2006-09-12 Dmitry Jemerovlicense for microba
2006-09-12 Dmitry Jemerovalways show modified expert properties (IDEADEV-9084)
2006-09-12 Eugene Vigdorchikexception
2006-09-12 Dmitry Jemerovintegrate Microba datepicker (IDEADEV-4046)
2006-09-12 Peter GromovIDEADEV-8604 Very slow performance when opening the...
2006-09-12 Vyacheslav... more usages of constants instead of strinbg literals
2006-09-12 Vyacheslav... bombing one test till tomorrow
2006-09-12 Dmitry JemerovNPE
2006-09-12 Vyacheslav... IDEADEV-9336
2006-09-12 Dmitry Jemerovshow file status on UI Designer form nodes (IDEADEV...
2006-09-12 Dmitry Jemerovcleanup
2006-09-12 Eugene Vigdorchikattempt to fix IDEADEV-8512
2006-09-12 Dmitry Jemerovdisable commit and update actions if background vcs...
2006-09-12 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-9404
2006-09-12 Dmitry Jemerovshow directory icons when we know that the file is...
2006-09-12 Eugene Vigdorchikfix refresh vFiles upon adding watch roots for existing...
2006-09-12 Anna KozlovaisSuppressed() optimization
2006-09-12 Anna Kozlovapatch for idea project
2006-09-12 Anna Kozlovachange defaults for Can Be Final Inspection
2006-09-12 Anna Kozlova
2006-09-12 Anna Kozlovaoptimization
2006-09-12 Maxim Mossienkoperformance optimization
2006-09-12 Eugene Zhuravlevhandle internal JDWP exceptions while evaluating method...
2006-09-12 Vyacheslav... uncomment test, test framework needs to be fixed
2006-09-12 Eugene Zhuravlevfix NPE
2006-09-12 Eugene ZhuravlevRestrict searching of constant dependencies only to...
2006-09-12 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-9303
2006-09-12 Alexey Kudravtsevclass explicitly extending Object now treated as Object...
2006-09-12 Maxim MossienkoSupport the 'jsfc' attribute in facelets xhtml files...
2006-09-12 Maxim MossienkoSupport the 'jsfc' attribute in facelets xhtml files...
2006-09-12 Maxim MossienkoJSF: Reference to validator method not recognized ...
2006-09-12 Maxim MossienkoIn JavaScript files, does not find todos in /* comments...
2006-09-11 gregIDEADEV-9266 add choose schema functionality
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... more optimizations
2006-09-11 Anna Kozlovabc (TC)
2006-09-11 Dmitry Jemerovduplicate mnemonic inspection doesn't report same mnemo...
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... optimizing memory usage
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... bombing till tomorrow
2006-09-11 Anna Kozlova
2006-09-11 Peter Gromovmemory leak
2006-09-11 Maxim Mossienkojava.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String (IDEADEV...
2006-09-11 Dmitry Jemerovcleanup; move UI Designer-only properties to UIDesigner...
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... for some time (30 secs.) cache soft references to refle...
2006-09-11 Maxim MossienkoAll optional unused attributes should be in sorted...
2006-09-11 Dmitry Jemerovpass correct project for saving dimension service state
2006-09-11 Maxim MossienkoCode completion for <xs:boolean> type attribute (IDEADE...
2006-09-11 Maxim MossienkoTODOs not highlighted in JSP scriptlets (IDEADEV-9284)
2006-09-11 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-9299
2006-09-11 Anna Kozlovaassertion removed
2006-09-11 Anna Kozlova
2006-09-11 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-8554
2006-09-11 Alexey Kudravtsev(no message)
2006-09-11 Dmitry Jemerovreport exception text in "failed to download list of...
2006-09-11 Dmitry Jemerovdon't require checking out source file when compiling...
2006-09-11 Peter GromovIDEADEV-9092 Attempt to define "supported locale" ...
2006-09-11 Eugene Zhuravlevuse StringBuilder from the pool, don't create it each...
2006-09-11 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-9291
2006-09-11 Peter GromovIDEADEV-9246 DomFileDescription.isMyFile() is called...
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... getImportedTargets() doesn't return duplicates in case...
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... getImportedTargets() doesn't return duplicates in case...
2006-09-11 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-5729
2006-09-11 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-9294
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... do not highlight undefined elements if they are placed...
2006-09-11 Vyacheslav... more correct detection of ant files
2006-09-11 Anna Kozlovaupdate api for TC
2006-09-11 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-9290
2006-09-11 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-6864
2006-09-10 Vyacheslav... fixing highlighting test
2006-09-10 Eugene Vigdorchikclone ipr/iml/iws file
2006-09-10 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-9283
2006-09-10 Anna Kozlova
2006-09-10 Anna Kozlova
2006-09-10 Anna Kozlova
2006-09-10 Vyacheslav... mark loaded build files as ant files
2006-09-10 Anna Kozlova
2006-09-10 Vyacheslav... a piece of cake
2006-09-10 Vyacheslav... catch target duplicates
2006-09-10 Vyacheslav... do not skip any element when hiliting ant files
2006-09-10 Anna Kozlovatree speed search with expanding paths fix
2006-09-10 Anna Kozlova!hard code! ignore test data in idea project
2006-09-10 Anna Kozlovafiltering inspection tool export results fix
2006-09-09 Vyacheslav... same as previous
2006-09-09 Anna Kozlovalazy run configurations loading
2006-09-09 Anna Kozlovaalready disposed module in run configurations fix
2006-09-09 Anna KozlovaCCE &&
2006-09-09 Anna Kozlovado not lost unknown run configurations and runner settings
2006-09-09 Maxim MossienkoTLD import does not correctly detect resources with...
2006-09-09 Anna Kozlovanullable
2006-09-09 Anna Kozlovarun/debug dialog optimization
2006-09-09 Eugene VigdorchikIDEADEV-2600
2006-09-09 Maxim MossienkoMyFaces + Tomahawk: IDEA cannot resolve ID-references...
2006-09-09 Maxim MossienkoHTML: Style completion popup pops down too early (on...
2006-09-08 Maxim Mossienkopreventing memory leak
2006-09-08 Maxim Mossienkomemory leak fixed
2006-09-08 Anna Kozlovaoptimization (lvo)
2006-09-08 Vyacheslav... getImportedTargets() on ant project performs potentiall...
2006-09-08 Anna KozlovaIDEADEV-3019 && IDEADEV-3020
2006-09-08 Dmitry Jemerovi18n and string fixes
2006-09-08 gregproperty usages fix
2006-09-08 Eugene Vigdorchik(no message)