add format version to stepic format
[idea/community.git] / python / educational-core / student / src / com / jetbrains / edu / learning / stepic /
2016-11-17 liana.bakradzeadd format version to stepic format
2016-11-17 Liana.Bakradzecreate course archive for subtasks
2016-09-19 Ekaterina Tuzovacleanup
2016-09-19 Ekaterina TuzovaOAuth stepic authorization, connector refactoring
2016-08-08 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-08-05 Valentina KiryushkinaMinor Change language string in adaptive courses
2016-08-03 liana.bakradzecreated special folder for stepic files
2016-07-29 Ekaterina Tuzovaupdate student course on stepic update
2016-07-28 liana.bakradzeremove code related to subtasks
2016-07-22 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-07-15 liana.bakradzeEDU-657 Initial implementation of subtasks
2016-06-24 Ekaterina Tuzovacleanup
2016-06-21 Valentina KiryushkinaFix according to review IDEA-CR-11509: 1) Add expose...
2016-06-17 Valentina KiryushkinaFix according to review IDEA-CR-11509: make adaptive...
2016-05-12 Valentina KiryushkinaAdd recommended task after solving current task
2016-05-04 Valentina KiryushkinaSet codeTemplates from step as task text Show time...
2016-05-02 Valentina KiryushkinaAdd tests from samples provided for step and show test...
2016-04-07 Valentina KiryushkinaAdd initial support for stepic adaptive courses