MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
[mps/mps.git] /
2014-04-28 AlexeyPsh scripts are executable now
2013-08-29 Semen AlperovichMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/3.1/newEdi...
2013-04-24 Timur AbishevAdded SModule text migration to
2013-03-19 Timur AbishevAdd java code migration for ModuleReference
2013-03-13 Mihail Muhinsh script works with SModelReference
2013-03-01 Mihail Muhinadd required methods to SModelInternal
2013-02-27 Mihail Muhinsh script: mistake corrected
2013-02-27 Mihail Muhinsh script: correct migration for files w/o previous...
2013-02-27 Mihail Muhinsh script works with SModelDescriptor
2013-02-22 Mihail MuhinSModel: preparing for migration: sh script ad-hoc tune...
2013-02-22 Mihail Muhinsh script to migrate ImportElement class correctly
2013-02-21 Mihail Muhinadd SModel support to
2013-01-28 Mihail Muhinfix migration script
2013-01-27 Mihail - can migrate SModelId
2013-01-27 Mihail MuhinSReference: sh script
2013-01-20 Mihail MuhinSNodePointer: do not migrate method names
2013-01-19 Mihail - replace SNPointer with SNodeReference...
2013-01-18 Mihail - replace SNPointer with SNodeReference...
2013-01-17 Mihail Muhinmigration script works with SNodePointer
2013-01-15 Mihail - added SNodeId migration
2013-01-11 Mihail Muhinfaster
2013-01-11 Mihail Muhinsh migration script for snode->isnode