unified "Show Settings" icon
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2012-01-23 Dmitry Avdeevunified "Show Settings" icon
2011-12-14 annaintroduce -> extract
2011-12-02 Anton MakeevMaven import notifications improved
2011-11-24 nikintroduced new library type for libraries downloaded...
2011-10-12 Dmitry Avdeevlanguage indicated for inspections
2011-09-30 Dmitry Avdeevinspections as extension points
2011-09-06 Kirill.SafonovAllow OrderEnumeratorHandler to have state
2011-08-23 Dmitry AvdeevskipForDefaultProject = true by default
2011-05-03 Dmitry AvdeevVFS converted to extension points
2011-04-14 Alexander DoroshkoIDEA-56002 ability to disable "generate flex configurat...
2011-03-09 Anton MakeevMaven: big renames
2011-03-02 Anton MakeevMaven: services moved from remote process to idea
2010-11-25 Anton MakeevMaven: search for pom files by artifact id
2010-11-18 Anton Makeevmaven: smart completion suggests basic variants in...
2010-10-20 Anton MakeevMaven: reconnect to rmi server on connection problems
2010-09-01 nikproject configurables migrated to new 'instance' attrib...
2010-08-13 Anton MakeevMaven: shared shortcuts for actions
2010-08-13 Anton MakeevMaven: extact property refactring improved
2010-08-13 Anton MakeevMaven: live templates improved
2010-08-10 Anton MakeevMaven: action names (IDEA-57382)
2010-08-05 Dmitry Avdeevmaven service
2010-07-30 Anton MakeevMaven: more concious action name
2010-07-07 Gregory Shragonexus urls configuration cidr/96.584 idea/96.585 pycharm/96.587 rubymine/96.586
2010-06-29 nikJavaParameters migrated to new api (IDEA-55925 fixed...
2010-06-01 Anton MakeevMaven: Add Library from Repository fixes
2010-06-01 Anton MakeevMaven: remote maven facade
2010-05-24 Konstantin Bulenkovleave Collapse All action only
2010-05-24 Konstantin BulenkovIDEA-55205 Collapse/Expand All
2010-05-17 Gregory Shragoremote maven libraries (attach variant 1)
2010-05-13 annaget rid of LoactableConfigurationTYpe (I)
2010-05-04 Konstantin Bulenkovno more dependencies on uml
2010-05-04 Konstantin Bulenkovremove unnecessary descriptors
2010-05-04 Konstantin Bulenkov- remove dependency codeInsight-test -> gwt
2010-04-30 Konstantin Bulenkovmaven-flex goes to flex
2010-04-28 Konstantin Bulenkovremove maven-ext plugin
2010-04-20 sergey.vasilievmaven: dependency duplicates inspection (to be continue...
2010-04-15 sergey.vasilievmaven: extract dependency
2010-04-14 sergey.vasilievmaven: refactorings
2010-04-12 sergey.vasilievmaven: introduce property
2010-04-05 Anton MakeevMaven: disabling some buttons for non-maven projects...
2010-03-26 Anton MakeevMaven: download sources action (IDEA-52760)
2010-03-16 Anton MakeevMaven: downloading sources/javadocs for selected dependency
2010-03-16 Anton MakeevMaven: improved download actions
2010-03-15 Anton Makeevmaven: delete button unmapped IDEA-27047 fix
2010-03-12 Anton MakeevMaven: toolwindow toolbar cosmetics
2010-03-12 Anton MakeevMaven: action names
2010-03-05 Alexander Doroshkodocumentation is not always javadoc
2010-03-01 sergey.vasilievmaven value editors for plugin parameter extenders...
2010-02-18 sergey.vasilievprojects tree navigation && override dependency action
2010-02-12 sergey.vasilievmaven dependency management gutter support (override...
2010-02-11 sergey.vasilievmaven alt-insert in pom.xml
2009-12-07 Anton.MakeevMaven: update repository path on settings.xml file...
2009-12-03 Anton.MakeevMaven: blinking test fix
2009-11-26 Anton.MakeevMaven: add framework wizard
2009-11-17 Anton.MakeevMaven: documentation provider + some tiny fixes
2009-11-06 Anton.MakeevMaven: improved problems reporting
2009-10-12 Anton.MakeevMaven: groovy importer in CE
2009-09-25 Anton MakeevMaven: enable/disable auto-import option + changes...
2009-09-23 Anton MakeevMaven: module with jee and graphs extracted
2009-09-07 Anton MakeevMaven: improved properties support
2009-09-02 Peter GromovGMaven integration doesn't create GroovyFacet anymore
2009-09-02 Anton MakeevMaven: improved properties completion + brace auto...
2009-08-31 Anton MakeevMaven: runtime classpath support + refactoring
2009-08-26 Anton MakeevMaven: maven 2.2 integrated + got rid of maven module...
2009-08-18 Anton MakeevMaven: file templates + goto settings.xml provider
2009-08-17 Anton MakeevMaven: create/open settings.xml/profiles.xml actions
2009-08-17 Anton MakeevMaven: add as maven project action
2009-08-13 Anton MakeevFind/Highlight Usagesi: use same find target algorithm...
2009-08-07 Anton MakeevMaven: find property usages from reference
2009-08-07 Anton MakeevMaven: find property usages from reference
2009-08-06 Anton MakeevMaven: system.properties files in goto file + bug fix...
2009-07-31 Anton MakeevMaven: plugin dependency + progress improved
2009-07-13 Anton MakeevMaven: navigation and actions improvements
2009-07-10 Anton MakeevMaven: resolving system/env properties
2009-07-09 Anton MakeevDom: reference injector
2009-07-01 Anton MakeevLaterInvocator: added a parameter to before/afterModali...
2009-06-22 Anton MakeevMaven: initial dependency graph + refactorings
2009-06-19 Anton MakeevMaven: importing on background and committing in write...
2009-06-18 Eugene Kudelevskyone inspection
2009-06-16 Dmitry Avdeevresource providers
2009-05-28 Anton MakeevMaven: update folders fix, some settings refinement...
2009-05-25 Anton MakeevMaven: before run task migrated to the new API + refact...
2009-05-21 Eugene Zhuravlevstore RunConfig<->AntTarget associations inside RunManager
2009-05-14 Anton MakeevMaven: UI improvements + optimizations + refactorngs
2009-05-13 Anton MakeevMaven: optimizations and refactorngs
2009-05-12 Anton MakeevMaven: navigator reworked + refactorings + fixes
2009-05-05 Anton MakeevMaven: cleanups
2009-05-04 Anton MakeevMaven: dumb-awareness + refactorings
2009-04-28 Anton MakeevMaven: reading projects on document change
2009-04-24 Anton MakeevMaven: finding and importing available pom files if...
2009-04-24 Anton MakeevMaven: MavenProjectsManager reworked + project wizard...
2009-04-21 Peter Gromovrecalculate maven xml descriptor on invalidation
2009-04-21 Anton MakeevMaven: quick pom reader
2009-04-02 Anton MakeevMaven: import mega-rework
2009-03-23 Anton MakeevMaven: extension point for custom artifacts
2009-03-18 Anton MakeevMaven: selectable phase for folders update action.
2009-03-17 Anton MakeevMaven: resource compiler
2008-11-05 Anton MakeevMaven: memory leak fix
2008-11-05 Anton MakeevMaven: reporting task compleion with balloons
2008-11-01 Anton MakeevMaven: auto-creation of MAVEN_REPOSITORY path variable...