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2014-11-05 Roman Shevchenkoproject: dictionary extended
2014-10-31 Roman Shevchenkoproject: dictionary extended
2014-10-31 Roman Shevchenkoproject: dictionary extended
2014-10-31 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting; typos)
2014-10-30 Vladimir Krivosheevsimplification — introduce StateSplitterEx
2014-10-17 Sergey Simonchik+checkstyle
2014-10-14 Sergey Simonchik+some eslint keywords
2014-10-13 Anna Kozlovaremove font settings from inspection descriptions/devki...
2014-10-09 Yann Cébronenglish.dic: add "Passivate", "Passivation"
2014-10-09 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-130964 Spell check in commit dialog only works...
2014-10-07 Sergey Simonchik+gulpfile
2014-09-30 Sergey Simonchik+gzipped
2014-09-27 Sergey Simonchik+deserialize
2014-09-15 Sergey Simonchik+recurse
2014-09-12 Sergey MalenkovAdd data provider to search settings and to select...
2014-09-04 Anna Kozlovaensure not null name suggestions: EA-41963 - NPE: Dicti...
2014-09-04 Vladimir Krivosheevmove roaming type spec to storage spec — it is logic...
2014-08-29 Yann Cébronjetbrains.dic: Thymeleaf support words
2014-08-28 Yann Cébronjetbrains.dic: add "nmtoken" (XSD)
2014-08-25 nikdon't check spelling of injected code using strategy... idea/28
2014-08-15 Sergey Simonchik+debuggable
2014-08-14 Sergey Ignatovsimplify spellchecker strategy a bit
2014-08-13 Sergey Ignatovcleanup
2014-08-13 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-128025 Expand selection in multiple carets through...
2014-07-25 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (typos; formatting)
2014-07-18 peterdfa: understand assertThat notnull (IDEA-125977, IDEA...
2014-07-15 Sergey MalenkovRefactoring of grouping configurables. Use the followin...
2014-07-11 Yann Cébronjetbrains.dic + "unmerged"
2014-07-11 peterextract CachingEnumerator from PersistentStringEnumerator
2014-06-30 peterIDEA-126595 provide completion variants for Charset...
2014-06-17 Anna Kozlovaall inspections are suppressable by default; language...
2014-06-17 Sergey Simonchikjshint: "suppress for line" added
2014-06-17 Anna Kozlovalanguage suppressors api to provide suppressions by...
2014-03-06 Roman ShevchenkoDictionary extended
2014-03-04 Alexey GopachenkoWI-14345 Dictionary: Missing Word "Fundraising" cppide/134.1420
2014-02-25 Vassiliypng optimization
2014-02-24 Alexey GopachenkoSpellchecker : IDEA-120568 add gzip
2014-02-18 Sergey Simonchik+ gruntfile idea/134.1171
2014-02-12 Yann Cébron+ "portlet"
2014-02-10 Yann Cébron+ "facelet"
2014-02-06 Sergey Simonchikwebpack
2014-02-06 Sergey Simonchik'commonjs' and 'webpark' added
2014-01-29 Anton Makeeva few more words in the base dictionaries
2014-01-28 Anton Makeev'fixme' added to the dictionary (OC-9056) -> word moved...
2014-01-27 Anton Makeev'fixme' added to the dictionary (OC-9056)
2014-01-17 peterIDEA-65566 Allow 'NotNull' as the default element behav...
2014-01-17 Sergey Simonchikunix signals added
2014-01-17 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2014-01-09 Yann Cébronadd some words
2014-01-09 Dmitry BatrakIDEA-110113 spellchecker always on in commit text field
2014-01-08 petercesure is an english word
2014-01-08 Sergey Simonchik'writeln' added
2013-12-25 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull
2013-12-20 Yann Cébron+ "trie" appcode/134.394 cppide/134.396 idea/134.401 phpstorm/134.399 phpstorm/134.402 pycharm/134.395 rubymine/134.398 webstorm/134.400
2013-12-11 Yann Cébronadd some technologies/framework names
2013-12-04 Yann Cébron+ "rearranger"
2013-12-02 Yann Cébron+ "redispatch"
2014-01-02 peterIDEA-118914 typo: subnet
2013-11-12 Roman ShevchenkoDictionary extended
2013-11-11 peterdon't display "Loading spellchecker dictionaries" in...
2013-11-04 peteradd println to jetbrains.dic (IDEA-115852)
2013-10-25 Roman ShevchenkoDictionary extended
2013-10-17 petersupport freemarker iso_* date builtins (IDEA-114985)
2013-10-17 Sergey Simonchik'middleware' added
2013-10-01 Konstantin Bulenkovfix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
2013-10-01 Konstantin Bulenkovfix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
2013-10-01 Konstantin Bulenkovfix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
2013-10-01 Sergey Simonchik'stringify' added
2013-09-28 Vladimir Krivosheevdisable roaming for CachedDictionaryState, cleanup
2013-09-24 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2013-09-23 Sergey Simonchik'async' added
2013-09-19 Anton MakeevSpellChecker: "cyclomatic"
2013-09-18 nikicon classes regenerated: copyright added to generated...
2013-09-13 Roman Shevchenkospellchecker: dictionary extended
2013-08-30 Eugene KudelevskyIDEA-112979 spellchecker inspection should be suppresse...
2013-08-30 Yann Cébron+ "tuple"
2013-08-27 Alexey KudravtsevhighlightVisitor moves and cleanup
2013-08-09 Sergey Simonchik'lcovonly' word added (istanbul option)
2013-07-23 nikannotations reformatted
2013-07-18 Sergey Simonchik'firefox', 'junit', 'preprocessors', 'teamcity' words... rubymine/130.1263
2013-06-20 Yann Cébron+ "unescaped"
2013-06-18 Sergey Simonchik'lcov' added (code coverage file format)
2013-06-17 Alexey Kudravtsevuse InspectionToolWrapper instead of InspectionTool
2013-06-06 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull, cleanup
2013-06-06 Yann Cébron+ "ehcache"
2013-06-06 Yann Cébron+ "mockito"
2013-05-29 Yann Cébronadd some common framework names
2013-05-27 Yann Cébron+ "pathname", "servlets", "viewlet"
2013-05-23 Yann Cébron+ "devkit"
2013-05-21 Alexey Kudravtsevremoved apache commons library usage
2013-05-08 Alexey KudravtsevIntroduced BatchSuppressableTool which, unlike CustomSu...
2013-04-30 Alexey Kudravtsevuse super where possible
2013-04-30 Alexey Kudravtsevanalysis modules introduced allowing to use inspection...
2013-04-30 Alexey Kudravtsevdictionary compressed by storing alphabet indices in...
2013-04-26 Alexey Kudravtsevduplicate words removed
2013-04-26 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup, notnull
2013-04-25 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2013-04-24 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2013-04-24 Alexey Kudravtsevperformance
2013-04-24 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup, notnull