remove @deprecated for now to greenify clients (to be deprecated as 2017.1 EAP starts...
[idea/community.git] / platform / projectModel-api / src /
2016-11-17 Sergey Simonchikremove @deprecated for now to greenify clients (to... appcode/171.1056 clion/171.1057
2016-11-17 Sergey Simonchikadd ProjectFileIndex.getInstance(Project) to simplify...
2016-11-17 nikPathMacros: more javadocs
2016-11-15 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2016-11-11 Maxim.Mossienkointroduced PushedFilePropertiesUpdater.filePropertiesCh...
2016-11-07 Vladimir KrivosheevblockingGet — do not call await if not pending
2016-11-03 Dmitry Batkovichlet it be a javadoc
2016-11-03 Ivan BessonovGWT - push language level for project source files...
2016-10-21 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting)
2016-10-11 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-13854 simplify — handle isObsolete and target... clion/171.3
2016-10-07 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-CR-13854 remove unused method add
2016-10-07 Vladimir Krivosheevdo not eat error
2016-10-06 nikFileIndex: javadoc corrected
2016-09-29 Dmitry Avdeev@NotNull & @Nullable
2016-09-24 Vladimir Krivosheevrestore Promise.createError appcode/163.5110 appcode/163.5113 clion/163.5109 clion/163.5112 phpstorm/163.5111 pycharm/163.5176
2016-09-22 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-161604 Deadlock on startup in Promises
2016-09-22 Vladimir Krivosheevmove to project-model-impl
2016-09-21 Vladimir KrivosheevSaveAsDirectoryBasedFormatAction — do not use DIRECTORY...
2016-09-19 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-161426 Class initialization dead-lock during IDEA...
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevfix Promises.init error webstorm/163.4661
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevfix compilation (?)
2016-09-16 Vladimir KrivosheevblockingGet test
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevsimplify — use getAndSet
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup — cancelledPromise
2016-09-16 Vladimir KrivosheevnullPromise
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevdeprecate Promise.REJECTED appcode/163.4636
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup: prefer to use resolvedPromise
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup: remove Promise.wrap
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup: move Promise.createError
2016-09-16 Vladimir KrivosheevPromise.blockingGet, PasswordSafe.getAsync
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevconvert RejectedPromise to kotlin
2016-09-16 Vladimir Krivosheevconvert RejectedPromise to kotlin
2016-09-15 Vladimir KrivosheevAsyncPromise — correctly execute handler if another...
2016-09-15 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2016-09-09 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (another incorrect inline) pycharm/163.4232
2016-09-08 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (incorrect inline)
2016-09-08 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting)
2016-09-08 Vladimir KrivosheevStreamProvider.kt — correct package directory
2016-09-07 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (typos; formatting)
2016-09-07 Alexey Kudravtsevremoved "suppress unused" for deprecated methods to...
2016-09-02 peterplatform: use short form of application.invokeAndWait
2016-08-30 Vladimir KrivosheevSchemeManagerIprProvider — part 2
2016-08-30 Vladimir KrivosheevSchemeManagerIprProvider — part 1
2016-08-30 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2016-08-29 nikjavadoc for ProjectFileIndex: clarifications added...
2016-08-29 Sergey Simonchikcleanup ProjectFileIndex#isInLibrary (following IDEA...
2016-08-26 Sergey Simonchikadd ProjectFileIndex#isInLibrary(fileOrDir)
2016-08-25 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (formatting)
2016-08-18 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2016-08-08 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-08-01 Vladimir Krivosheevdo not use java 8 CompletableFuture — use our Promise...
2016-08-01 Vladimir Krivosheevmove promise impl to proectModel-api to use it in the...
2016-08-01 Vladimir Krivosheevmove promise impl to proectModel-api to use it in the...
2016-07-26 Vladimir Krivosheevdo not use Kotlin in the core-api
2016-07-22 Anna.Kozlovaexplicit types to diamonds
2016-07-21 Vladimir KrivosheevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel...
2016-07-20 Alexander ZolotovTestSourcesFilter: update after review phpstorm/163.1720
2016-07-20 Vladimir KrivosheevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel...
2016-07-19 Alexander ZolotovFix javadoc
2016-07-19 Vladimir KrivosheevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel...
2016-07-18 Alexander ZolotovIntroduce TestSourcesFilter extension point
2016-06-23 Vladimir Krivosheev`project inspection` test
2016-06-22 Vladimir KrivosheevMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel...
2016-06-22 Vladimir Krivosheevclarifiy APP_CONFIG deprecation note
2016-06-07 Vladimir KrivosheevInspectionProjectProfileManagerImpl — don't implement...
2016-06-01 Anna.Kozlovaanonymous -> lambda appcode/162.677 clion/162.678
2016-05-27 Sergey Simonchikoptimize removing invalid files
2016-05-18 Anna.Kozlovaanonym -> lambda
2016-04-29 Alexey Kudravtsevdangling javadocs removed
2016-04-06 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup — use ModuleRootListener directly
2016-04-04 Vladimir Krivosheevadd deprecated notes
2016-03-30 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull
2016-03-30 Alexey Kudravtsevperformance
2016-02-10 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-142682
2016-02-10 Vladimir KrivosheevMake MODULE_FILE optional
2016-02-09 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-142682 Write javadoc for State, Storage and Roamin... idea/144.3911
2016-02-08 Vladimir Krivosheevdeprecate id and scheme
2016-02-08 Vladimir KrivosheevIDEA-142682 Write javadoc for State, Storage and Roamin... pycharm/144.3859
2016-02-08 Vladimir Krivosheevget rid of Storage.scheme
2016-02-08 Vladimir Krivosheevget rid of
2016-02-04 Vladimir Krivosheevget rid of PROJECT FILE macro to avoid issues like...
2015-12-08 Alexey Kudravtsevreplaced with StringUtil.trimStart/trimEnd
2015-12-03 Roman ShevchenkoCleanup (javadoc; annotations)
2015-11-27 nikRootIndex: move away from API methods and classes which...
2015-11-27 Jan VoungDirectoryIndex#getOrderEntries optimization: don't...
2015-10-13 peterdon't run pushers for default project (EA-73923 - ISE...
2015-09-29 Vladimir Krivosheevtest `export settings`
2015-09-21 Vladimir Krivosheevstate storages could be specified as empty list if...
2015-09-16 nikjavadoc improved
2015-09-16 nik'LibraryTable.getLibraryByName' optimized (IDEA-142882...
2015-09-08 nikLibraryScope: duplicated code removed, fixed 'getDispla...
2015-09-05 Vladimir Krivosheevsimplify DirectoryBasedStorage — only one component...
2015-09-03 Vladimir Krivosheevavoid using getModuleFile, prefer path
2015-09-02 peteravoid PsiVFSListener and pushers nesting (EA-56525...
2015-09-02 Vladimir Krivosheevprepare to "don't save if only format is changed"
2015-09-02 Vladimir Krivosheevcleanup
2015-08-27 Vladimir KrivosheevPER_USER -> DEFAULT idea/142.4322
2015-08-21 Vladimir Krivosheevget rid of pathToModule map
2015-08-14 Vladimir Krivosheevsimplification: get rid of StorageData — use StateMap...
2015-08-13 Vladimir Krivosheevtest reload on external change, hide low-level API...