MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
[mps/mps.git] / editor / typesystemIntegration /
2018-03-20 Radimir.SorokinMPS-27657 Migrate instances NodePointerExpression_Old...
2018-03-02 Radimir.SorokinRun migration
2018-02-19 Alexander ShatalinMerge branch '173/ashatalin'
2018-02-19 Alexander ShatalinMPS-27485 null
2017-12-28 Artem Tikhomirovlang.smodel: apply model-reference// migration
2017-12-22 Artem TikhomirovUpdate module dependency versions
2017-12-06 Artem Tikhomirovlang.core: move NodesAndDescendants finder from lang...
2017-11-13 Mihail Buryakovrebuild
2017-11-13 Mihail Buryakovrun migration
2017-11-13 Mihail Buryakovenable cardinality checks in generators
2017-11-13 Mihail Buryakovmove validating stuff inside StructureChecker
2017-11-08 Mihail Buryakovadd stub classes for all cases of checkers
2017-11-08 Mihail Buryakovfixup: replace AbstractConstraintsCheckerRootCheckerAda...
2017-11-06 Semen Alperovichadd NodeSubstituteInfoFilterDecorator#createSubstituteI...
2017-09-13 Mihail Buryakovinclude node into quickfixes comparison
2017-09-13 Victor.MatchenkoMerge branch '2017.2'
2017-09-13 Mihail BuryakovMPS-26612 Automatic quick fixes are not executed determ...
2017-09-01 Mihail Buryakovupdate MPSErrorDialog (shown by Ctrl+Alt+Click)
2017-09-01 Mihail Buryakovenable back quickfixes in editor
2017-09-01 Mihail Buryakovtrying to replace ModelCheckerIssue
2017-06-05 Mihail Buryakovrestore deleted method that was used in mbeddr
2017-06-03 Mihail Buryakovrebuild
2017-06-03 Mihail Buryakovmigrate from QuickFix_Runtime to new QuickFix interface...
2017-06-03 Mihail Buryakovdo not store node inside ReportItem
2017-06-03 Mihail Buryakovrebuild
2017-06-02 Mihail BuryakovReportItem: unresolved reference subclass
2017-06-02 Mihail Buryakovgetting rid of IErrorReporter: quickfix
2017-06-02 Mihail Buryakovgetting rid of IErrorReporter: go to rule source node
2017-06-02 Mihail Buryakovgetting rid of IErrorReporter
2017-06-02 Vaclavgetting rid of IErrorReporter
2017-05-04 Artem TikhomirovModelAccess: deprecate smodel.ModelAccess.runUndoTransp...
2017-04-14 Mihail Buryakovmove back INodeChecker, rename it to RootChecker
2017-04-10 Mihail Buryakovmerge master into 3.5/mburyakov/modelchecker
2017-03-21 apyshkinrebuilt all modules which use bL.logging
2017-02-27 Mihail Buryakovuse single StructureChecker both in model checker and...
2017-02-27 Mihail Buryakovdo not use LanguageEditorComponent in editor-independen...
2017-02-27 Mihail Buryakovdo not use LanguageEditorComponent in editor-independen...
2017-02-27 Mihail Buryakovadd UsedLanguagesChecker to model checker
2017-02-23 Victor.MatchenkoIDEA 2017 iml update
2017-01-20 Mihail Muhingetting rid of propertyName//
2017-01-19 Mihail Muhinmake after migration
2017-01-19 Mihail Muhinformally run smodel migration(no real changes)
2016-12-19 VaclavMPS-24981 - rebuild after migration
2016-12-19 VaclavMPS-24981 - migrate
2016-12-15 Artem TikhomirovRemove superfluous extends and regular dependencies
2016-12-06 Mihail Buryakovmigrate and rebuild
2016-12-04 Radimir.Sorokinmigrate smodel lang: 5 -> 6
2016-11-25 Mihail Muhinmake after running migrations (no code is changed)
2016-11-25 Mihail Muhinformally run .asNode migrations (should not change...
2016-11-25 Mihail Muhinmake project after running migrations
2016-11-25 Mihail Muhinrun re-runnable migrations
2016-11-24 Artem TikhomirovProjectPane: listeners to model changes inside a projec...
2016-11-02 VaclavRebuild after rebase
2016-10-14 Mihail Buryakovrebuild
2016-09-14 Sergej KoščejevAutoResolver: restore editor state (selection) when...
2016-09-14 Sergej KoščejevMinor: fix typo in variable name
2016-08-23 VaclavMPS-24199 - rebuild project
2016-07-09 Sergej KoščejevMPS-24032: NPE in LanguageChecker
2016-07-09 Sergej KoščejevExtract ErrorComponents class from LanguageEditorChecker
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevRemove old editor checker API
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevUpgrade AutoResolver to the new EditorChecker API
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevAdd a default base implementation of EditorChecker
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevUpgrade LanguageEditorChecker to the new EditorChecker API
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevIntroduce a proper return type for checker update results
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevExtract a few more methods from LanguageEditorChecker...
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevLanguageEditorChecker: extract method getErrorsComponent
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevMove LanguageEditorChecker.InEditorStructureChecker...
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevMove LanguageEditorChecker.UsedLanguagesChecker to...
2016-07-01 Sergej KoščejevHighlightUtil#createHighlighterMessage: remove unused...
2016-06-21 Mihail Muhinrebuild project after changing file format
2016-06-07 apyshkinIdeaPlugin is added as excluded from compilation module...
2016-06-05 apyshkinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2016-06-04 Artem TikhomirovBL: rebuild models that has nested BlockStatements...
2016-06-03 apyshkinrenaming imls
2016-05-19 Sergej KoščejevRemove EditorDisposeListener from openapi
2016-05-18 Sergej KoščejevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2016-05-16 Mihail Muhinrebuild whole project to change files
2016-05-16 Mihail Muhinrun concept icon migration
2016-05-12 Sergej KoščejevEditor extensions
2016-04-22 Mihail Muhinre-save all mdules
2016-04-22 Mihail Muhinrun migration to get new concept ids
2016-04-15 Sergej KoščejevFix for NonTypesystemEditorChecker not working incremen...
2016-03-25 Mihail Buryakovrebuild
2016-03-25 Mihail Buryakovapply migration
2016-03-08 Sergej KoščejevMPS-23447 Make LanguageEditorChecker interruptible...
2016-03-08 Fedor IsakovMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/MPS3.3'
2016-03-08 Sergej KoščejevRegenerate typesystemIntegration
2016-03-08 Fedor Isakovkeep the "dramatical" flag until the next call to creat...
2016-03-08 Sergej KoščejevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/MPS3.3'
2016-03-07 Sergej KoščejevMPS-23466 Memory leak caused by Highlighter running...
2016-03-04 Artem TikhomirovAnnotate action: drop IOperationContext
2016-03-03 Alexander ShatalinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/MPS3.3'
2016-03-03 Artem TikhomirovAutoResolver: do not use IOperationContext to access...
2016-03-03 Daniil ElovkovMerge branch '3.3/danya/fixes' into master
2016-03-02 Artem Tikhomirovrebuild models to reflect changes in lang.smodel and...
2016-03-02 Mihail Muhinfixing MPS-23439 lightweightdsl: multiple "go to decl...
2016-02-26 Alexander ShatalinMPS-23346 Make typesystem check run asynchronous /...
2016-02-16 Mihail Buryakovrebuild: whole project
2016-02-16 Mihail Buryakovapply migration
2016-02-08 Fedor IsakovEnsure all of checking rules are processed if checker...