MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
[mps/mps.git] / startup /
2017-07-07 Michael VlassievMPS-26065 [Windows] Restart doesn't work
2017-03-14 Michael VlassievMPS-24846 [Windows][Linux] MPS doesn't start on invoke...
2017-02-23 Victor.MatchenkoIDEA 2017 iml update
2017-01-21 apyshkinRepacking mps-java-workbench to get rid of an actual...
2016-09-02 apyshkinRemoving warnings on startup
2016-08-02 Sergej KoščejevFix logic in ClassType#isJDK_ToolsInSeparateJar()
2016-07-07 apyshkinFixes
2016-07-07 apyshkinRefactoring ClassPathReader; simplifying class path...
2016-06-23 apyshkinFixes + hack in the LibInitializer to speed up vfs...
2015-06-02 AlexeyPRemoving all provided deps from startup module -- why...
2015-06-02 AlexeyPThe only right way to start MPS is to create a Platform
2014-06-13 Artem TikhomirovRevert the change unless RuntimeFlags got better place...
2014-06-13 Artem TikhomirovUse RuntimeFlags instead of hardcoded stings throughout...
2014-05-16 AlexeyPFixing mpsExecutionPlugin
2014-02-05 Mihail Muhinapply again: "remove unused imports"
2014-02-05 Mihail MuhinRevert "remove unused imports"
2014-02-05 Mihail Muhinremove unused imports
2013-10-17 Victor Matchenkofix distribution startup
2013-10-15 Victor Matchenkoupdate IDEA platform to 132.425 version (snapshot)
2013-08-30 Julia Beliaevaremove idea module uiLanguage-runtime; fix compilation...
2013-07-12 Timur Abishevfix module structure
2013-04-11 Michael Vlassievrename migration25 -> mpsmigration
2013-03-13 Timur AbishevMove baseLanguage.facets module to make
2013-03-12 Timur AbishevUnloadable facets are working now!
2013-03-09 Timur AbishevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ttim...
2013-03-07 Julia Beliaevafix duplicated plugin ids in build
2013-03-06 Timur AbishevMerge runtime and kernel idea modules
2013-01-24 Evgeny Gryaznovremove dependency j.m.tool.ant -> tool.builder, optimiz...
2013-01-11 Mihail Muhinstartup module moved to its folder, mps module for...
2012-04-23 Alexander ShatalinMPS-15698 can't add any source folder since we have...
2012-03-08 Fedor IsakovRemoved obsolete code
2012-03-08 Fedor IsakovDon't add idea_patch.jar to the classpath
2012-03-07 Fedor IsakovRemoved obsolete code
2012-03-07 Fedor IsakovDon't add idea_patch.jar to the classpath
2012-01-13 Mihail Muhinfix compilation
2012-01-13 Mihail Muhinfix MPS-15216 [build 8795] [linux 64] File watcher...
2011-12-13 Julia Beliaevafix bootstraping ant task #MPS-14977 fixed
2011-11-10 Mihail Muhinmodule dependencies-fix lib names
2011-10-10 Mihail Muhincorrect Launcher accordingly to new idea.a.classpath...
2011-07-18 Fedor IsakovUpdated copyright notice in non-generated java files
2011-07-18 Fedor IsakovUpdated copyright notice in non-generated java files
2011-05-12 Evgeny Gryaznovmake /languages bootstrap path
2011-04-25 Mihail Muhintrove4j lib - correct dependencies
2011-04-13 Alexander ShatalinMPS-12128 On shutdown get exception: java.lang.NoClassD...
2010-12-21 Alexander ShatalinRe-applying fix for:
2010-12-21 Alexander ShatalinRevert "MPS-10908 GoToModel_Action is not working"
2010-12-21 Alexander ShatalinMPS-10908 GoToModel_Action is not working
2010-12-03 Alexander Shatalinold Launcher removed, new one renamed from LauncherNew...
2010-12-03 Alexander ShatalinInitial commit
2010-11-30 Fedor IsakovDetached sources from mps-startup lib
2010-11-29 Alexander Shatalinadding sources to mps-startup to allow debugging
2010-11-25 Cyril Konopkojava parser moved to workbench
2010-11-22 Fedor Isakov$MPS_HOME$ -> $MODULE_DIR$/..
2010-11-22 Cyril Konopkostartup module classpath fixed
2010-11-18 Fedor IsakovAdded typeSystemIntegaration to the app classpath ...
2010-11-17 Fedor IsakovCorrect way of launching MPS