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2017-07-13 Alexey Kudravtsevreplaced <code></code> with more concise {@code}
2016-12-01 Gregory.Shragomem leaks: clear CWindow listeners and rootPane: NPE...
2016-06-01 Anna.Kozlovaanonymous -> lambda appcode/162.677 clion/162.678
2016-05-20 Vassiliy.KudryashovNPE fix
2016-03-30 Anton TarasovIDEA-153874 apply changes from AndroidStudio
2015-08-06 peterLightweightHint getBounds should return bounds relative...
2015-07-03 Sergey Malenkovremove deprecated method clion/142.2983
2015-07-03 Sergey MalenkovIDEA-141310 Method params hint sometimes is shown over...
2015-06-24 Egor.UshakovIDEA-141464 Debugger popup dissappears when trying... dbe/142.2747
2014-12-04 Sergey MalenkovIDEA-133752 Code Analysis tooltip appears in wrong...
2013-10-28 VassiliyLens improvements
2013-09-17 VassiliyLense mode patches&fixes (still internal mode only)
2013-04-25 Roman ShevchenkoTypo
2012-09-14 Alexey Kudravtsevcleanup
2012-07-30 Denis.ZhdanovIDEA-89417 Editor: Avoid VCS hint paint artifacts
2012-07-26 Denis.ZhdanovIDEA-66333 Quick documentation lookup on mouse hover
2012-04-26 Konstantin Bulenkovforce hide shadow cidr/118.316 idea/118.317 pycharm/118.318 rubymine/118.319 storm/118.315
2012-04-10 Vassiliy KudryashovRestore focus bugfixes
2012-04-07 Konstantin Bulenkovfix broken focus after creating new class from floating...
2012-03-28 Alexey Kudravtsevnotnull
2012-03-28 Vassiliy KudryashovHints misbehaviour fix cidr/118.84
2012-03-04 Konstantin Bulenkovallow to show awt tooltips immediately
2012-03-02 Dmitry Jemerovfix typo in method name
2012-02-02 Dmitry Jemerovkill usages of deprecated API
2011-09-20 peteryet another attempt to preserve the resized lookup...
2011-08-22 Kirill KalishevNavBar focus problem on dblClick fixed
2011-07-14 Kirill Kalishevballoons -- dialog style
2011-05-20 Alexey Pegovquickdoc & show implementation popup positioning reimpl...
2011-05-20 Kirill KalishevIDEA-69923 unnecessary tooltip animation
2011-05-18 Kirill KalishevRevert "[xena] hints show/hide fix - take 1"
2011-05-18 Kirill Kalishev[xena] hints show/hide fix - take 1
2011-04-22 Kirill Kalishevremoved todo on vetoesHiding, reviewed
2011-04-21 petera todo
2011-04-21 peterdisallow lookup hiding under a change guard (EA-26161)
2011-04-04 Kirill KalishevIDEA-67260 Any mouse activity in lookup causes the...
2011-03-10 Konstantin Bulenkovwhen focus is on hint, ESC handler should work fine too
2011-02-28 Kirill Kalishev[10.0.3] debugger tooltips fix
2011-02-17 Kirill KalishevIDEA-65266 Pressing Ctrl+P hid text under cursor +...
2011-02-16 peterthose shadows look horrible on linux, revert
2011-02-16 Kirill Kalishevheavyweight editor hints look fix
2011-02-01 Kirill Kalishev[10.0.2] editor hint fixes - scrolling and some erroneo...
2011-01-18 Kirill Kalishev[10.0.2] parameter inf positioning fix
2011-01-17 Kirill Kalishev[10.0.2] parameter info hint is not hidden
2010-12-15 Kirill Kalishev[10.0.1] editor hint position fix
2010-11-29 Kirill Kalishevtooltips - explicit close option
2010-11-03 Kirill Kalishevnavbar fixes, focus + race conditions
2010-11-02 Kirill Kalishevballoon hints are back fixed
2010-11-02 Kirill Kalisheveditor hints moved to balloons
2010-11-01 Kirill Kalishevquestion hint component as a balloon
2010-10-08 Kirill Kalishevtraffic lights popup - undead
2010-10-07 Kirill Kalishevhint setLocation and pack methods refactored
2010-10-05 Kirill Kalishevpopups: focus loss for unfocused state
2010-09-30 Alexey Pegovshadow for completion poups in dialogs
2010-09-27 Kirill Kalishevtooltips: erroneous show fix 2
2010-09-23 Kirill Kalishevdaemon tooltips
2010-09-22 Kirill Kalishevtooltip false show fix
2010-09-22 Kirill Kalishevtooltips - fixes for mouse actions inside tooltip area
2010-09-20 Kirill Kalishevtooltip: timing fixes
2010-09-19 Kirill Kalishevtooltips - gutter
2010-09-16 Kirill Kalishevhints restyling - show/hide/hover rules
2010-09-10 Kirill Kalishevhint tooltips - graphite
2010-09-08 Kirill Kalishevtooltip for editor error stripe button
2010-09-04 Kirill KalishevHints refactoring - hint hint object
2010-08-26 Alexey Pegovforce heavyweigh popups for completion popups & one...
2010-08-19 Alexey Pegovfix completion popup crop to dialog size for single...
2010-07-14 irengrigMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-07 Kirill Kalishevheavyweight popups in hints do not cancel on themself...
2010-07-07 Kirill Kalishevexpandable teams handler fixed for layered pane + an...
2010-06-29 Anton MakeevTool tip handler improvements
2010-01-23 Kirill Kalishevpopups: refactoring of handling of geeting focused...
2009-12-03 Alexey Kudravtsevdo not show bulb for disabled intentions [nik]
2009-10-11 Dmitry Jemerovupdate copyrights; use project-level instead of module...
2009-08-28 Dmitry Jemerovplatform-impl moves