MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
[mps/mps.git] / bin /
2018-03-13 Michael Vlassievupdate version to 2018.1 in comments and properties
2017-11-10 apyshkinFixing the log.xml to print the idea errors and also...
2017-06-26 Victor.Matchenkoplatform 172.3095: add required parameter to log4j...
2017-03-29 apyshkinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 172...
2017-03-29 apyshkinRewriting the EDTExecutor again:
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMerge branch '2017.1'
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25700 Update platform to fix problem with help...
2017-03-22 apyshkinMerge commit '054ca13' from the 2017.1 branch
2017-03-21 apyshkinrebuilt all modules which use bL.logging
2017-03-20 Michael VlassievChange version to 2017.2
2017-03-16 Michael VlassievMPS-25564 Change branding to eap = false
2017-02-01 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-24846 add append.bat
2017-02-01 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-24846 update binaries
2017-01-18 apyshkinFixing ALL tests
2017-01-17 apyshkinDividing mpsjava into two plugins
2016-10-05 Michael Vlassievchange version to 3.5 eap
2016-08-01 Victor.Matchenkoupdate binaries to 162.1121.32 (IDEA 2016.2)
2016-06-03 apyshkinHuge refactoring in the make package (around ModuleMaker)
2016-03-23 Victor.Matchenkoupdate fsnotifier for windows
2016-01-19 Michael VlassievFix plugins compatibility for next platform versions...
2015-12-09 Victor.Matchenkoupdate bin files
2015-11-11 Sergej KoščejevMPS-22882 Remove MinLevel from FILE appender
2015-11-09 Mihail Muhinfix MPS-22904 No usages found for a behavior method...
2015-05-20 Michael Vlassievmerge origin/MPS3.2 into master
2015-05-20 Michael VlassievMPS-21959 Upgrade version to 3.2.2 (update old comments...
2015-02-02 Victor.Matchenkoupdate fsnotifier for linux && mac
2014-12-17 AlexeyPMPS-21083 No balloon or message in the events log when...
2014-12-04 Victor.Matchenkoreturn disappeared changes from MPS-20382
2014-11-14 AlexeyPRemoving redundant comments from public log.xml
2014-11-12 AlexeyPRemoving debug output
2014-11-09 AlexeyPlog.xml temporary change debug level
2014-11-09 AlexeyPMerge branch '3.2/class_loading_review'
2014-11-09 AlexeyPLog.xml more options
2014-10-31 Michael Vlassievcopy platform changed files
2014-10-24 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-20382 "show log in finder" doesn't work
2014-10-10 AlexeyPMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2014-10-10 AlexeyPFixing plugin modules' consistency
2014-10-07 Victor Matchecnkoupdate binary files
2014-10-07 AlexeyPAdding laziness to class loading and fairer class loadi...
2014-08-14 AlexeyPReview pt. 2: Minor flaw in log.xml
2014-07-25 AlexeyPFeature: proper logging during test light execution
2014-07-21 AlexeyPAdded output on light execution
2014-07-21 AlexeyPRebuild project
2014-07-21 AlexeyPReview: EditorTestBody pt 1.5
2014-07-03 AlexeyPMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2014-06-06 Artem TikhomirovExtracted SModule (Language, Generator, Solution) suppo...
2014-06-04 Artem TikhomirovDrop deprecated log classes
2014-05-20 AlexeyPMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2014-05-19 AlexeyPMerge commit 'f41488b' into 3.1/tests_speedup
2014-05-16 AlexeyPFixing mpsExecutionPlugin
2014-05-15 AlexeyPlog.xml is back
2014-05-14 AlexeyPTestMode off, small fixes
2014-05-04 AlexeyPRestoring log.xml to a proper state
2014-05-04 AlexeyPLogging fix small, need to do a huge refactoring
2014-05-04 AlexeyPRefactoring in the testbench
2014-05-04 AlexeyPRefactoring TransformationTestRunner
2014-05-04 AlexeyPLogger refactoring
2014-04-28 AlexeyPsh scripts are executable now
2014-04-23 Victor Matchenkomake fsnotifier executable
2014-04-22 Artem TikhomirovExecutable bit for mac's fsnotifier and restarter is...
2014-04-16 Alexander ShatalinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2014-04-16 Victor Matchenkoupdate bin folder
2013-12-09 Alexander ShatalinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2013-12-06 Victor Matchenkoupdate bin files
2013-10-15 Alexander ShatalinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2013-10-15 Victor Matchenkoupdate IDEA platform to 132.425 version (snapshot)
2013-08-29 Semen AlperovichMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/3.1/newEdi...
2013-08-29 Semen AlperovichCreate EditorCell_WithComponent
2013-04-24 Victor MatchenkoMPS-17678
2013-04-17 Julia Beliaevafix log directory
2013-04-16 Victor Matchenkoupdate binary files
2013-04-16 Victor MatchenkoMPS-17678: native Mac OS X configuration paths
2013-04-12 Victor Matchenkoreplace linux fs notifier with newer one
2013-04-03 Julia Beliaevaminor code issues: rename
2013-04-01 Julia Beliaevasimplify code, remove extra class, rename
2013-03-30 Julia Beliaevaseparate logging api from log4j backend
2013-03-30 Julia Beliaevastart new loggin engine
2013-03-30 Julia Beliaevaremove obsolete stuff from log.xml
2012-11-21 Alexander ShatalinMoving onto IDEA 122.746 platform
2012-10-12 Evgeny Gryaznov.MPS3x
2012-06-04 Fedor IsakovMPS-16039 Lots of errors logged via log4j causes MPS...
2012-05-14 Michael VlassievMPS-15806: Rename .MPS2x to .MPS25
2011-11-15 Mihail Muhinupdate bin folder
2011-07-18 Fedor IsakovChanged MPS home dir .MPS1x -> .MPS20
2011-07-18 Fedor IsakovChanged MPS home dir .MPS1x -> .MPS2x
2011-05-01 Julia Beliaevasystem and configuration paths in mps configuration
2011-05-01 Julia Beliaevarename MPS1Debugx -> MPSDebug1x
2011-04-29 Julia Beliaevaadd run-configuration for starting mps
2010-11-22 Julia Beliaevaadd console appenders to vcs and debug
2010-09-16 Evgeny Gryaznovprofiling settings & lib: YourKit 9.0.8
2010-07-01 Cyril Konopkoanalyzer lang fixed
2010-06-28 unknowncorrecting line separators
2010-06-28 Evgeny Gryaznovsvn changes 54668-54680: debug ui, evaluation, build...
2010-06-25 Ilya LintsbakhAnalyzers language changes
2010-05-28 Julia Beliaevadowngrade to version 7.5.7
2010-05-28 Julia Beliaevafix MPS-8952 Can't find profile button in toolbar after...
2010-05-27 Evgeny GerashchenkoFixed MPS-7256 under Win, MPS suggests to restart...
2010-03-19 Evgeny Gryaznovrename .MPS11 -> .MPS1x
2009-11-18 Julia Beliaevafix MPS-6795 Errors on running BoostrapTest
2009-11-16 Julia Beliaevabigger vcs log file