MPS-27804 - change incorrect dependencies to "Extends"
[mps/mps.git] / .gitignore
2018-03-23 Mihail Muhinupdate gitignore to ignore idea-produced artifacts
2017-05-23 Victor.Matchenkomps-platform project: switch to 172 branch
2017-03-28 Victor.MatchenkoMPS-25700 Update platform to fix problem with help...
2017-03-13 apyshkinAdding plugins lib artifacts directory to the .gitignore
2017-02-28 Artem TikhomirovDrop interpreted language runtime along with interprete...
2017-01-22 apyshkinFixing mpsjava packaging once again
2016-12-06 Victor.Matchenkoupdate of platform download scripts: switch to use...
2016-12-06 Victor.Matchenkoplatform update to 163.7743.44: libs update
2016-10-19 Victor.Matchenkoadd .mps/shelf to gitignore
2016-09-09 Mihail Buryakovadd idea inspection for SConcept comparison with '=='
2016-05-26 Michael Vlassievlocal base build without manual resource getting
2016-03-26 Mihail Buryakovimprove .gitignore for inner projects
2015-12-04 Sergej Koščejev.gitignore: replace 'dir/*' patterns with 'dir/' to...
2015-03-12 Alexander ShatalinMPS-21652 DiskMemoryConflictsTest does not check delete...
2014-11-14 AlexeyPMPS-20795 Fixing IdeaPlugin plugin.xml includes
2014-10-07 Victor Matchecnkoadd .idea/shelf to git ignore
2014-07-09 AlexeyPReview : added lib/*jar to .gitignore. Removed dictionary
2013-12-09 Alexander ShatalinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2013-12-06 Michael VlassievMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 3...
2013-12-03 Daniil ElovkovNew plugin test: building IdeaPlugin itself with jps
2013-10-31 Semen Alperovichdeleting diagram aspect from 3.1/newEditorIntegratiom...
2013-10-15 Semen Alperovichrename jetpadEditorRuntime to jetpad, move diagram...
2013-10-14 Semen Alperovichfix dependencies
2013-10-08 Michael Vlassievmove to plugins/mps-language-design
2013-07-17 Evgeny Gryaznovignore workspace file
2013-06-03 Julia Beliaevaadd contrib build to gitignore
2013-06-03 Julia Beliaevadeleton: move deprecated execution
2013-04-23 Victor Matchenkomigrate all other *.mpr projects to directory-based...
2013-04-23 Victor Matchenkomigrate mps project to directory-based format
2013-01-28 Evgeny Gryaznov[IdeaPlugin] psi test project: psiProject
2013-01-16 Victor Matchenkodelete libs and add folders to gitignore
2012-12-14 Daniil ElovkovAdded dependencies to JpsSolutionIdea
2012-11-30 Evgeny Gryaznov[IdeaPlugin] use core jars instead of sources; add...
2012-10-26 Daniil ElovkovAdded mpsjava artifact jar to gitignore
2012-09-20 Daniil ElovkovMoved java-source stub manager out of language aspect.
2012-05-21 Evgeny Gryaznovidea project mps-build
2012-04-06 Evgeny Gryaznovbuild: fix actions (paste/node wrapper); use mps_home...
2012-04-03 Julia Beliaevasplit execution-configurations
2012-04-03 Julia Beliaevasplit execution-languages module
2012-04-03 Julia Beliaevasplit idea-module debugger-api
2012-03-02 Evgeny GryaznovMerge master #24334 into buildlanguage
2012-02-28 Julia Beliaevamove languages in debugger/execution plugins to /languages
2012-02-27 Julia Beliaevaignore classes
2012-02-22 Julia BeliaevaMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into buildlanguage
2012-02-21 Julia BeliaevaMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into julia/debugger...
2012-02-21 Julia Beliaevarefactor debugger classes for breakpoints to use them...
2012-02-16 Julia Beliaevahighlight current line in plugin prototype
2012-02-15 Julia BeliaevabuildScript: set basedir to generated script
2011-12-27 Evgeny Gryaznovupdate plugin to Idea11: minor fixes
2011-11-30 Alexander Shatalinremoing workspace.xml
2011-11-09 Evgeny Gryaznov[plugin] baseLanguage test project
2011-10-31 Evgeny Gryaznovplugin: use MPSFileType from idea-workbench; java 1...
2011-10-20 Evgeny GryaznovIdeaPlugin project started
2011-08-16 Evgeny Gryaznovinitial commit
2010-12-04 Julia Beliaevaignore hprof
2010-10-28 Alexander Shatalinexcluigin /config folder (created by tests)
2010-10-13 Fedor IsakovAdded teamcity-info.xml to .gitignore
2010-09-09 Evgeny Gryaznovignore "system" folder (created by tests)
2010-09-09 Fedor IsakovIgnore all inspection profiles
2010-09-09 Fedor IsakovIgnore inspection profiles
2010-09-07 Alexander ShatalinRemoving Default.xml inspection profile from git +...
2010-09-03 Fedor Isakovcleanup .gitignore
2010-09-03 Fedor IsakovGlobal test suite
2010-08-16 Evgeny Gryaznovfix mps classpath, regenerate build scripts, move Syste...
2010-08-13 Evgeny Gryaznovproject for MPS plug-in, ant script; fix 1.5 compatibility
2010-08-04 Fedor IsakovIDEA editor action to insert @SuiteClasses JUnit annota...
2010-08-02 Evgeny GryaznovMPS-9728 Switch to directory-based MPS project format
2010-06-28 Evgeny Gryaznovignore *.iws, use LF in xml files, regenerate generator
2010-06-28 Evgeny Gryaznov.gitignore
2010-06-28 unknownadding .gitigrone