junit/testng: pattern configuration isValid respect to chosen method
[idea/community.git] / plugins / testng / src / com / theoryinpractice / testng / configuration / TestNGConfiguration.java
2012-02-01 Anna Kozlovajunit/testng: pattern configuration isValid respect...
2012-02-01 Anna Kozlovajunit/testng: restore abstract method name to run
2012-01-30 Anna Kozlovaexecution: extract check for alternative jre; check...
2012-01-26 Anna Kozlovafix jvm class names
2012-01-17 annatestng: run test method of an abstract class in inherit...
2012-01-17 annatestng: run multiple tests at once
2011-10-21 annasave console output to file (IDEA-64394)
2011-10-04 annarun configuration extensions: remove duplicates (II)
2011-10-04 annarun configuration extensions: remove duplicates
2011-09-30 annatestng: do not use shared parser from different threads...
2011-03-30 annaundo and rename/move class used in run configuration...
2011-02-22 Dmitry Jemerovremove code duplication: introduce and use RefactoringE...
2011-02-01 annacoverage: update coverage filters on package/class...
2011-01-19 annatestng: pass suite file path in order to get correct...
2010-12-22 annasupport for new testng format; bundle testng 5.14.5
2010-09-01 annatestng should show log console in debug if configured...
2010-08-26 annatypo (IDEA-57958)
2010-08-19 nikfixed vanishing predefined log files
2010-05-11 Anton Makeevcidr: run configuration settings
2010-05-11 Anton Makeevrun configurations: refactoring
2010-05-11 Anton MakeevRun Configurations: CommonProgramParameters extracted
2010-04-14 Anton Makeevcidr: build before run + refactoring
2009-10-11 Dmitry Jemerovupdate copyright
2009-10-01 annaskip coverage
2009-08-31 Anna Kozlovaextract coverage plugin
2009-08-28 Anna Kozlovaextract coverage plugin
2009-08-27 Anna Kozlovaalternative jre -> runjavaconfiguration
2009-08-25 Anna Kozlovatry to close streams
2009-05-29 Anna Kozlovainvalidation messages fixed
2009-01-30 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2008-08-19 Anna Kozlovarename class -> run configuration module can change...
2008-07-23 Anton MakeevRevert: Run Configurations: correctly copying 'before...
2008-07-23 Anton MakeevRun Configurations: correctly copying 'before run'...
2008-07-07 Anna Kozlovapath macros: recursive replacement for run configuratio...
2008-04-24 Anna KozlovaNotNulled
2008-03-11 Alexey Pegovxdebugger toolwindow + some execution refactorings
2008-02-29 Alexey Pegovtiny execution refactoring
2008-02-15 Anna Kozlovaenvironment variables -> openapi for python
2008-01-29 Alexey Pegovexecution to platform move
2007-12-12 Maxim ShafirovDeps + lost cleanup
2007-12-10 Maxim ShafirovInlining rest of the stuff in PsiManager
2007-12-10 Maxim ShafirovInlining findClass gently
2007-11-22 Anna Kozlovacoverage file path mutation; IDEADEV-23450
2007-11-22 Anna Kozlovamore appropriate envs serialization (IDEADEV-23409)
2007-08-15 Anna Kozlovajunit plugin
2007-08-10 Anna Kozlovaadd check for non-public test method (TestNG just doesn...
2007-08-01 Mark DerricuttPlugin wasn't actually saving the listener definitions.
2007-07-17 Anna Kozlovacleanup (IDEADEV-17376)
2007-07-01 Hani SuleimanAdded method name validation, fixes IDEADEV-17343
2007-06-08 Anna KozlovaTestNG rename checks added
2007-06-07 Anna Kozlovadeafult module suggestion
2007-06-07 Anna Kozlovarevert
2007-06-06 Anna Kozlova(no message)
2007-06-06 Anna KozlovaTestNG run configuration refactoring support
2007-06-05 Anna Kozlovatestng configuration shouldn't overload default module
2007-05-31 Anna Kozlovahttp://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEADEV-17368
2007-05-29 Anna KozlovaTestNG: log console
2007-05-25 Anna KozlovaTestNG test tree view refactoring - code duplicates...