatchenkoGeneral.ErrorsFound icon removed in IDEA 14.1
2015-01-12 Mihail Muhinworkaround for IDEA-135085: correct migration assist...
2015-01-12 Mihail Muhinmigration wizard: better image
2014-08-07 Mihail Muhinbetter icon for result nodes in usages tree
2014-02-19 Victor MatchenkoMerge branch 'MPS3.0'
2014-02-19 Victor MatchenkoMPS-19320 projects tool window has intellij symbol
2014-02-05 Mihail Muhinapply again: "remove unused imports"
2014-02-05 Mihail MuhinRevert "remove unused imports"
2014-02-05 Mihail Muhinremove unused imports
2013-12-04 Victor Matchenkofix ant build icon
2013-10-15 Victor Matchenkochange console icon
2013-08-30 Victor Matchenkosome new icons
2013-06-11 Victor Matchenkonew icons for mps-icons
2013-03-11 Fedor IsakovMPS model file icon overlay
2013-02-22 Victor Matchenkogenerator priorities
2013-01-28 Victor Matchenkomake transient model enable/disable icons less similar
2012-12-26 Victor Matchenkofilter out all language icons
2012-12-26 Victor Matchenkoget rid of icon images in mps-platform
2012-12-24 Victor MatchenkoTemporary resize all tool icons to avoid annoying warnings
2012-12-21 Victor Matchenkofix null icon test fail
2012-12-21 Victor Matchenkocreate MPSIcons class