'RIDER-47575 Design for Plist Editor -- icon for the button to toggle localized/raw...
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12 hours ago Vladimir Krivosheevplatform.core.impl — remove dependency on intellij...
16 hours ago Vitaliy.Bibaevi18n: templates (IDEA-249136)
2020-09-04 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] show system-dependent paths in UI
2020-09-02 Alexander ZolotovInternalization for "textmate" plugin (IDEA-249465)
2020-08-18 Anastasia IvanovaIDEA-244848 get rid of notificationAllowlist
2020-08-14 Dmitriy.PanovRevert "IDEA-CR-65973: IDEA-244848 add missing isLogByD...
2020-08-14 Anastasia IvanovaIDEA-CR-65973: IDEA-244848 get rid of notificationAllowlist
2020-07-30 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-246976 deprecate FileUtil.FILE_HASHING_STRATEGY...
2020-07-30 Vladimir Krivosheevremove duplicated code - showOkCancelDialog, showYesNoD...
2020-07-27 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] improve notification about corrupted bundle
2020-07-22 Vladimir KrivosheevTextMateSettings should be stored in cache
2020-07-17 Tagir ValeevAnnotate bundle methods as Nls
2020-07-10 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2020-07-08 Alex PlateSupport vim script text bundle
2020-06-26 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup (final)
2020-06-22 Alexey Kudravtsevmove trimToSize() to util to reduce dependency on Trove
2020-06-19 Anastasia IvanovaIDEA-CR-63832: IDEA-243825 migrate usages to "notificat...
2020-06-18 Alexey Kudravtsevfix nullability annotation for arrays
2020-06-05 Anna Kozlovaapply remove redundant cast
2020-06-05 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] update bundles. restore overrided extensions...
2020-06-04 Vladimir Krivosheevmigrate from trove collections to java/fastutil
2020-05-28 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] restore old constructor for compatibility...
2020-05-23 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] allow to add references in textmate files...
2020-05-18 Vladimir Krivosheevhide HashSetInterner/StringInterner/WeakInterner
2020-05-16 Vladimir Krivosheevdo not export trove from util module
2020-05-06 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] get rid of using Stack and Pair classes
2020-04-24 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] fix brittle tests
2020-04-23 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] simplify comparing api
2020-04-21 Alexander Zolotovtextmate: introduce joni library
2020-04-17 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] get rid of platform-core as a dependency
2020-04-16 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] extract lexing logic to core module
2020-04-14 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] update textmate grammars
2020-04-14 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] fix docker highlighting (IDEA-236482)
2020-04-14 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] fix utf32 parsing
2020-04-14 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] remove redundant source root
2020-04-14 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] extract TextMateTextAttributes to core module
2020-04-13 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] do not set TextMateFileType for directories
2020-04-13 Alexander Zolotov[textmate] extract core part for fleet
2020-04-13 Dmitro Batkotodo: check pattern words are present in text before...
2020-04-03 Alexander.KirsanovAdd kotlin textmate bundle
2020-03-26 Anastasia IvanovaIDEA-CR-60449: FUS-548 whitelist notification groups
2020-03-17 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull DoubleClickListener.onDoubleClick()
2020-03-16 anstarovoyttm: restore script
2020-03-16 anstarovoytmdx: add bundle WEB-43377
2020-03-03 Dmitry.KrasilschikovBundle API: rename `lazyMessage()` to `messagePointer()`
2020-03-01 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: support including rules from another syntax...
2020-03-01 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: extract line limit to avoid registry access...
2020-02-25 Aleksandr ProkopyevRUBY-25754: Add .simplecov to RubyFileType and add...
2020-02-24 Dennis Ushakovtextmate: i18n
2020-02-19 nik[diff] move diff-related classes from platfrom.ide...
2020-02-11 Alexander ZolotovUpgrade joni library
2020-02-11 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: use non-strict utf-8 encoding (IDEA-232576)
2020-02-03 Dmitry.KrasilschikovAPI for lazy localized messages
2020-01-31 Vladimir KrivosheevPathManager.getConfigDir
2020-01-28 Alexander LobasIDEA-229555 Group bundled plugins in Settings | Plugins...
2020-01-19 Sergey Ignatovtextmate i18n initial
2020-01-16 Dennis Ushakovupdate textmate bundles
2020-01-16 Tagir ValeevArray annotations changed to type-use style (not compil...
2020-01-14 Dmitry.Krasilschikovmore localized configurable display names
2019-12-26 Dennis Ushakovadd missing bundles
2019-12-23 Dennis Ushakovupdate texmate bundles
2019-11-25 Dennis Ushakovprecompute hashcode (IDEA-225101)
2019-11-22 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: change extensions between file type change...
2019-11-21 Alexander ZolotovSimplify editor highlighter API for custom storages
2019-11-14 Dennis Ushakovuse https
2019-11-07 Vladimir Krivosheevdeprecate newSmartList
2019-10-23 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: do not search braces on empty elements
2019-10-23 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: use loading cache to avoid creating many...
2019-10-23 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: look for R-brace at the end of the token
2019-10-23 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: add log lexing test
2019-10-23 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: fail fast while brace matching (IDEA-223395...
2019-10-18 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: use array of ints instead of TextRanges
2019-10-18 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: convert list to array
2019-10-15 Alexander ZolotovHighlight Vagrantfile with textmate bundles
2019-09-06 Alexander ZolotovIDEA-220388 Disabled Insert paired brackets is ignored
2019-08-29 Alexander ZolotovFixed plugins compatibility
2019-08-23 Alexey Kudravtsevinform client about the problem and allow to recover...
2019-08-22 Dennis Ushakovfix extra comma
2019-08-22 Dennis Ushakovupdate textmate bundles
2019-08-16 Dmitry Batkovichdon't fire file-type changed events on TextMateServiceI...
2019-08-05 Dennis Ushakovfix concurrent access to tags stack
2019-08-05 Dennis Ushakovcache joined selectors
2019-08-05 Dennis Ushakovgive cached values a chance to survive between reparsing
2019-08-05 Dennis Ushakovcache only top level matches to prevent cache trashing
2019-08-05 Dennis Ushakovspecific class for last match (IDEA-CR-50844)
2019-08-05 Dennis Ushakovmake regex cache thread local to prevent race problems...
2019-08-05 Dennis Ushakovdon't check string content when comparing states (IDEA...
2019-08-02 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: get rid of registering file types using fileN...
2019-08-02 Alexander ZolotovTextmate: reimplement replacing groups without regex
2019-08-02 Alexander ZolotovDelete non-existing root
2019-08-02 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: simplify API
2019-08-02 Alexander ZolotovTextMate: get rid of custom themes support
2019-08-02 Alexander ZolotovIDEA-CR-50946: Textmate: chooser should use last added...
2019-08-02 Alexander ZolotovIDEA-CR-50947: Textmate: register file types from JSON...
2019-08-01 Alexander ZolotovTextmate: register file types from JSON-like bundles
2019-08-01 Alexander ZolotovTextmate: chooser should use last added bundle path...
2019-08-01 Dennis Ushakovfix concurrent access to tags stack
2019-08-01 Dennis Ushakovcache joined selectors
2019-08-01 Dennis Ushakovgive cached values a chance to survive between reparsing
2019-08-01 Dennis Ushakovcache only top level matches to prevent cache trashing