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2009-08-28 Anna Kozlovaextract coverage plugin
2009-08-28 Anna Kozlovamove definition
2009-08-28 Dennis Ushakovmoving extract module and superclass to lang-api
2009-08-27 Anna Kozlovamovetypemigration
2009-08-27 Anna Kozlovamove
2009-08-26 Maxim Mossienkossr plugin again
2009-08-25 Dmitry Jemerovduplocator extracted to plugin; fix missing dependencies
2009-08-20 Dmitry Jemerov"goto module" in filechooser is only for IDEA
2009-08-18 Konstantin Bulenkovregister Switcher in ProductivityFeaturesRegistry ...
2009-08-17 Dmitry Jemerovno more Analyze menu in RubyMine/Web IDE
2009-08-14 Anna Kozlovadump configuration ids
2009-08-13 Dmitry Jemerovregister hierarchy actions in correct place
2009-08-12 Dmitry Jemerovintroduce field && introduce parameter -> lang
2009-08-12 Dmitry Jemerovmove action declaration to correct place (RUBY-4649)
2009-08-11 Dmitry Jemerovintroduce constant -> lang
2009-08-06 Anna Kozlovagenerate coverage report and open in browser
2009-08-05 Alexey Kudravtsevdataflow from this
2009-08-04 Maxim ShafirovExtract all comments [internal] action
2009-07-30 Dmitry Jemerovinline action is available in lang
2009-07-30 Kirill KalishevActionSystem: fixed mac screen menu + extracted "mainte...
2009-07-28 Dmitry Jemerovinitial implementation of native file type for opening...
2009-07-23 Dmitry Jemerovlazy project view initialization, step 1: project view...
2009-07-08 Alexey Pegovminor
2009-07-06 Dmitry Jemerovinitial version of eval license for ComponentSource...
2009-07-06 Alexey PegovIDEADEV-34772 "Open in New (Directory Based) Format...
2009-06-30 Alexey Pegovnew save as directory-based format action (in internal...
2009-06-23 Dennis Ushakovextensibility for Pull Up and Push Down
2009-06-19 Alexander Doroshkofew more refactoring with HierarchyBrowsers, common...
2009-06-18 Peter Gromovper-language completion contributors
2009-06-15 Dmitry Jemerovclearer action naming
2009-06-15 Peter Gromovdom pom target
2009-06-11 Dmitry JemerovUI debugger extensions -> extension points
2009-06-10 Dmitry JemerovVcsEventWatcher should be available in platform
2009-06-08 Anna Kozlovaunimplement exportable component
2009-06-06 Peter Gromovdon't allow word completion to win over basic->class...
2009-06-03 Peter Gromovkill JamModuleManager
2009-06-02 Peter Gromovinternal dump lookup element weights action
2009-06-01 Dmitry Jemerovunnecessary component declaration (it's already registe...
2009-06-01 Dmitry Jemerovextension point for file highlighting filters (RUBY...
2009-05-29 Peter Gromovsome components -> services
2009-05-27 Peter Gromovnew class actions rework
2009-05-27 Kirill Kalishevplayback debugger ui + one sample script
2009-05-25 Alexey PegovAnalyze stacktrace in IDE Error Dialog (internal mode...
2009-05-15 Kirill Kalishevregistry state extracted to use registry with unready...
2009-05-14 Nikolay Chashnikov"Build Artifact" action
2009-05-13 Anna Kozlovainspections: scopes management cleanup
2009-05-13 Kirill Kalishevregsitry action moved to internal tools
2009-05-05 Peter GromovIDEADEV-36654 DOM: Quickdoc not working for reference...
2009-05-05 Kirill Kalishevregistry
2009-04-24 Kirill Kalishevdisposer debugger
2009-04-23 Peter Gromovtoggle dumb mode action
2009-04-21 Maxim Mossienkolight jsp
2009-04-02 Dmitry Jemerov"check for update" in platform actions
2009-03-26 Dmitry Jemerovremove JBuilder keymap from RubyMine (RUBY-3027)
2009-03-26 Peter Gromovdom on sem
2009-03-20 Dmitry JemerovStdCacheBuilders split into a number of extensions...
2009-03-19 Dmitry JemerovSliceManager -> service; simplified and corrected Slice...
2009-03-12 Alexey Pegovide notifications queue: fixes + per project
2009-03-11 Alexey Pegovide notification queue
2009-03-03 Peter GromovDefaultActionGroup.addSeparator(String)
2009-02-24 Konstantin Bulenkovmove XML actions to one group in Tools menu
2009-02-23 Dmitry Jemerovmore stuff in tab popup menu in platform (including...
2009-02-20 Eugene Zhuravlevsend thread from debugger to thread dump view
2009-02-20 Konstantin Bulenkovxsd2xml and xml2xsd functionality
2009-02-11 Maxim Mossienkojava plugin, ep. 4
2009-02-11 Anna Kozlovadump intentions actions (4site)
2009-02-11 Maxim Mossienkojava plugin, ep. 2
2009-02-05 Anna Kozlovareplace constructor with builder: initial
2009-01-23 Dmitry Jemerovhide "view offline inspection results" from RubyMine...
2009-01-23 Dmitry Jemerovhide ConvertProjectAction from RubyMine (RUBY-2752)
2009-01-17 Peter Gromovlazier dom loading
2009-01-15 Peter GromovGRVY-1582 Live templates don't work in Groovy
2009-01-15 Dmitry Jemerov"rebuild" should now be harder to press accidentally
2009-01-14 Alexey Kudravtsevconcatenation injection performance fixes: cache inject...
2008-12-25 Dmitry JemerovXML live templates are available in RubyMine
2008-12-24 Dennis Ushakovmoved library table to lang
2008-12-24 Dmitry Jemerovrefactored "Reload Project" action is available in...
2008-12-24 Anna Kozlovaassign shortcut to rerun failed tests ( IDEADEV-33556)
2008-12-24 Dmitry Jemerovregister LibraryTableRegistrar in lang
2008-12-12 Anna Kozlovarestore php file type
2008-12-10 Peter Gromovcorrect itover formatting
2008-11-26 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup and tighten accessibility due to intention...
2008-11-12 Dmitry Jemerovmove statement actions are available in platform (and...
2008-11-12 Dmitry Jemerov"new in idea 8" action is only available in IDEA, not...
2008-11-11 Dmitry Jemerovaction registration fix
2008-11-11 Dmitry Jemerovshow keymap reference on RubyMine welcome screen
2008-11-11 Dmitry Jemerovcorrectly parse VM options in RubyMine (RUBY-2159)
2008-11-11 Dmitry Jemerovmove graph actions to LangActions.xml
2008-11-07 Peter Gromovmake itover template actually work
2008-11-02 Maxim ShafirovCompare selected value in debugger views with clipboard
2008-11-01 Kirill Kalishevtemplate project structure
2008-10-31 Dmitry Jemerovaction to show the plugin configuration wizard
2008-10-27 Alexey PegovIDEADEV-28670 No context menu entry for new HTML file...
2008-10-27 Peter Gromov[rev spleaner] itover surround live template
2008-10-13 Maxim ShafirovLanguageLevel refactored, can't wait for remote run...
2008-10-13 Dmitry Jemerovmove XML standard schemas to xml module (RUBY-2006)
2008-10-10 Dmitry JemerovShowStructureSettingsAction -> idea
2008-10-08 Peter GromovIDEADEV-21440 <tx:advice> / <tx:annotation-driven>...
2008-10-07 Peter Gromovmore on greenify some plugin.xmls
2008-10-07 Anton Makeevcoverge action commented