Bundle markdown plugin
[idea/community.git] / python / build / plugin-list.txt
2018-07-20 Dmitry TrofimovBundle markdown plugin appcode/183.982 clion/183.981
2018-01-25 nikIDEA project configuration: the great module rename
2017-09-28 Dmitry TrofimovBundle *.properties plugin in PyCharm (PY-26261)
2017-03-30 Dmitry TrofimovBundle yaml support into Pycharm Community Edition
2016-09-01 Dmitry TrofimovAuto activate of virtualenv in terminal for projects...
2016-08-31 nikpycharm build scripts rewritten
2016-02-22 Vladimir Krivosheevpycharm: bundle ICS
2015-09-29 Dmitry TrofimovBundle EditorConfig plugin
2015-09-29 Dmitry TrofimovBundle EditorConfig plugin
2014-10-09 Ekaterina Tuzovareverted latex rendering to the snuggletex + jeuclid...
2014-10-03 Ekaterina TuzovaTemporary removed ipython from pycharm builds
2014-10-03 Ekaterina TuzovaIpython notebook plugin infrastructure added
2014-04-15 nikinclude remote-servers modules to platform and include...
2014-02-20 Dmitry TrofimovAdd jira to build in community
2013-09-18 Dmitry Jemerovmoved python-rest under community, add to build
2013-09-18 Dmitry Jemerovmove intellilang-python and rest to community, include...
2013-08-30 Dmitry Jemerovpycharm community build script initial
2013-08-26 Dmitry Jemerovbundle stylus with pycharm
2013-07-31 Ekaterina Tuzovaadded ini plugin to pycharm
2013-07-29 Dmitry Avdeevnew jira connector
2013-07-19 Dmitry Jemerovadd intellilang to pycharm release build
2013-05-28 Dmitry TrofimovAdded terminal to PyCharm distribution.
2013-03-13 Dmitry Jemerovinclude fileWatcher plugin in PyCharm build
2013-02-21 Gregory.ShragoDatabase IDE initial: fix ruby&python gant's
2013-01-24 Dmitry Jemerovbundle puppet with pycharm 2.7 (PY-8218)
2012-12-19 Dmitry Jemerovinclude restClient plugin in pycharm build
2012-12-13 Dmitry Jemerovinclude textmate plugin in pycharm dist
2012-12-04 Dmitry Jemerovrelease notes generator checks which issues affect...