MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
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2018-04-12 VaclavMPS-27544 - fix the confluence urls
2017-10-05 VaclavUpdate confluence links to the 2017.3 space
2017-09-13 Alexander ShatalinAdding flat Badge
2017-09-13 Alexander ShatalinAdding Badge
2017-07-28 Alexander ShatalinRM-15814 Update list of third-party software used for...
2016-08-22 VaclavUpdate readme/releaseNotes with respect to the 3.4...
2016-01-13 VaclavMPS-23263 - update links to the forum to point ot the...
2015-07-01 VaclavTypo correction
2015-01-19 VaclavUpdated the JDK version in
2014-12-23 VaclavUpdated help links from 3.2 to 3.2
2014-02-11 VaclavConfluence link in the readme file updated
2013-07-27 VaclavFixed the line break in the project's file
2013-07-26 VaclavFixing the line break in the project's file
2013-07-26 VaclavAn update to the project's file
2013-07-26 VaclavAdded a file to the project