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2009-08-27 Eugene Zhuravlevannotation processors support
2009-08-27 Anna Kozlovamove
2009-08-20 Peter Gromovallow directories in compiler resource patterns
2009-08-18 Nikolay Chashnikovmanifest editing for artifacts
2009-08-13 Eugene Zhuravlevlegend for the patterns text field
2009-08-12 Maxim MossienkoJDKs -> SDKs
2009-07-29 Dmitry JemerovSIMPLE_CLASS_NAME variable in Java templates (IDEADEV...
2009-07-28 Alexey KudravtsevJSR308
2009-07-23 Irina MegorskayaIDEADEV-38927
2009-07-13 Kirill SafonovPhp run configuration and project settings
2009-06-09 Dmitry Jemerovadvance version (IDEADEV-37632)
2009-06-02 Kirill Kalishevdebugger tooltip - non-automatic mode
2009-05-27 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-37060
2009-05-23 Eugene Zhuravlevadd missing resource
2009-05-21 Eugene Zhuravlevstore RunConfig<->AntTarget associations inside RunManager
2009-05-19 Nikolay Chashnikovartifacts: "module with dependencies" node
2009-05-19 Maxim Mossienko[#14488] MRE: QuickFixBundle.getBundle (IDEADEV-36877)
2009-05-18 Eugene KudelevskyCss Duplicates
2009-05-15 Alexey GopachenkoProperties resources moved to platform
2009-05-14 Nikolay Chashnikov"Build Artifact" action
2009-05-08 Nikolay Chashnikovtypes for artifacts & minor fixes
2009-04-15 Eugene ZhuravlevFix NPE
2009-04-14 Eugene Zhuravlevbetter names for breakpoints in anonymous classes
2009-04-08 Alexey Kudravtsevnew Compiler API based compiler (java6 only)
2009-04-02 Dmitry Jemerovsome fixes for RubyMine productivity tips (more needed)
2009-04-01 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull, cleanup
2009-03-20 Alexey Kudravtsevdoc
2009-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevhighlight unused non-private members if we can determin...
2009-03-11 Eugene Zhuravlevadded mnemonics to evaluation dialog
2009-03-05 Eugene Zhuravlevdo not use grouping symbol ',' when formatting integers...
2009-02-27 Peter Gromovsearchable options updated
2009-02-20 Eugene Zhuravlevsend thread from debugger to thread dump view
2009-02-12 Irina Megorskaya#34740 - resized images
2009-02-11 Maxim Mossienkojava plugin, ep. 4
2009-02-11 Dmitry Jemerov8.1
2009-01-14 Egor MalyshevShould have fixed
2008-12-25 Constantine Plotnikovant generation: custom compilers and javac2 are no...
2008-12-25 Dmitry JemerovGraphBundle -> platform resources
2008-12-20 Dmitry Jemerovcheck for suspicious combination of method name and...
2008-12-11 Constantine Plotnikovant generation: added an extension point that allows...
2008-12-09 Irina Megorskayaadded images for TOD
2008-12-03 Alexey Kudravtsevfix illegal modifier string bug, cleanup
2008-12-01 Anna Kozlovafix redundant suppressions description
2008-11-14 Alexey Kudravtsev'cast to' from instanceof intention
2008-11-13 Eugene Zhuravlevmethod return type check when traversing expression...
2008-11-12 Irina Megorskayasync TOD with diana final
2008-11-07 Anna Kozlovasearch for internal idea
2008-11-02 Maxim ShafirovCompare selected value in debugger views with clipboard
2008-10-30 Olesya Smirnovanew code style configurable
2008-10-28 Olesya Smirnovasearchable options updated
2008-10-27 Dmitry Jemerovcorrect product name in AdaptiveWelcome tip
2008-10-17 Eugene ZhuravlevGeneral debugger configurable redesign
2008-10-17 Eugene ZhuravlevDavaViews debugger configurable redesign
2008-10-16 Eugene Zhuravlevsplitted debugger settings
2008-10-10 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-31154
2008-09-29 Dmitry Avdeevvalidation #2
2008-09-26 Irina MegorskayaIDEADEV-30595 (TOD)
2008-09-26 Egor MalyshevNew L&F
2008-09-25 Dmitry Jemerovfilter out IDEA tips and screenshots which are appropri...
2008-09-22 Dmitry Jemerovmove XML inspection descriptions to xml module
2008-09-22 Irina Megorskayaword completion - changed action id
2008-09-22 Irina MegorskayaIDEA-19638
2008-09-22 Maria KhalusovaIDEADEV-30055
2008-09-22 Irina MegorskayaIDEA-19639
2008-09-22 Irina MegorskayaIDEA-19640
2008-09-22 Irina MegorskayaIDEA-19642
2008-09-22 Irina MegorskayaIDEA-19641
2008-09-22 Irina MegorskayaIDEA-19641 - commented out the tip file "ClosingTabsWit...
2008-09-22 Irina MegorskayaIDEA-19642
2008-09-22 Dmitry Jemerovclean up HTML inspection names and descriptions
2008-09-18 Dmitry AvdeevValidators #1
2008-09-17 Peter Gromovsuggest array members and don't suggest getUserData...
2008-09-15 Dmitry Jemerovremove old incremental search tooltip from productivity...
2008-09-12 Irina MegorskayaIDEADEV-30020 - added TOD
2008-09-03 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-29750 : new Language level 1.6
2008-08-22 Eugene Zhuravlevcosmetics
2008-08-20 Eugene ZhuravlevkillProcess action for debugger
2008-08-19 Peter GromovIDEADEV-23866 Ctrl-Space completion should work as...
2008-08-18 Maria Khalusovaupd
2008-08-15 Maria Khalusova"Ctrl+Shift+F7 on throws" tip added
2008-08-15 Maria Khalusovacosmetics
2008-08-14 Maria KhalusovaIDEADEV-28824
2008-08-03 Eugene Zhuravlev- ScriptDef support
2008-08-01 Peter Gromovadvertise second smart completion
2008-07-25 Maria KhalusovaIDEADEV-27815
2008-07-24 Maria KhalusovaIDEADEV-26367
2008-07-23 Alexey KudravtsevIDEADEV-28453
2008-07-23 Anton MakeevRevert: Run Configurations: correctly copying 'before...
2008-07-23 Anton MakeevRun Configurations: correctly copying 'before run'...
2008-07-18 Dmitry Avdeevbase-package support
2008-06-25 Eugene Zhuravlevadded progress
2008-06-25 Dmitry Jemerovcomment out tip for old incremental search
2008-06-24 Dmitry JemerovXML and XDebugger resources -> platform
2008-06-04 Eugene Zhuravlevfixes in generation of runtime/compilation classpath:
2008-06-04 Oleg ShpynovInitial ruby debugger
2008-05-21 Eugene Zhuravlevant build properties: added "max stack size" option
2008-05-17 Dmitry Jemerovsynonyms -> platform_resources
2008-05-14 Eugene Zhuravlevhighlighting/resolve context for ant files
2008-05-08 Dmitry Avdeevcreate bean property fix
2008-04-30 Irina ChernushinaIDEADEV-20304 implemented (Quickfix to change single...