MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
[mps/mps.git] / plugin /
2017-12-01 Artem Tikhomirovmps->idea integration plugin: do not minimize IDEA...
2017-08-11 Victor.MatchenkoUpdate mps plugin for compile in Idea
2017-06-12 Victor.MatchenkoUpdate JetBrains MPS Integration plugin jar in repository.
2017-01-19 Victor.Matchenkoupdate platform to 171: update MPSPlugin
2016-11-23 Artem TikhomirovMPSPlugin.jar rebuilt to match content of plugin.xml...
2016-06-22 Victor.Matchenkoupdate MPSPlugin to work with IDEA 2016.2
2016-06-03 apyshkinHuge refactoring in the make package (around ModuleMaker)
2016-03-22 Mihail Muhineliminating S*AdapterByName: remove outdated code for...
2015-11-17 Sergej KoščejevMPSPlugin: compare project paths using FileUtil.pathsEq...
2015-10-20 Michael VlassievFix MPSPlugin
2014-10-07 Victor Matchecnkorebuild MPS integration plugin for IDEA
2014-04-16 Victor Matchenkorebuild MPS integration plugin for IDEA
2013-11-25 Victor Matchenkorebuild MPSPlugin with java6
2013-11-11 Michael VlassievDifferent MPSPlugin port for 3.0 and 3.1
2013-10-15 Victor Matchenkorebuild MPSPlugin
2012-11-15 Timur AbishevUse different port for our MPSPlugin (for simultaneousl...
2012-11-11 Timur AbishevNow MPSPlugin implicitly refreshes FS before make
2012-11-09 Timur AbishevFix error with CountDownLatch.await and rebuild plugin
2012-11-09 Timur AbishevRemove build script from MPSPlugin, use IDEA artifacts...
2012-11-09 Timur Abishevrebuild MPSPlugin.jar
2011-12-21 Mihail Muhinupdated plugin to work with Idea 11 on java 1.6
2011-04-27 Fedor IsakovSymbolic test references
2011-01-25 Fedor IsakovRebuilt plugin
2011-01-03 Fedor IsakovFixed the MPSPlugin under IDEA 10, closes MPS-11152
2010-12-14 Fedor IsakovFixed MPSPlugin to work with IDEA 10
2010-08-23 Evgeny Gryaznovcleanup in MPS plug-in: remove 6 methods, regenerate...
2010-08-19 Evgeny Gryaznovregenerate plug-in
2010-08-16 Evgeny Gryaznovplugin, 3 times smaller, java 1.5 compatible
2010-08-04 Fedor IsakovIDEA editor action to insert @SuiteClasses JUnit annota...
2010-06-14 Mihail MuhinMPSPlugin: beter diagnostics, rebuilt under 1.5
2010-06-14 Mihail MuhinMPSPlugin: beter diagnostics, rebuilt under 1.5
2010-05-18 Mihail Muhinplugin rebuilt under 1.5
2009-12-10 Mihail Muhinfix MPS-7132 MPS plugin for IDEA 9 needed
2009-03-02 Julia BeliaevaMPS Plugin exception. Read access is allowed from event...
2008-10-31 Konstantin Solomatovupgrade plugin to IDEA 8.0
2008-10-24 Mihail MuhinMPS-1703: 'Find query method usages' should bring the...
2008-08-26 Konstantin Solomatovfix MPS-2501: jetbrains.mps.plugin in IDEA
2008-07-18 Mihail Muhinshow node in explorer action fix
2008-07-09 Mihail Muhinplugin fixes -
2008-06-03 Konstantin Solomatovfix MPS-1582: NPE at jetbrains.mps.plugin.FindAspectMet...
2008-02-12 Konstantin Solomatovfix MPS-762: Exception in mps plugin
2008-01-23 Konstantin Solomatovfix MPS-688
2007-12-27 Konstantin Solomatovnew plugin version
2007-11-15 Konstantin Solomatovbetter way of installing MPS plugin